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Somewhere in Time

Genealogy of the Harris, Miller, Weatherwax and Zamora Family Lines.

Veniah Harris (1815-1897)
In the Community of Harrisena, Town of Queensbury, Warren, New York

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Blogs This is a list of blogs that I have authored.
Renee's Christian Life Blog
Renee's Genealogy Blog
Renee's Genealogy Blog (old) 19 Sep 2005 - 8 June 2007
Renee's Class Notes
Harrisena - Somewhere in Time
Books Brayton Family History Vol. I, by Clifford Ross Brayton, Jr. 1978

Brayton Family History Vol. II, by Clifford Ross Brayton, Jr. 1982

Harrisena, a settlement near Lake George, New York 1775-1985 by H. Russell Harris

Moses of the Barkeaters by Philip J. Harris
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Family History Sharing Ideas You can use these sites if you are a family history consultant, preparing for a family history orientated talk, or just wanting to learn more about doing temple work.
Center for Family History and Genealogy at BYU
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Family Prophecies The Harris Family enjoys making Family Prophecies. Here are some of our recent prophecies. Articles Many new and exciting things are happening to Here is a link to all of Renee's Genealogy Blog articles regarding the Family Tree portion of "new FamilySearch" NFS and other news-worthy items leading to its development.
Family Tree Articles After the completion of Family Tree Beta 1 (2006) the LDS Church renamed this "new FamilySearch" NFS. I have compiled all articles under Articles.
Genealogy-Alphabetic Book
I've noticed that some visitors to my website type a relatives name into my search engine. I decided to place this combined file of my genealogy on my website so the search engine will pick it up. If you want a current copy of my genealogy please visit my databases on the RootsWeb links below.
space WorldConnect on RootsWeb space
Renee's Genealogy Search Engine
Renee (Harris) Zamora's Genealogy Search Engine on Rootsweb
This genealogy contains the combined files of all my genealogy. I am working on the Harris, Miller, Jenkins, Brayton, Weatherwax, Bentley and Zamora/Zamaro lines. You will see my relationship codes to the individuals in my records under Reference Number. (H3C4R stands for Harris third cousin four times removed.) If you are a distant cousin I would like to hear from you and add your family tree to mine. Corrections, Additions & Comments Welcomed.
Genealogy Forms I find these forms very useful for doing my genealogy. I will be adding more free forms here.
Research Form& Phone Interview Form by Susan D. Slade Grossl.
Census Tools a great website that offers free genealogy spreadsheets and PDFs.
Genealogy Links Renee's Favorite Genealogy Links
Harrisena, a settlement near Lake George, New York 1775-1985
by H. Russell Harris
The book "Harrisena" in PDF format. H. Russell Harris brings to these pages the lore and learning of more than eighty years in his beloved Harrisena, a fertile valley in the foothills of the Adirondacks. His ancestors settled there as the American Revolution drew to a close, and the tales and traditions of those days and of succeeding generations are here recalled. Special thanks to the Glens Falls-Queensbury Historical Association and Chapman Museum for granting permission for the PDF version of this book on my website.

This is a large file and will take a while to download.
(Grayscale with 165 pages at 43 MB.)
I recommend that you right click on the link and save the download to your hard drive and view the PDF locally.

Life History Project Many family members participated in recording their Life History. Created in 2004
Miller Genealogy Miller Genealogy (TreePad version)
Moses of the Barkeaters Book written by Philip J. Harris, about our Ancestor Moses Harris, Jr., Patriot Spy.
Near Death Experience
My Family Picnic
The Near Death Experience of Renee M. Zamora
"new FamilySearch" (NFS) See Articles.
Our Family Genealogy Genealogy of the Harris, Miller, Weatherwax & Zamora Families
Our Family History This was my first website, gives information on our Family History.
Our Family Scrapbook Contains Photographs of the Harris & Weatherwax Family.
Our Favorite Recipes Contains our Favorite Recipes, mainly from Alice Weatherwax Harris.
Photographs Photographs of the Harris, Miller, Weatherwax and Zamora Families. If you can add any photographs to this collection contact Renee Zamora by email.
Renee's Genealogy Blog (new) To watch Renee's genealogy road of progress. You will find my areas of current research, findings, articles written, updates, and other items of interest. Atom Feed of Renee's Genealogy Blog.

List of Posts & Articles on the old version of
Renee's Genealogy Blog

The old version of Renee's Genealogy Blog is no longer maintained. Since the creation of the new blog ( 7 June 2007) my personal hosting of the archives in no longer necessary.
Renee M. Zamora Information on Renee M. Zamora, Near Death Experience and Weight Loss.
Somewhere in Time (older) This is the older version of my website, Somewhere in Time
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Utah Valley Technology and Genealogy Group The Utah Valley Technology and Genealogy Group (UVTAGG) Your Source for Technology Help in Family History. The Utah Valley Technology and Genealogy Group is a grass-roots, non-profit, tax-exempt educational organization. It is devoted to fostering the use of technology for family history. Renee is currently the secretary for the group.

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Updated on 23 Dec 2013.

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