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Miller Family Genealogy
This file was created by using a TreePad converision utility GED2TPD.
This utility will convert GEDCOM genealogical data into a TreePad.hjt file. It will also generate CSV files for loading into Microsoft Access or other database tools.
Once my GEDCOM was converted to a TreePad file, I then made an eBook out of it using exe eBook Creator (freeware). I am now able to carry my eBook of my Genealogy on my flash drive.  I can use any computer with a USB to view my genealogy.
So I can share my information with others, I created a website out of my TreePad information, with just a few simple click of the mouse. You do need TreePad Plus to create websites. If I wanted the nodes to collapse I would need to have TreePad Business Edition.
There is an index to search for people, scroll to the the bottom of the left hand side of the page, or click here on ===== INDEX =====
TreePad is a fantastic tool for organizing any information you have. I hope you have as much pleasure out of this program as I have.
Renee Zamora
Somewhere in Time
NOTE: This is the smallest genealogy database that I have.  Hence the least worked on.  Please forgive my errors.

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