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There have been famous and infamous Reno/Reneau's. The first train robbery in the U.S. was pulled off by the Reno gang. Another cousin invented the escalator. A Reno was with General Custer.

Much of the information contained here was compiled by numerous "cousins" who have been involved in this search for years. Some information came from the Family History Center of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Two "cousins" whose research has been especially helpful are Steven Fancy and Ardella Rhode. Steve's web site on the Reynaud/Reno/Reneau line is amazing in it's scope and Ardella's book on the Mikesell line was invaluable. 

From whatever the source, I would like to express my thanks to all those who have contributed... for their help, their encouragement and for all the time they have invested in looking for those members of our family who have gone before.

If there are any errors here, and I'm sure there are, they are unintentional.  Some information contained in this site was obtained through email and letters from "cousins".  Other information was added from Internet sources and other independent researchers. I  verified these sources whenever I could, but it wasn't always possible. 

This site is continuously "under construction" and I would appreciate any additional or updated information I can get.




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