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Loughner Family

Reuben Loughner

          Reuben Loughner was born 1822 in Westmorland County Pennsylvania. His wife's name was Lucinda and Reubens occupation was a farmer. Reuben and Lucinda had six children that I know of.


Reuben Loughner Born: 1845 Location: Westmorland County Pennsylvania

Samuel C. Loughner Born: 1858 Location; Westmorland County

William D. Loughner Born: 1860 Location: Westmorland County

Henry E. Loughner Born: 1866 Location: Westmorland County

Danual E. Loughner Born: 1871 Location: Westmorland County

Joseph E. Loughner Born: 1876 Location: Westmorland County

Reuben Loughner

          Was born 1845 to In Westmorland county to Reuben and Lucinda Loughner. He was a coal miner and his wife's name was Catherine. At the time of the 1870 census they where living in Penn TWP, Westmorland County the Post Office was listed as Salem Roads. Reuben and Lucinda had six children.


George E. Loughner Born: 1869 Location: Westmorland County Pennsylvania

Cyrus Loughner Born: 1871 Location: Westmorland County.

John Loughner Born: 1872 Location: Westmorland County

William Loughner Born: 1874 Location: Westmorland County

Henry Loughner Born: 1876 Location: Westmorland County

Lilly Loughner Born: 1879 Location Westmorland County

George E. Loughner

          George Loughner was born October 1867 in Westmorland County Pennsylvania to Reuben and Catherine Loughner. His wifes name was Annie J. born June 1868, and they had three children. George worked in the coal mines he was a mine foreman. In 1900 the family resided in Greensburg Borough, Westmorland county Pennsylvania Greorge was thirty-two years old and Annie thirty-one.


Reuben Cyrus Loughner Born: October 6, 1887 Location: Greensburg, Westmorland county Pennsylvania

Naomi Loughner Born: September, 1889 Location: Greensburg, Pennsylvania

Daniel Loughner Born: August, 1893 Location: Greensburg Pennsylvania

Reuben Loughner

          Reuben Loughner was born October 6, 1887 to George and Annie J. Loughner in Greensburg, Westmorland County Pennsylvania. Reuben worked in the coal mines early in life. He also had a band Reuben played the fiddle and cello. At one of the bands performances Reuben met Anna Mae Kaufman. Reuben and Anna Mae would later be married in Cambria county in 1909. Their first child Goldie Marie Loughner was born August 1, 1909 in Conemaugh Twp. George Emmanuel was born December 9, 1920 in South Fork Pennsylvania where Reuben worked as a blacksmith for the coal mines. During the depression Reuben moved his family to Norvelt, Pennsylvania where they had about 3 acres of land and raised chickens for eggs. Reuben also had a filling station and blacksmith business. Late in his life Reuben moved again this time to Tucson Arizona, this move was for health reasons. Reuben passed away January 29, 1961 in Tucson Arizona he was intered at Tucson Memorial Park South Lawn Cemetery.

1920 United States Census

1930 United States Census

Anna Mae (Kaufman) Loughner


Goldie Loughner Born: August 1, 1909 Location: Conemaugh TWP, Somerset County Pennsylvania

George Emmuanuel Loughner Born: December 9, 1920 Location: South Fork, Cambria County Pennsylvania

George Emmanuel Loughner

          George Loughner was born on December 9, 1920 to Reuben Cyrus and Anna Mae (Kaufman) Loughner in South Fork, Pennsylvania. George married Dorothy Irene Balak the daughter of Stephen George Balak and Elizabeth Macey. They where married in Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania. George was a World War II Veteran he enlisted in the Army on July 29, 1942. George passed away on July 3, 2005 in Arizona.

WWII Enlistment


George Loughner Born: October 12, 1943 Location: Las Vegas, Nevada