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The "Babcock" Family


AMES, Ezra    b. 1801 NY; m. Laura____; d. Minnesota

BARNARD, Mary  m. Roger WILLIAMS 1629

BEEBE, Marietta  b. 1825; m. Moses ROLFE; d. 1900 Minnesota

BROWN, Elizabeth  m. Peter STALEY 1849

HOWLAND, Phoebe  m. James KING

KING,  James  b. 1765; m. Phoebe HOWLAND; d. 1844

MARSH, Elizabeth   m. Rev. Thomas OLNEY 1660

MITCHELL, John Wesley  b. 1849 PA; m. Susan WOODLING 1869

OLNEY,  Rev. Thomas  b. 1631 England; m. Elizabeth MARSH 1660; d. 1722 RI

ROLFE, Moses  m. Marietta BEEBE

SAYLES, John  b. 1633 RI; m. Mary WILLIAMS 1650; D. 1681 RI

STALEY, Peter  b. 1828 Ohio; m. Elizabeth BROWN 1849; D. 1890

WHIPPLE, Capt. John  b. 1617 England; m. Sarah 1639; d. 1685

WILLIAMS, Mary  m. John SAYLES 1650

WILLIAMS, Roger   b. 1603 England; m Mary BARNARD 1629; D. 1682 RI

WOODLING, Susan   m. John Wesley MITCHELL 1869