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The "Doughty" Family


BEELS, Cora Francis  m. George Leonaard HAUSNER 1889

BLYE, Nellie  m. George Washington WESCOTT 1850

DICKMAN, Anna Rebecca  b. 1865 Ohio; m. Charles HAUSNER 1884; d. 1935 Iowa

DUHRKOPF, William Paul  m. Anna Amanda HAUSNER 1901

HAUSNER, Anna Amanda  b. 1875 IL; m. William Paul DUHRKOPF 1901; d. 1902 Iowa

HAUSNER, Charles  M. Anna Rebecca DICKMAN 1884

HAUSNER, George Leonard  b. 1856 Mass; m. Cora Francis BEELS 1889; d. 1938 So.DAK

HAUSNER, Leonard  m. Anna Barbara NEHF 1854

HAUSNER, Libbi Anna  b. 1860 Wisc; m. Charles JACOBI 1883;d. 1886 Minnesota

JACOBI, Charles m. Libbi Anna HAUSNER 1883

MARCHANTE, Juliana  m. Stukely WESCOTT 1619

NEHF, Anna Barbara  b. 1835 Germany; m. Leonard HAUSNER 1854; d. 1890 Iowa

NICHOLS, James  b. 1848 Wisc; m. Maria Diana WESCOTT 1870; d. 1925 Minnesota

NICHOLS, William Alfred  b. 1873 LA; m. Mary Angeline STEVENS 1896; d. 1943 Minnesota

SALISBURY, Phebe  m. George WESCOTT III 1783

STEVENS, Mary Angeline  m. William Alfred NICHOLS 1896

WESTCOTT, George III  b. 1762 RI; m. Phebe SALISBURY 1783; d, 1799 Vermont

WESTCOTT, George Washington  b. 1828 NY; m. Nellie BLYE 1850; d. 1900 Iowa

WESCOTT, Maria Diana  m. James NICHOLS 1870

WESCOTT, Stukely  b. 1592 England; m. Juliana MARCHANTE 1619; d. 1677 RI