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Registry of Deeds Index Project — Memorial Transcription

Memorial Number: 556479
Volume: 827
Page: 344

To the Register appointed by Act of Parliament for Registg deeds Leases and So forth Memorial of an Indented deed of assignmt bearing date the 22d day of August in the year of our Lord 1827 Between Thos Sibthorpe of the City of Dublin Gent of the one part & Thos Williams of Palace St in the Said City of Dublin Gent of the other part Reciting that by Indented deed of Conveyance bearing date the twelfth day of Decr in the year 1789 John Pexton of Calverstown in the Coy of Kildare Esqre did demise and Let unto William Edwards of Palace Street in the City of Dublin Gunmaker his Dwelling house Messuage tenement and premises therein & hereinafter more particularly described & Mentd to hold unto the sd William Edwards his heirs and assigns from the twenty fifth day of March then Last part for and during the term of lives and years therein Mentd & at the yearly rent payable as therein Mentd and also reciting that sd premises had afterwards by Mesne assignmt became and was then legally vested in Thos Sibthorpe party thereto & sd deed of which this is a Meml witnessed that the sd Thos Sibthorpe for the Reasons therein Mentd did Grant and Confirm unto the sd Thos B. Williams in his actual person then being by virtue of a bargain & Sale as therein Mentd and to his heirs & assigns all that and those that Dwelling house Messuages or tenement situate lying and being on the West side of Palace St aforesd Contg in front to sd St 1(?)0 feet nine Inches & in depth forty two feet four Inches and also all that Back house at the rere of sd dwelling house togr With that part of the yard belonging thereto and Situate in the Coy of Dublin and Separated or divided from said dwelling house by the Podell Contg in front to sd Dwelling house 18 feet 7 Inches & in depth 23 feet With the appturts as then Lately in the occupation & posson of the sd Thos Sibthorpe To hold unto the sd Thos B. Williams His Exors admors & assigns for and during the rest residue and remainder of the terms of lives and years by the therein before recited Lease of the 12th Decr 1789 Granted now to Come & unexpired subject to the paymts of the yearly rents & the observance & performance of the Conts & agreemts in sd Deed Mentd and said Deed Contd all other Clauses & conts in Such Cases usual(?) Which sd Deed & this Meml as to the due Exon thereof by the sd Thos Sibthorpe are resply Witnessed by James Harold Walker of the City of Dublin Esqr & John Barry Meredyth of sd City Gent
Thos Sibthorpe (seal)
Signed & Sealed in the presence of
Jas Harold Walker
John B Meredyth
The above named John Barry Meredyth Maketh oath and sayeth that he is a Subscrbing Witness to the Deed Whereof the above Writing is a Meml & also to the sd Meml and Sayeth he was present and saw said Deed and this Meml duly signed & acknowledged by the above named Thos Sibthorpe & sayeth the Name John B. Meredyth setd(?) subscribed as a Witness to sd Deed & Meml resply is this Depy proper Name & handwriting & dept sayeth he delivered sd Deed & this Meml to oliver Moore Esqre Deputy Register on the Inns quay Dublin on Tuesday the fourth day of Sept Inst at or near the hour three o’clock in the after noon of sd day John B Meredyth Sworn before me this 4th day of Septr 1827 Oli Moore Dep Rg.