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Registry of Deeds Index Project — Memorial Transcription

Memorial Number: 331948
Volume: 494
Page: 558

To the Register appointed by Act of Parliament for registering of Deeds Wills and so forth
A Memorial of an Indented Deed bearing date the Thirteenth day of October in the year of our Lord one Thousand Seven hundred and Ninety Seven and made between John Longfield Esqr the younger eldest son of John Longfield of Longueville in the County of Cork Esqr of the first part John Lucas formerly of Mount Lucas in the Kings County but now of Bagot Street in the City of Dublin Esqr and Elinor Lucas only Daughter of the said John Lucas of the second part Benjamin Lucas of Bagot Street aforesaid Esqr only Son of the said John Lucas of the third part and Cook Lucas of the City of Dublin aforesaid Merchant of the fourth part Whereby after reciting as therein is recited and that a Marriage was intended to be had and solemnized between the said John Longfield the younger and the said Elinor Lucas the said John Lucas for and in Consideration of the said intended Marriage and by virtue of the power in him vested under Articles of Agreement entered into previous to his Marriage with Mary Mountgomery the Mother of said Elinor and therein recited did give grant charge appoint limit and dispose of the Sum of Four thousand pounds therein mentioned to and for the said Elinor Lucas as and for a Portion and provision And the said John Longfield did thereby for himself his heirs Executors and Administrators in considerationn of the said Marriage and Marriage Portion Covenant promise grant and agree to and with the said John Lucas and Benjamin Lucas their and each of their Heirs Ex’cors and Adm’ors that he the said John Longfield should and would as soon as conveniently might be after he should be legally Impowered so to do by proper Deed or Deeds of conveyance or conveyances in the Law or by one or more fine or fines common Recovery or Recoveries to be approved of by the Counsel of them or such of them as should require the same to be done effectually settle limit assure and convey all and every the Lands of Gortnegowlish Garrymawny otherwise Longueville Kilmachael Ballynefahy Gortbofinny and the subdenominations thereof and Gorryneskeagh situate in the Barony of Duhallo and County of Cork and all other the Lands to which he is in any way Intitled under or by virtue of the Marriage settlement or Marriage Articles of his Father the said John Longfield the elder or any other Estate that he might Inherit to the uses intents and purposes following and to no other use intent or purpose whatsoever that is to say to the use of himself the said John Longfield for the Term of his natural life with Impeachment of waste and after his Death subject to a jointure of Four hundred pounds yearly for the said Elinor in case there shall be male Issue of the said intended Marriage which shall survive the said John or that all his Sons by the said Elinor shall Die in her lifetime without leaving issue that in either of such cases her jointure shall be Five hundred pounds yearly during her life and subject thereto and to a Sum of Four thousand pounds for younger Children as therein mentioned and to the other charges and Incumberances therein ment’d to the use of the first and other Sons of the said John Longfield party hereto by the said Elinor and the Heirs Male of the body of such sons severally and successively and failing such to or to the use of the said John Longfield his Heirs or Assigns and in which said Deed there is a Covenant on the part of the said John Lucas & Benj’n Lucas as soon as Conveniently may be to suffer a Recovery of the Lands of Madeboy and the other Lands therein mentioned being the Estate of the sd John Lucas Situate in the County of Limerick and Kings County to the use intent and purpose and so as that from thenceforth the said Lands sho’d stand And be Actually[?]------ ---- -- annuity of one hundred pounds yearly for the said John Longfield and Elinor his wife as therein is ment’d which sd deed of which this is a mem’l and this Memorial is witnessed by ?Verner of Churchhill in the County of Armagh Esqr and James Johnston of the City of Dublin atty

John Longfield Jr(seal)

Signed sealed in presence of
Jas Verner
James Johnston
The above named James Johnston made his oath And sayth that he is a subscribing Witness in the Deed of which the above is a Memorial and to the above Memorial and that he saw the said Deed duly Executed by the parties thereto and that he saw the above named John Longfield Jun’r Sign and Seal the above Memorial and that the name James Johnstone to the said Deed and the above Memorial subscribed as a Witness is this Deponents proper name and handwriting & Deliv’d Said Deed & Meml to Wm Moore Esqr Depy Reg’r the 17th Oct 1797 at or near four oClock Afternoon James Johnstone Sworn 17th October 1797 Wm Moore Dep. Reg