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Registry of Deeds Index Project — Memorial Transcription

Memorial Number: 293912

Drinane to Byrne. Registered 6th November 1792 at [?] 10...

No. 293912 To the Register Appointed by Act of Parliament for Registering Wills Deeds Leases and Soforth —

A Memorial of an Indented deed of Mortgage bearing date the twenty-sixth day of September in the Year of Our Lord one thousand Seven hundred and ninety-two and Made Between Thomas Drinane of Waters Town in the County of Cork Farmer of the one part and Andrew Byrne of the City of Cork Ship Master of the other part therein Reciting that Whereas by Indenture of Lease bearing date the seventeenth day of May one thousand seven hundred and Eighty-three and made Between Catherine Gardner of Bandon in the County of Cork widow of the the one part and Thomas Drinane Father of the said Thomas Drinane (party thereto) of Farenbrien in the County of Cork Farmer since deceased of the other part the said Catherine Gardner demise and Sett unto the said Thomas Drinane the Elder All that and those the half plow land of Killbeg containing by Common Estimation two hundred acres more or less in as ample manner as the said Thomas Darnane [Drinane] then held the same Situate Lying and being in the Barony of Kinnalea and County of Cork — To hold the same unto the said Thomas Drinane his Executors Administrators and Assigns from the Twelfth day oif may then next for the term of eighty-one years provided Dennis Drinane James Drinane and George Drinane sons of the said Thomas Drinane the Elder or either of them shou[l]d so long live at the yearly Rent of Sixty-five pounds Sterling payable half yearly — and further Reciting therein that the said Thomas Drinane the Elder since[?] died and that he by his Will bequeathed the said Recited Indenture of Lease and the premises thereby demised unto the said Thomas Drinane party to the said Indented Deed of Mortgage by which said Indented deed of mortgage the said Thomas Drinane did for the consideration therein Mentioned Grant bargain Sell Assign and make over unto the said Andrew Byrne All that and those the said herein before recited half plow Land of Killbeg so Situate and demised as aforesaid — To hold the same unto the said Andrew Byrns [sic] his Executors Administrators and Assigns for and during the Remainder of the aforesaid term of Eighty-one Years Subject to the Provision or condition of Redemption therein contained which said Indented Deed of Mortgage and this Memorial are respectively witnessed by John Dixon of Cove [i.e. Cobh] in the County of Cork Gentleman

Thomas Drinane (Seal)

— Signed and Sealed in the presence of
T. Dixon William Dixon

The above named William Dickson [sic] Maketh Oath that he was present and saw the above named Thomas Drinane abd Andrew Byrnes [sic] dyly Sign Seal and Execute the Indented deed of Mortgage of which the above writing is a Memorial and that he was also present and saw the said Thomas Drinan duly Sign and Seal the above Memorial and that the name William Dickson subscribed as a witness to the said Indented deed of Mortgage and the above Memorial is respectively this Deponent's proper name and handwriting — William Dickson Junior — Sworn before me at the City of Cork ths 8th day of October 1792 by virtue of a Commission forth of his Majesty's Court of his Majesty's [sic] Court of King's Bench in Ireland and I know the Deponent. — Benjamin Heys.

Transcribed with punctuation supplied and abbreviations spelled out by Frank Thompson 2 October 2000.


1 This mortgage deed is from the period after most of the Penal laws had been rescinded. There was no longer any restriction as to the length a Catholic could hold a lease.

2 Waters Towne: I cannot identify this place name.

3 Kilbeg and Farrenbrien (East and West) are in Tracton civil parish.

4 I do not know who Catherine Gardner was. Perhaps she was a Hodder or a Daunt who had married a Mr. Gardner of Bandon.

5 Andrew Byrne (or Byrnes) was a very active ship's captain who owned property in Cove (later Queenstown and Cobh). He was related to the Drinans but I cannot find my notes concerning him. As I recall grandchildren of the brewer Andrew Drinan Junior were also grandchildren of Andrew Byrne.

6 It is likely that most of the American English and Australian Drinans are descended from Thomas Drinan the Elder who was probably the son of a Maurice Drinan and grandson of a David Drinan. However it will take a good deal more research to demonstrate this. In order to have held on to large tracts of land in the Tracton area and later in the 'South Liberties' of Cork City the Drinans who seem always to have remained Catholics must have enjoyed the special protection of the Earls of Shannon. Thomas Drinan Junior was like his relatives John Cogan and Patrick Shea clearly employed by the Earls of Shannon as a land agent. Why the Lords Shannon chose to use Catholics in this capacity throughout the Penal period is a mystery that needs to be explained.

FT 2 Oct. 2000.