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Registry of Deeds Index Project — Memorial Transcription

Memorial Number: 284480
Volume: 441
Page: 300

To the Register appointed by Act of Parliament for Registering Deeds Wills Conveyances etc.:

A Memorial of an Indented Deed of Agreement having date the eleventh day of January one thousand seven hundred and ninety and Executed by and between Mary Taaffe widow of John Taaffe late of Ballinaglough in the County of Sligo Esq. deceased of the one part and Henry Irwin of Sligo in the County of Sligo and the Reverend Charles West of Granges in the County of Sligo aforesaid Clerk of the other part Reciting that said John Taaffe did by certain articles Executed on his Intermarriage with the said Mary make a certain provision or Jointure for her in case of her surviving him and that said John has since Dyed leaving heirs one son and two Daurs. That said John had made his will whereby To Make a further provision for his said Wife and of certain Lands therein mentd. For her life and that Hannah Taaffe the older of said daughters has since married said Henry Irwin and that Jane Taaffe the other daughter since also married to said Charles West and also reciting that said John Taaffe the younger was since Dead and that on attaining his age of twenty one years made a further provision for his said Mother as by his Last Will might appear and by said Deed the said Mary Taaffe Covenants for this her heirs and Assigns to and with the said Henry Irwin and Charles West their heirs and assigns. That they the said Henry Irwin and Charles West their heirs and assigns paying the yearly Annuity or sum of three hundred pounds Sterling unto said Mary Taaffe or her Assigns during her Natural Life and also paying all the lawful debts which the said John Taaffe the elder and John Taaffe the younger owed at their deaths and then and in such case the said Mary Taaffe did thereby further Covenant for herself her heirs Exe. Admins. and assigns to relinquish and forever quit Claim to all her right Title and Interest to said Jointure so settled on her on her Intermarriage and all Claims whatsoever which she then had or aught to have under the Wills of said John Taaffe senior her husband or John Taaffe Junior her son or to the several Lands out of which the jointure or provisions aforesaid were made payable. The said Annuity or yearly sum of three hundred pounds to be jouing and payable out of all that and those the Lands of Ballinaglough Aghnass Ardcommel Cloonlanane Lisanamymore Carrowcorhely Carrowkeel and Ardnaglas held under the right honorable Thos. Fitzmaurice the Lands of Rue and Gorken held under Owen Ormsby Esq. and the Lands of Cloonamine held under a lease from George Melville also which said lands and premises the said John Taaffe dyed possessed of and are situate in the said County of Sligo aforesaid to hold said Annuity of three hundred pounds to said Mary Taaffe and her assigns from this twenty fifth March then Last during her Life to be paid in two payments on every twenty fifth March and twenty ninth Sept. and if same should be behind or unpaid with twenty one days then to Enter and Restrain and thereafter dispose according to Law. And the said parties by said Deed further bind themselves their heirs Exe. and Admin. and Assigns in the final sum of one thousand pounds Sterling to fulfill perform and keep all the singular the Clauses and Covenants in said Deed mentioned and there is also in said Deed a Covenant for further Assignment and the said Deed is Executed by the said Charles West Henry Irwin and Mary Taaffe and is witnessed by Mark Mills Jane Mills and Ignatius Everard all of the Town of Sligo and this Memorial is Executed by the said Henry Irwin and Witnessed by said Mark Milles Jane Mills and Ignatius Everard.

[Signed] Henry Irwin

Signed Sealed and Executed in the presence of

[Signed]Mark Mills Jane Mills I. Everard.

Mark Mills of the Town of Sligo Esq. maketh oath that he is a subscribing witness to the original Deed whereof the above is Memorial and also to the said Memorial and saith that he saw the said Deed as also the said memorial signed Sealed and duly Executed by the different parties thereto and saith that the name Mark Mills subscribed as a witness to said Deed and said Memorial is this Deponents proper name and hand writing.

Sworn before me at Ballinale in Co. Sligo a Commissioner for taking Affidavits in the Country and herein the Dept. this 17th August 1791. [Signed] Wm. Bolton Comm.