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Registry of Deeds Index Project — Memorial Transcription

Memorial Number: 203867

To the Register appointed by Act of Parliament for Registering Deeds Conveyances & Wills in Dublin

A Memorial of certain articles of agreement bearing date at the foot thereof the twenty twenty third day of November one thousand Seven hundred and Seventy three made Between Patrick Shea of Knocknamana in the Barony of Kinalea & County of Corke Farmer of the first part Charles Shea of the same Farmer (son of the said Patrick) of the second part Honor Mahony of Ringabella in the said Barony and County Spinster of the third part and William Shea of the same Farmer and John Flinn of Kinsale in the said Barony & County Innholder of the fourth part Reciting that a Marriage is intended to be Solemnized between the said Charles Shea & the said Honor Mahony and that the said Patrick Shea is possessed of the Farm of Knocknamana in the Barony and County aforesaid by Lease for the remainder of a term of years thereby Granted at the Rents and Covenants thereby reserved & that the said Patrick for the Considerations in the said Articles mentioned hath agreed to give unto the said Charles and Honor his Intended wife and their issue the one half of the said Farm during the time to come of the said Lease and also the half of all the stock Corn Cattle Effects & Substance whereof he is or shall be possessed and the said Patrick hath farther agreed that from and after his Decease the said Charles Shea and Honor his said intended wife and the survivors of them and their issue shall have the whole of the said Farm and the Lease thereof and also the whole and Entire Stock Corn Cattle Goods Effects and Substance whereof the said Patrick Shea shall die possessed and in order to carry the agreement into Execution he the said Patrick Shea by the said Articles did for the Considerations therein expressed grant bargain sell assign and make over unto the said William Shea and John Flinn & the Survivors of them the said Farm Lease and Lands of Knocknamana and his right Title and Interest [?] of in and to the same together with the whole Stock Corn Cattle Goods and Effects and Substance of him the said Patrick Shea — To hold unto the said William Shea & John Flinn& the survivors of them and the Executors & Administrators of such survivors during the Term to come of the said Lease& Likewise To hold unto him the whole and Entire Stock Corn Cattle Goods and Effects of him the said Patrick Shea upon the Trust and to and for the Intents and purposes in the said Articles mentioned and declared as by the same may fully appear which said Articles being executed by the said parties are witnessed by William Fennelly of Templebride in the Barony of Keiricurrihy & in the County of Corke Farmer & Edmund Flinn of Kinsale in said County Shopkeeper — & this Memorial is witnessed by the said Edmund Flinn and by John Daly of Kinsale and [in] said County of Corke Victular [sic] —

John Flinn (seal)

Signed and Sealed in presence of us — Edmund Flinn — John Daly one of said parties — The above named Edmund Flinn maketh oath.that he saw the above named Patrick Shea Honor Mahony William Shea and John Flinn duly sign Seal and Execute the above mentioned Articles of agreement (of which the above writing is a Memorial) and also saw the above named John Flinn one of the said parties Sign and Seal the above Memorial and that he this Deponent is a Subscribing witness to the Articles of agreement and Memorial and that the name Edmund Flinn subscribed as a witness is his this Deponents proper hand writing — Edmund Flinn — Sworn before me at Kinsale in the County of Corke the 25th day of March in the year of our Lord 1775 by virtue of a Commission for taking affidavits issued out of the Court of Exchequer in Ireland to me directed and I know the Deponent. Edward D. Leary — Justices present — John How Sovereign of Kinsale — David Meade.


— Abbreviations spelled out and punctuation supplied by the transcriber.
— Knocknamana = Knocknamanagh townland Tracton civil parish.
— Fennelly = now spelt Fennell.
— Templebride = parish of Templebreedy or Crosshaven.
— Keiricurrihy = Kerricurrihy barony.

Frank Thompson 9 February 2010