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Registry of Deeds Index Project — Memorial Transcription

Memorial Number: 164532
Volume: 252
Page: 576

Reg. the 11th day of March 1767 at quarter of an house after 11 o’clock in the forenoon.

To the Register appointed for Registering deeds wills and so forth pursuant to the Statute

A Memorial for an indented deed of release bearing date the fifteenth Day of June one thousand seven hundred and sixty-six made or mentioned to be made Between Jones Irwin of Streamstown in the County of Sligo. Esq. of the one Part and Arthur Irwin the third and youngest son of the said Jones Irwin of the other part. Whereby the said Jones Irwin for that consideration therein mentioned did Grant Bargain Sell release and confirm unto the said Arthur Irwin and to his Heirs all that and those the quarter of Land commonly called and known by the name of Gurtslin otherwise Gurtsslan the Quarter of Carrowreagh otherwise Carranane and the Quarter of Clonadufin otherwise Clonaduffeen or by what other Name and Names those said Lands or any of those are known or called. All situate lying and being in the Parish of Kilmactige Barony of Lyney and County of Sligo together with all and singular those Rights Members of appendants and appurtenances to the said Lands and Premises belonging and the Reversion and Reversions Remainder and Remainders Rents [] and Profits and all the Estate Right Title Use Claim Property Demand in Law or Equity or both of him the said Jones Irwin of in and otherwise Premises and every part and Parcel thereof To have and To hold unto the said Arthur Irwin his Heirs and assigns forever and the Rents and under the Convenants therein mentioned which said Indented Deed is Witnessed by Richard Irwin of Roxborough in the County of Sligo Gent and John Irwin of the City of Dublin Gent and this Memorial is Witnessed by Thomas Wills of the said City of Dublin Gent and by the said John Irwin.

Signed: Arthur Irwin (seal)

Signed and Sealed in the presence of Thom. Wills; John Irwin

The above named John Irwin maketh Oath that he saw the above named Jones Irwin and Arthur Irwin duly execute the Deed of Release of which the above Writing is a Memorial and that he saw the above Memorial duly signed and Sealed by the above named Arthur Irwin and that this Dept. is a subscribing Witness to the said Deed and Memorial and that the name John Irwin thereto subscribed as a Witness if of this Dep’s proper handwriting and that he delivered the said Deed and Memorial to Charles Meares Gent. Deputy Register he believes on the eleventh Day of March 1767 at or near a quarter of eleven the clock in the forenoon of the said Day.

Signed: John Irwin

Sworn 11th March 1767 before Ch. Mears. Dep. Reg.