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Registry of Deeds Index Project — Memorial Transcription

Memorial Number: 137065

[In margin:] Potter to Coveny & others. Registered the 24th Day of October 1760 at 5 o Clock in the afternoon.

No. 137065 To the register appointed by Act of Parliament for registering Deeds and Conveyances Wills and so forth — Memorial of an Indenture of Lease bearing Date the tenth Day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and fifty two made between Thomas Potter of Fartha in the Barony of Kinnealea and County of Corke Gentleman of the one part and Bryan Coveny Daniel Hurly James Made and Denis Coveny all in said County of the other part whereby the said Thomas Potter for the consideration therin mentioned did demise let and to farm let unto the said Bryan Coveny Daniel Hurly James Meade and Denis Coveny all that and those that part of the lands of Fartha that the said Bryan Coveny and his partners now hold bound described in the following manner that is to say on the South with the North ditch of the stone field and the North ditch of Bryan Scholly’s garden and the North ditch of James Meade’s garden and said ditch leads to the road on the west with the road that leads from Fartha to Corke on the North with the lands of Cullen on the East with the lands of Ballinbridinig; with the appurtenances to hold unto the said Bryan Coveny and his partners their executors administrators and assignees from the twenty–fifth day of March then last past for thirty–one years at the yearly rent of fifteen pounds sterling together with twenty shillings in laboring work. Witnesses to the execution of the said indenture of Lease are Lawrence Desmond of Ballyfeard in the County of Cork Joyner and John Desmond of the same Farmer and this Memorial is witnessed by the said John Desmond and John Sullivan of the City of Corke Gentlemen. —

Bryan – X – Coveney (his mark) (Seal).

Being present at signing and sealing the above memorial — John Desmond John Sullivan. The above named John Desmond this day made oath that he saw the above mentioned lease of which the above writing is a memorial duly executed by the above named Thomas Potter Bryan Coveny James Meade Daniel Hurly and Denis Coveny and also saw the said Bryan Coveny duly execute the above Memorial and that deponent is a subscribing witness to said Lease and Memorial — John Desmond. Sworn before me at the City of Corke the 18th day of October 1760 by virtue of a commission forth of his Majesty’s Court of the Exchequer in Ireland for taking affidavits and I know Deponent — Roger Power. — Justices present: Robert Atkins Warham St. Leger. Registered the 24th day of october at 5 o’clock in the afternoon.

Copied by Ann Watts. Transcribed with abbreviations spelled out and punctuation supplied by Frank Thompson.

– Abbreviations spelled out and punctuation supplied by the transcriber.
– Fartha = townland in Ballyfeard civil parish.
– Kinnalea = Kinalea.
– James Made = James Meade (probably pronounced ‘made’ at the time).
– Bryan Scholly = Brian Scully.
– Ballinbrinidig = (apparently) Ballintrideen townland Ballyfeard civil parish which touches the townland of Cullen in Cullen civil parish.
– A Lawrence Desmond born in 1709 died in 1790 and is buried in Tracton churchyard.