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Registry of Deeds Index Project — Memorial Transcription

Memorial Number: 129922
Volume: 196
Page: 252

Marriage Settlement County Galway Ireland

To the Register appointed by Act of Parliament for the public Registering of Deeds Wills and so forth:

Registered the 8th day of Nov 1758 at 12 o’clock at noon.

A Memorial of Article of agreement made the twenty-ninth day of March one thousand seven hundred and fifty-eight by and between William Ireland of Mt. Ross in the County Galway Clerk and Magdalene Ireland his eldest daughter of the one part and William Clark and Joshua Clark his second son both of Hollymount in the County of Mayo Gents of the other part and also of an Endorsement therein bearing date the eighth day of May last which Articles recite that a marriage was shortly to be had and solemnized between the said Joshua and Magdalene with whom the said Wm. was to give four hundred pounds as a Marriage portion by which Articles the said Wm. Ireland did Covenant to assign to the said Joshua three separate Judgements obtained by Thomas Irwin of Camlin in the County of Roscommon against Anthony Skerrit of Drumgriffon John Skerrit of Ballinduf and Thomas French of Mweellin all in the County Galway upon a bond by them executed to the said Irwin in trust for the said Wm. for the payment of three hundred pounds with interest and also Covenanted to Execute to the said Joshua his bond and warrant for the sum due on the said bond as a Collateral Security for the same and also covenanted prefect this promissory note to the said Joshua for the deficiency of said Judgement debt to compleat the said sum of four hundred pounds and the said Joshua did thereby covenant that in case he should dye without issue leaving the said Magdalene surviving him in such case the said Magdalene should be entitled to the half of whatever Freehold and other Interests as settled effects or substance the said Joshua should die seized possessed of or entitled to but in case the said Joshua should die leaving issue then that the said Magdalene should be only entitled to her thirds and is now by the said articles agreed that the said Wm. Clark should assign to the said Joshua the freehold lease then in said Joshua’s possession of Ballinsmall and also prefect a lease for the term and rent agreed to of Rahard and a lease of the work houses And it was agreed by said Endorsement that if said Joshua should die without issue the said Magdalene shall be entitled to the Lands of Ballinsmall and the dwelling house and platt in Hollymount. And in case the said Joshua should die leaving issue then the said Magdalene should be entitled to said lands of Ballinsmall as a part of her thirds or Dower which Articles are witnessed by Andrew Clark of Hollymount aforesaid Gent. and by Pat Walsh servant man to the said Wm. Ireland. And the said Endorsement is witnessed by the said Pat Walsh and by Andrew Clark of Castlebarr in the County of Mayo Gent. and Thos. Farrington of Aughrim in the County of Galway merchant and by James Clark of Hollymount aforesaid Gent.

Signed: Wm. Ireland (seal)

And this Memorial is witnessed by the said Patk Walsh and by Samuel Corbel of Castledurrow in the County of Kilkenny Gent. Signed:
Patk. Walsh
Samuel Corbel

The above named Pat Walsh this day maketh oath that he is a subscribing witness to the Articles and Endorsements to which the above is a Memorial and to said above Memorial and that he saw the said Articles and Endorsements signed sealed and duly executed by the parties thereto and also saw the said Wm. Ireland sign seal and duly execute the above Memorial and further saith that the name Patk. Walsh subscribed as witness to the Articles and Endorsements are this Depts. proper handwriting.

In the presence of us two of his Majesties Justices of the peace for the County of Galway. Signed: Arthur French; James Clery(?)

Sworn before me at Tuam in the County of Galway said pw of Sixty Miles from the City of Dublin this 12th day of August 1758 by virtue of a Comm. for and of his Majesties Courts of in Ireland to me directed and I know the dep[onen]t. Signed: (illegible)