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Registry of Deeds Index Project — Memorial Transcription

Memorial Number: 107310

No. 107310 To the Register appointed for Registering Deeds Conveyances and Wills and soforth —

Memorial of Indenture of Lease Dated the Twenty-Eighth Day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand Seven hundred & Fifty-three Between Francis Harrison of Ballendeenisk in the County of Corke Gentleman of the one part and Thomas Hodder of the City of Corke Gentleman Maurice Drinane of Reagrove in the said County Farmer and John Dri[n]ane of Farrenbryan in the said County Farmer of the other part — Whereby the said Francis Harrison did Demise and Sett unto the said Thomas Hodder Maurice Drinane and John Drinane All that the South part of Regrove Now in the possession of John Barry and Maurice Drinane and others in as Large and ample Manner as the said John Barry & Maurice Drinane held the Same Containing by Estimation one hundred and Fifty acres be the same more or less Situate in in the Barony of Kinallea and County of Corke To hold said Demised premises for the Term of Thirty-one years and to Comence from the first day of May Next at the yearly rent of Forty-two pounds Sterling payable half yearly on every first day of November and first day of May — Which said Indenture of Lease witnessed by the said Edward Daunt and William Daunt both of T[r]acton in the County of Corke Gentlemen and this Memorial is Witnessed by said Edward Daunt and Richard Daunt of the City of Corke Gentlemen —

Thomas Hodder (Seal)

Being present at Signing and Sealing the above Memorial — Edward Daunt — Richard Daunt. The above Edward Daunt maketh Oath the [that] he saw the above named Francis Harrison Thomas Hodder Maurice Drinane and John Drinane duly Sign Seal and Execute said the Indenture of Lease of which the above is a Memorial and that he also Saw the said Thomas Hodder Sign and Seal the said Memorial and sayeth he is a Subscribing
Witness to said Memorial — — Edward Daunt — Sworn before me at the City of Corke the 8th day of March 1753 by Virtue of [a] Commission forth of his Majesty's Court of Exchequer in Ireland to me Directed for taking Affidavits and I know the Deponent. — Robert Dorman. Justices present: Richard Atkins Warham St. Leger.

Harrison to Hodder. Registered the 23 day of March 1753 at 12 o'Clock at Noon...

Transcribed with punctuation supplied and abbreviations spelled out by Frank Thompson 1 October 2000.


1 Reagrove is in Ballyfoyle civil parish on the coast about a mile south of Minane Bridge.

2 The Hodders were landlords of Reagrove at the time of Griffith's Valuation 97 years later (1850). Lord Shannon was however still the ultimate landlord in 1753.

3 Since Catholics were limited to leases of thirty-one years at this time this lease clearly was meant to apply to Catholics. But who of the parties mentioned was a Catholic and who was not? First of all Francis Harrison of Ballindeenisk in Kilmmonoge civil parish (Belgooly) was a Catholic 'recusant' (i.e. He refused to attend Church of Ireland services). The Drinans were certainly Catholics. The Barrys were almost all Catholics. The Hodders as Cromwellian 'receivers' of local lands were clearly Protestants. Warham St. Leger one of the justices mentioned was of a partly Catholic recusant family though he may himself have been Protestant. The Dormans of Carrigaline were half Catholic half Protestant. (The Catholic branch began calling themselves 'Ahern' at some point.) The Atkinses were a Protestant family with a Catholic branch living at Nohaval. I believe that the Daunts at this early date were also very much divided in their religious loyalties. This deed probably indicates that Edward Richard and William Daunt were Catholics. Edward may have married a local Walsh.

4 The Catholic Harrisons with Benjamin Jeffers Esq. owned the townlands of Ballindeenisk Lybe and Knocknahowla More including Belgooly village in 1850. Mrs. Charlotte Harrison aged about 90 at the time had probably been the leading member of the local Catholic gentry at the time of Griffith's Valuation. She was a friend of Benjamin Jeffers (supposedly a Protestant) Father Michael Begley (the parish priest of Clontead) the Keneficks of Ballindeasig House sand of Dr. William McDermott the local Catholic physician. It is interesting that Mrs. Harrison in 1850 was co-lessor of land at Knockna¬howla More with the Earl of Bandon Richard Daunt Reily (son of Samuel Reily) and William Daunt. Her husband (also a Francis) was the son of a Daunt lady.