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Registry of Deeds Index Project — Memorial Transcription

Memorial Number: 93355

No. 93355


[In margin:] HODDER to SHEA Registered the 8th day of January 1749 at ˝ an hour after 11 o’Clock.

To the Register appointed by Act of Parliament for the Publick registring of all Deeds Leases and so forth —

A Memorial of an Indented Deed of Lease bearing date the Eleventh day of October one thousand Seven hundred and Forty Nine made between John Hodder of Ringabella in the County of Corke Gentleman of the one part and Patrick Shea of Knocknamanagh in the said County Farmer of the other part Whereby the said John Hodder in Consideration of the rents and Covenants therein mentioned Doth Demise set and to Farm Lett unto the said Patrick Shea all that and those the South half plowland of Ringabella aforesaid containing by a Survey lately made by John Carthy Surveyor one hundred and thirty six acres two Roods and twenty four Perches being the same more or less [?]–three acres one Rood and Sixteen perches of the North half plowland of Ringabella as the same was Lately so Surveyed to the same Patrick Shea being more or less all which Lands & premises are now in the Tenure and possession of the said Patrick Shea and are situate in the Barony of Kinnalea and County of Corke — To hold said Lands and premises — with the appurtenances unto the said Patrick Shea his Executors Administrators and assigns from the first Day of last [sic] for and During the full Term of Thirty–one years from thence Next Ensuing fully to be Compleated and Ended — he the said Patrick Shea his Executors Administrators and assigns paying to the said John Hodder his heirs and assigns the yearly rent of Fifty pounds Sterling payable half yearly on every first of November and first of May During said Term Clear rent above all Taxes and Charges whatsoever Quit rent and Crown rent Excepted in which Lease are Contained Covenants of Distress and Reentry upon nonpayment of said rent and all other Clauses usuall between Landlord and Tenant and particularly a Covenant that the said Patrick Shea his Executors Administrators and assigns might be at Liberty to Graff and burn said Lands for the first Twenty–eight Years of the Term and not after — which Lease was duly Executed by said parties in presence of William Shea Son of the said Patrick and of Francis Woodley of the City of Corke Gentleman — and this Memorial was also Duly Executed by the said John Hodder in presence of Margaret Woodley of the City of Corke Spinster and of the said Francis Woodley — John Hodder seal — Signed and Sealed in presence of Margaret Woodley — Francis Woodley — The above named Francis Woodley maketh oath that he saw the Lease of which the above is a Memorial Signed Sealed & Delivered by the.Respective parties thereto & also saw the above Memorial duly executed by the above named John Hodder & Deposeth that the name Francis Woodley signed as a witness to the Perfection of said Lease and Memorial are this Deponent’s proper hand writing & Deponent Delivered said Lease and this Memorial to Mr James Saunders Deputy Registrar on Monday the Eighth day of January 1749 at or near half an hour Eleven of the Clock in the fore noon of said Day — Francis Woodley Sworn before me the 8th January 1749 — James Saunders Deputy Registrar.