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Registry of Deeds Index Project — Memorial Transcription

Memorial Number: 58321
Volume: 82
Page: 397

To the Register appointed by act of Parliament for Registering all Deeds Conveyances Wills etc:

Registered the 10th day of May 1736 at 4 o’clock in the afternoon.

A Memorial of a Deed of Lease bearing Date the twenty-third day of February one thousand Seven hundred and thirty-five between Edward Griffith of Cloonaghan in the County of Sligoe Gent. of the one part and Jones Irwin of Harristown in the said County Gent. of the other part by which said Deed of Lease the said Edward Griffith for and in consideration of the yearly rent covenanted reservations and agreement therein mentioned did Devise grant sell and to farm let unto the said Jones Irwin his heirs Exe. Adm. and assigns all that and those the four Quarters of land commonly called and known by the name of the Four Quarters of Muckelta or by whatever name or names the same are known and distinguished by in as large ample and beneficial manner as now in the said Jones Irwin possession containing by examination three hundred and sixth-five acres (the same more or less) situated lying and being in the Barony of Lyney and County of Sligoe aforesaid To have and to hold the said Devised premises (all Royalties Excepted) with their rights members appurtenances unto the said Jones Irwin his Exe. Adm. and assigned for and during the natural life and lives of the said Jones Irwin party to these presents Lewis Irwin Son of John Irwin of Tonrego Esq. and Hannah Griffith Daughter of the said Edward Griffith or the longest lives of them to commence from the first Day of November last part the said Jones Irwin his Exe. Adm. and Assigns yielding and paying during the valid term unto the said Edward Griffith his heirs and assigned the clear yearly rent of Seventy pounds Sterl. and a Covenant of Distress and Re-entry for Non-payment of rent also a Clause of Surrender giving six month notice in writing and likewise agreed between the said parties for their heirs Exe. Adm. and assigns that the said Edward Griffith his heirs and assigns shall and will at any time during the said term at the reasonable request proper Count and charges of him the said Jones Irwin his Exe. Adm. and assigns renew the said Deed of Lease or make Perfect and Execute any other Lease of the hereby Devised Premises unto the said Jones Irwin his heirs Exe. Adm. and assigns for the utmost term that shall be in their power and anytime hereafter during the said term at and under the same yearly rent professed. Exceptions and agreements with other Covenants therein Mentioned as usual which said Deed of Lease Witnessed by Henry Irwin of Harristown Esq. Phillip Birne of Gregge Gent. And James Armstrong of Tonrego all of said County and this Memorial is witnessed by the said Phillip Birne and Henry Mara of Sligo gent in the County aforesaid.

Jones Irwin (seal)

Present [Signed] Phillip Birne Henry Mara.

The abovenamed Phillip Birne came this day before me in open Court and made oath that he is a Witness to the Execution of the Deed of Lease of which the above is a Memorial as also to the above Memorial and that he saw the said Deed executed by the said Edward Griffith and the above Memorial also Executed by the said Jones Irwin and that the name Phillip Birne subscribed as a witness to the said Deed and Memorial is this Deponents proper handwriting. Sworn in Court 30th Day April 1736. [Signed]J. Wainwright