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Registry of Deeds Index Project — Memorial Transcription

Memorial Number: 48155
Volume: 70
Page: 229
LDS film #461337

Marginal note: Daunt et al to Daunt et al Regírd the 4th day of May 1732 at 10 oíclock in the forenoon.

To the Register of the Publick Office for Registering Memorialls of Deeds Conveyances Wills etc. in Dublin ~
A Memorial to be Registered in said Office ~
MEMORANDUM That by an Indented Deed Tripartite bearing Date the Eighteenth Day of March in the year one thousand seven __ hundred and twenty eight made between Thomas Daunt and Achilles Daunt son of the said Thomas both of Killpatrick in the Count of Corke Gent of the first part William Daunt Jun. of Tracton Abby in the sd County Gent of the Second part and William Daunt Senír of Tracton Abby aforesaid Gent of the third part That in said Deed it is Recited that whereas on Comunication of Marriage between said Thomas Daunt and Jane Sanders Achilles Daunt Decíd Father to sd Thomas Effected a Bond dated the Sixteenth day of February One Thousand Six Hundred Ninety and Two of the Penalty of Five hundred pounds Ster to Robert Saunders Conditioned that Achilles the Father Should Effect Deeds for settling Fifty pounds per annum on said Thomas and Jane out of the Lands of Killpatrick and Tracton aforesaid namely Thirty pounds per annum out of sd Lands of Killpatrick and Twenty pounds per annum out of Tracton Referrence for said Deed the Condition of sd Bond was never performed thoí said Marriage Took Effect and by an other Recitall in said Deed said Achilles the Elder on ye Seventeenth day of July One Thousand Seven Hundred in Consideration of a Marriage and Marriage portion and other valuable Considerations Settled all said lands of Tractonabby on sd William Daunt the Elder on his Intermarriage wíth Jane Baly Daughter of William Bayly Clear of all Incumbrances after sd Achilles the elders Death Save ye sd Achilles the Elder might by Deed or Last will Charge ye Same with any sume not Exceeding one thousand pounds ster as by Tripartite Deed of Settlement dated the Seventeenth day of July Seventeen Hundred may appear & by another Recitable and Deeds Achilles ye Elder on the Seventeenth of March one Thousand Seven Hundred and Eight did make Publick his last will and Therein said Bond and Conditions pafsed by him to said Saunders as aforesaid did Devise to sd Thomas Dauntís sd Lands of Killpatrick Remainder to sd Achilles Daunt the younger wíth Sevíll Remírs over on Condition That if sd Thoís Daunt did not Deliver or Procure to be delivered up sd Bond and give a Generall Discharge or Release of all Demands Whatsoever to sd Achilles the Elders Execírs wíthin Three Months after his Decease then sd Lands of Killpatrick were Devised to sd Achilles the Elders Execírs to be by them sold & ye money arrising by such Sale to pay & Discharge said bonds of Five Hundred pounds and by his sd will in Execution of ye aforesaid Power Charged to sd Lands of Tracton with the Sume of one thousand pounds as by sd will remaining on Record May more al & al ye appear and by Instrument dated the sd June one Thousand and Seven Hundred and Ten made between said Achilles the Elder and sd Thomís s[on] of Achilles the Elder in Consideration of future peace in the family took on him to propose that he would by Deed Convey unto the said Thomas and Jane sd Lands of Killpatrick and Parkanesigg and also the Lands of Lackareagh held by Willím Kenny Esqíe from said Achilles the Elder at Twenty pounds p ann in full satisfaction —[Folio 230]— Of said Fifty pounds p ann wích said Achilles the Elder by sd Bond was to have made on said Thomas and Jane and after Expiration of said Kenny lease said Lands of Lackareagh were to be held at Fourteen pounds p ann and the Deficiency of Six Pounds p ann was to be made up out of Some other lands of Tracton and by sd Instrmít May appear pursuant to which sd Deed was Drawn but never pfected the sd Achilles having it in his power to Convey or Charge said Lands of Tracton or any part thereof of other than with the sum of One Thousand pounds aforesaid & not having made any abatement of said Sume of one Thousand pounds or Come to any agreemít with sd William the Elder to Induce him to Join in such a Deed and said Achilles the Elder Some Time afterward dyed having first Charged said lands of Tracton with the full Sume of One thousand pounds all which matters & things having Created great uneasynefs and many Disputes in sd Family with the parties to said Deed are minded to putt an End to Now sd Deed witnefseth and it is the meaning of all the parties thereto that the said Thomas Daunt and Said Achilles Daunt the younger shall Quickly and Succefsively hold and Enjoy said Lands of Killpatrick according to the said will of Achilles Daunt the notwithstanding said Thomas did not perform the said Condition in said will within ye Time therein Limitted and Thomas Daunt and sd Achilles Daunt party to said Deed for ye consideration of Two Hundred and Fifty pounds ster paid to them by William Daunt the younger the Receipt by sd Deed is acknowledged & to ye Intent to settle peace & good understanding in the said Family do for themselves and Every of them Their and every of their Exeírs & admís Baragin Sell afsign Transfer and Make over unto said William Daunt the younger all said Lands of Lackareagh and all & Every their and Each of their Rights Title whatsoevír either in Law or Equity in and to ye same and in and to ye sd Lands of Tractonabby and every part and parcel thereof To hold to said William Daunt the younger his Excís admís __ and afsings and said Thomas Daunt and said Achilles Daunt the younger for the Consideration aforesaid and to the Intent aforesaid as well as for the further Consideration of Five shillings to them paid by the sd Wm the Elder do for themselves and for their heirs Exeís and admís Covenant with sd Wm Daunt the Elder and with the said William Daunt the younger their and every of their heirs Exeís and admís Respectively that the said Thomas Daunt and Achilles Daunt the younger their Exeís and admís or Some of them will within Three Calendar Months from the Date of said Deed procure said Bond of Five Hundred pounds Entered into as aforesíd to be Transferred and made over to the Wm Daunt the younger his Exeís admís or afsignes That said Thomas Daunt and Achilles Daunt on the back of said Deed have acknowledged to have received the sum of Two Hundred and Fifty pounds __ being one of the Considerations in said Deed from the said William Daunt the younger the said Deed and Receipt is witnefsed by Patrick Croneen Late of Ballybrickan Gent and William Smith Clke to Hugh Dickson of Ballybrickan Esqíe both in the County of Corke and this Memoriall is Witnefsed by the said Willím Smith and Thomas Hodder of Fountainstown in the County of Cork Gent In witnefs whereof the said William Daunt hath hereunto putt his hand and Seal this first Day of April One thousand Seven hundred and thirty Two ~

ďWilliam DauntĒ (Seal)

` being present and Singing and Sealing the above Memoriall ~ Willím Smith ~ Thoís Hodder ~ The above Named Willím Smith Maketh Oath that he saw a Deed of which the above writing is a Memoriall duly signed sealed and pfected by the above Names Thomís Daunt Achilles Daunt William Daunt the younger and William Daunt and also saw the said Thomís Daunt and Achilles Daunt Sign the receipt on the back of said Deed & likewise Saw the said Wm Daunt Sing and Seal the above memorial and this Sep Saith that he is a subscribing witnefs to the said Deed Receipot and Memíl ~ Wm Smith ~ Jurat Cor_me apud Civi_ Corage __ die Aprilis 1732 virtue Comifsion e Cur Secy hibern __ Capiend affid Eman __ __ __ ~ Rob Wallis ~ Present ~ John Whiting Jos Bullen