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Registry of Deeds Index Project — Memorial Transcription

Memorial Number: 46858
Volume: 69

To the Register of the public Office for Registring Memorials of Deeds Conveyances and Wills etc. in Dublin —

[In margin:] Lord Shannon to Drynan — Registered the 27th day of October 1731 at 10 o Clock in the Fore Noon.

A Memorial of Articles of Agreement to be registered in said Office — —

Memorandum That Arundell Best Esquire in Behalf of the Right Honourable Richard Lord Viscount Shannon did by Articles of Agreement bearing date the [blank] day of April One Thou­sand Seven Hundred and Thirty-one made between the said Arundell Best of the one part and Thomas Drynan — of Gortegrennane in the County of Corke Farmer of the Other part Demise grant Sett and to Farm lett unto the said Thomas Drynan all that the Town and Lands of Doona­vannigg scituate Lying and being in the Barony of Kenelea and County of Corke containing Four Hundred and Seventy Acres or thereabouts be the same more or less in as full and Ample Manner as Samuell Wigmore late tenant thereto held and Enjoyed the same; from the first day of May last past before the date of the said Articles for and during the Term time and space of Thirty-one Years from thenceforth fully to be compleat and ended at and under the Yearly rent of One hundred pounds Sterling to be paid to the said Richard Lord Viscount Shannon his heirs and assigns by two half Yearly payments viz. on the first day of November and first day of May as also Six pence per pound Receiver’s fee Yearly and every Year over and above all Taxes Impositions County Charges and parish Dutyes whatsoever that already was or afterward may be Cessed or Imposed on the premises in which said Articles there is a Clause of Distress and also for reentry for want of a suf­ficient Distress to be paid on the said Demised premises and an Other Clause for Excepting and reserving unto the said Lord Viscount Shannon his heirs and assigns all Treasure-Trove and Wreck that may be found on the premises with all other Royaltyes whatsoever with Liberty to Fish Hunt and Hawk on the premises and it is Covenanted by the said Articles that the said Thomas Drynan his Executors administrators and assigns shall grind all his and their Corn to be Expended on the premises at the Mill of Knocknamanna and pay Tolls for the Same provided that the said Mill be in good Order to grind; and shall also do suit & service at the Manor Court of Tracton and pay the usuall fees to the Seneschall thereof. and shall likewise suffer and permitt the Several Tenants of Knocknamanna & Ballynvarrigg to Draw Sand from the said Bank of Doonavannig and come the usuall Road to the same & it is also agreed by the said Articles that Leases shall be Drawn and Executed with such Clauses as are in the rest of his said Lordship’s Leases. The Witnesses to the Execution of said Articles are Daniel Fynn Clerk to the said Arundell Best & John Cogan of the City of Corke Cordwinder & the Witnesses to this Memorial are the said John Cogan and Walter Bowler Clerke to Dennis Leary of the Town of Kinsale in the said County Gentleman. — In Wit­ness whereof the said Thomas Drynan hath to this present Memorial Sett his hand and Seal the second Day of May One thousand Seven Hundred and Thirty-one —

Thomas Drynan (seal) —

Walter Bowler — The above Named John Cogan Maketh Oath that he saw the above Named Arundell Best duly Seal & Execute the above Mentioned Articles of Agreement of which the above writing is a Memorial and that he also saw the above Named Thomas Drynane Sign and Seal the above Memorial and that he this Deponent is a Subscriber to the said Articles of Agreement and Memorial and that the Name John Cogan Subscribed as a Witness to the said Articles and Memorial is this Deponent’s proper handwriting — John Cogan — Jurat cor me apud Kinsale in Co. Cork. 2 die Maij anno Dom. 1731. Commision. Capiend. Affid. & Cur. Sc[..]arii. in Hibern. Emanat. et nosco Deponent. — Dennis Leary — [..]ved [...] Sworn before [...] two of his Majestie’s Justices of the Peace in the County of Corke [...]wles Sovereign of Kinsale — Michael Busteed.

Transcribed with abbreviations spelled out and punctuation supplied by Frank Thompson.