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Memorial Number: 26049
Volume: 41
Page: 308

Indentures of Lease and Release dated --------- and ------ July 1722 made between Thomas Hodder of Ballinterry in the County of Corke, Esq of the one part and Thomas Rely of the City of Corke Bricklayer of the other part Whereby the said Thomas Hodder in consideration of Five shillings -----(in the hand?) said Lease and of the sum of One Hundred Pounds Ster. ----the said Release mentioned and also for and in consideration of the Rents and Covenants thereafter contained expressed and reserved Did Grant Bargain Sell -----Release and Confirm unto the said Thomas Rely and to his Heirs and Assigns All that and Those the House and Tenement on the Middle Keye of Corke Joyning to the City Walls called and known by the name of ye Dover Castle then in the occupation of Timothy Carthy together with all and singular the parts parcells Rights Members Privileges Appendences and Appurtances to the said Premises belonging or appertaining and the Reversion and Reversions Rents and Profits whatsoever of the Premises together with the Counterpart of the Lease Executed by the said Timothy Carthy and William Skiddy to Thomas Barry To have and to hold the said house & premises with the appurtances unto the said Thomas Rely his Heirs and Assigns to the use of him his Heirs and Assigns forever the said Thomas Rely his Heirs and Assigns Yielding and paying therefore and thereout yearly & every year forever thereafter unto the said Thomas Hodder his Heirs and Assigns forever of and out of the said house and premises the Rent of Six Pounds ster, lawfull money of Great Britain in and by two equal payments on every first day of November and every first day of May the first payment to begin and to be made on the first day of November next Ensuing the date of the said Indenture of Release To which Indentures of Lease the said Thomas Hodder put his hand and seal and to the said Indentures of Release the sd Thomas Hodder and the sd Thomas Rely put their hands and seals the Eleventh day of July 1722, Witnesses to the execution of the sd Indentures are Francis Power of the City of Corke Merchant and Garrett Barry of the same City Cloathier and this Memorial is witnessed by the sd Garrett Barry and Mark Weekes of the same City Gentleman ~ Thomas Rely Seal Being present at signing and sealing sd Memorial ~ Garrett Barry ~Mk Weekes To the registers appointed by virtue of the above mentioned Act of Parliament The above named Garrett Barry this day made oath before me that he saw the above named Thomas Hodder duly seal Execute the above Deed of Lease, and that he saw the sd Thomas Hodder and the above named Thomas Rely duly seal Execute the above Indenture of Release of which the above writing is a Memorial and that he also saw the sd Thomas Rely Signe and Seal the above Meml and that the name Garrett Barry subscribed as a witness to the sd Indentures and Meml is this Deponts own proper handwriting ~Garrett Barry~
( Latin is unclear) ~ Philip Grady Present ~ Daniel Crone ~ Edw Browne~

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