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Converting abstracts to the database format

The following set of steps shows how a written abstract to the data base format using Word and the Excel macro worksheet.

The original abstract in Word looks like the following:

Raw Word abstract

Note that we have made the non printing characters visible using this button non printing in Word.

This abstractor has written the Memorial number first then the book number then the page number. We start adding the codes and tabs in preparation for copying the data to Excel. Most of the time the order of the codes does not matter. The order is only important for residence and occupation.

Starting the conversion

The "T" indicates the type of deed. Then we convert the date. Then we code the first name appearing in the deed. For reference we can add a second letter after the "N" to assit reference in the abstract.

conversion step 2

The residence and occupation or title can be in any order. They will be applied to the name immediately above them.

conversion step 3

Using copy and paste we change the same place to the actual place. The highlighted text will be deleted.

conversion step 4

The word changes are now completed in the above. The "C" code is the abstract that will appear in the database. There can be more than one "C" and in this case these are concatinated together to make the final comment. In the abstract Flemming is replaced "A" and Harris by "C".

The whole is now copied and pasted into the "raw" sheet in the Excel file.

conversion step 5

Note the spreadsheet generated letters in column "H". We now add the codes for the roles of the people in the deed. This yields the following.

conversion step 6

Now we press the "Rearrange" button which gives the following.

conversion step 7

A dialogue box pops up asking that we confirm name of the indexer which is stored in cell "G1". Ofter the "OK" is pressed the data is copied to the "database" sheet.

conversion step 8

Note that the index entries are added below the earlier ones. The common data is copied to all the records. The family name is the upper case letters after the last space. So do not have spaces between MC and the other part of the name. You can use an underscore "_".

conversion step 9

Note the codes in column "V" are automatically generated. Furthermore, because of the limitation in the database the comments in column "T" are truncated if they are more than 254 characters.


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