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Code meanings

Field where used
Type of deed
 L + Rlease and release
 IDIndented deed
 spell it outanything else
MS or Will
 MSMarriage settlement
Occupation or title
 spell it outanything else
 Note:also put relationships in this field eg brother of A, executor of C etc
Role in current deed
 P1party one
 LP1 RP2lease party one and release party 2
 P1L P2Rlease party one and release party 2
 O adjoccupier of an adjacent property
 O prevprevious occupier of the property
 L or lifeperson is a life in the deed
 Wwitness (not specified)
 WDwitness to deed
 WMwitness to memorial
 W RegWitness to swearing
Role in ealier deed
 same as for current deed except that a prefix of a lower case letter indicates which of several deeds the role applieseg aP1 bP2
 aP1 bP2party one in deed a and party 2 in deed b
Signed memorial
 Asigned memorial
 Xsigned memorial by making a mark
 A, B, C, .... a shorthand way of referring to a person in memorial eg B might be the eldest son of A, then I would add "eldest son of A" to the field Occupation or title