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Ancestry of George L Johnson

Johnson - Clancy

George Lazar Johnson was born 04/20/1905 in CA, and died 01/12/1959 in CA. His parents were William August Johnson and Nellie Rose Clancy Johnson.

Other children of Nellie and William A Johnson: Robert "Red" b 1907; Helen C b 1908; Alice M b 1910.

William was born @1877(?) in CA. He had several siblings, including Arthur, Charles, Katherine, Edith, Elinor, Marie, and Elizabeth. Their father (or grandfather?) was Peter Johnson was born in Sweden. Peter applied for naturalization in 1880, and the naturalization took place in 1900. Peter's parents were Jonas Nilsson and Kajsa Lisa Olsdotter. (Note: In the past, Swedish surnames were based on the given name of the father. Therefore it is not unlikely that Jonas Nilsson's father's given name was Nils.)

Nellie Rose Clancy was born in 1875. Her parents were John and Kate Clancy.

John Clancy was born in 1840 in Ireland. He emigrated to the USA in 1861. John Clancy married Kate Lysaght. Kate was born in 1854, in Maine. Her parents were from Ireland. John and Kate's children were born in California. Nellie's siblings: Mary "Mamie" b 1872; George b 1878; John b 1881; James b 1883, Alice b 1885; Katie b 1888.


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