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Smith Genealogy

This is genealogy and family information regarding Byron Smith.*

Byron's father William Rinehardt (sp?) Schmidt emigrated from Germany to Texas in 1852, probably arriving at Galveston. His naturalization proceedings took place on 7 Aug 1867, at which time he was able to read, write, and speak English. He married Mary "Polly" Fowler Castleberry on 28 Sep 1860. Byron was born to Rinehardt and Polly 26 Nov 1862, in Cedar Creek, Bastrop County, TX. Byron had no full siblings, although he had a half-brother and three half-sisters from Polly's previous marriage.

Byron married Frances "Fannie" Margaret Middleton on 24 Nov 1886 in Cedar Creek, TX. Fannie was born 1 Feb 1870 in Center, Shelby County, TX. Her parents were Drwery William Henry Middleton and Emily Teresa Brown. Byron and Fannie were farmers in south Texas, where they had 12 children in south Texas, and over 30 grandchildren.

Their first child, Effie Christine, was born in September of 1887. She married Jesse Thomas Brittain.
Lulu Myrtle married Walter.
Tony married Henry Anderson Farr.
Nellie Ruth married George Martin Brittain.
Winnie Davis married Otto Luedecke.
Florence Mildred married Prince Edward Ahrens.
The eldest son, William Rinehart, married Inez Thompson.
Another son, Walter Louis, married Mattie Myrtle O.Collins.
Other sons included Nathaniel, Hubert, Rupert, and Anderson Gidney (named after the doctors who delivered him; he preferred to be called "Jack").

The Smiths had a lot of relatives, especially in Texas. They used to say of "Grandma" Frances Smith that she "could rustle up kinfolk wherever she went."

* Most of this information has been obtained directly from family members, rather than from official records. It is offered only as a starting place for further research. Official records may be obtained from a number of other sources, including census, county and immigration records.

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