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Wills and Probates
Washington County, Indiana

Pg 2
ISAAC DAVIS of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 1 November 1819
  Sons: James, Nathaniel, Isaac
  Daughters: Ann, Polly, Peggy, Sarah
  Executor: son, Isaac Davis
  Witnesses: Jonathan Henderson, Robert Evans
  (Copy from original, Vault, Clerk's Office)

ROBERT ARMSTRONG of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 6 May 1814, Probated 14 Dec 1814
  Wife: Jane Armstrong
  Sons: Joseph, William, John
  Daughters: Polly Tailor, Peggy Armstrong, Catherine Armstrong, Elizabeth Armstrong, Jane Y. Armstrong, Prudence     Armstrong, Rebeckah Armstrong
  Executors: Edward Armstrong, Robert Catlin, Jane Armstrong
  Witnesses: Benjamin King, John Wood, Samuel Catlin
  (pgs 53-4, Deed Record "A")

THOMAS DRAPER of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 27 July 1820
  Wife: Mary Draper
  Sons: Peter, William
  Daughters: Elizabeth Albertson, Achsah Draper, Jemima Draper, Sarah Morris
  Witnesses: Joseph Moore, Benj. Albertson
  Executors: Nathan Trueblood (friend), Peter Draper (son)
  (pgs 1-3, First Will Record)

JAMES B. MAHONEY (MAHORNEY) of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 9 Mar 1821
  Wife: Mentioned but not named
  Sons: Taliaferro, Bennet H., Arthur
  Daughter: Polly Fisher
  Granddaughter: Zerelda Mahorney
  Land in Washington Co., Indiana and in Shelby Co., Kentucky
  Executor: Arthur Mahorney (son)
  Witnesses: David Denny, John Denny
  (pgs 4-5, First Will Record)

ASHEL STARKS of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 20 Mar 1821
  Wife: Sarah Starks (land lying in Cicero, Onandaga Co., New York)
  Sons: Samuel, Asia, Archibald, Christopher, John, William
  Daughters: Polly Brezee, Polly Graves, Desire Starks
  Executrix: Sarah Starks (wife)
  Witnesses: T.T. Weathers, William Crocket
  (pgs 6-8, First Will Record)

JOHN DURHAM of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 18 Jan 1822
  Wife: Jane Durham
  Son: John Durham
  Grand daughter: Lucey Blan
  Executrix: Jane Durham (wife)
  Witnesses: John Lane, Samuel Gray, David Alvis
  (pgs 17-18, First Will Record)

Pg 5
LEONARD CARNES of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 31 Dec 1819
  Wife: Katharine Carnes
  Children: mentioned but no names
  Executors: Katharine Carnes (wife), John Beager (Beeker?)
  Witnesses: George Lukingbill, John Martin
  (pgs 44-45, First Will Record)

RICHARD B. WEBSTER of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 22 Aug 1820
  Wife: Sally Webster
  Children: "All my children" but no names given
  Executrix: Sally Webster (wife)
  Witnesses: Reuben Arms, Johnson Vest, Louis Roberts
  (pgs 46-47, First Will Record)

ARCHIBALD MCKINNEY of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 16 Aug 1822
  Wife: Catey McKinney
  Sons: John, James, Collin, Griffith McKinney
  Step-son: Mortimore Edwards
  Daughters: Mary McKinney, Peggy D. Harima(?), Lavina Howard, Ann McKinney, Betsy McKinney, Susanna McKinney, Caty McKinney, Ginny McKinney, Sally McKinney
  Step-daughters: Agnes Edwards, Mahalia Edwards
  Wife to have an heir
  Executors: Aguilla Standford, John Martin, Sr.
  Witnesses: Elias Dean, Jesse Simpson, Joseph Simpson, Joseph Armstrong
  (pgs 47-50, First Will Record)

CHRISTLEY SOUDER of Washington Co., Indiana
  (pgs 51-52, First Will Record)
  Date: 13 Jan 1823, Probated 22 Mar 1823
  Wife: Molly Souder
  Sons: Jacob, three younger sons mentioned but no names
  Daughters: Sally, Betsy, Rachel, three younger daughters mentioned but no names
  Executors: Molly (wife), Jacob (son)
  Witnesses: James H. Gibbins, Frederick Souder, Robert Evans

JOHN STRAIN of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 17 Jan 1823
  Wife: Eleanor Strain
  Sons: Robert, Barney, William
  Daughters: Rosanna Watts, Jane Strain, Anna Strain, Hannah Strain, Mary Ann Strain
  Executors: Benj. Strain, John Pew
  Witnesses: George Kepley, Wm. Green
  (pgs 52-54, First Will Record)

JACOB YOUNG of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 15 May 1816
  Wife: Magdalen Young
  Sons: Jacob, Frederick (deceased) his children are heirs
  Daughters: Elizabeth, Christina, Magdalen, Anna Marie
  Grandson: Solomon Young (son of my son, Frederick)
  Grand daughter: Anna Marie Young (sister of Solomon Young)
  Executors: Philip Shoultz,  John Baker (sons-in-law)
  Witnesses: John Hiestand, James Hiestand, Johan George ______(?)
  (pgs 55-56, First Will Record)

  Date: 16 Mar 1824
  Wife: Elizabeth Vaughn
  Sons: John B., William, Isaac
  Daughters: Elizabeth Vaughn, Margaret Vaughn, Polly Vaughn, Nancy Vaughn
  Executrix: Elizabeth Vaughn (wife)
  Executor: Thomas Mount
  Witnesses: Philip Langdon, Philip Zaring, Nathaniel Vannoy, Hugh Graham, Wm. Elliott, Wm. Garriott
  (pgs 57-58, First Will Record)

ELISHA CARR of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date 11 Dec 1823
  Wife: Elizabeth Carr
  Sons: Alfred H., Harvey
  Daughters: Emmely Carr, Rachel Rannells (Reynolds?) is names as an heir but no relationship is stated
  Executors: Elizabeth Carr, Joseph Pound
  Witnesses: Abraham Stark, Joseph Pound
  (pgs 59-60, First Will Record)

JOSEPH LONG of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 8 Mar 1824
  Wife: Elizabeth Long
  Sons: John, Jacob
  Daughters: Mary Brown, Elizabeth Mallicoat, Sarah Alstott, Margaret Alstott, Susannah Phelps, Nancy Perry, Jr., Anna     Umbarger
  Executors: Elizabeth Long (wife), James Brown (son-in-law)
  Witnesses: Robert Morrison, Matthew Robertson
  (pg 67, First Will Record)

WILLIS MCCOY of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 26 Jul 1824
  Wife: Ann McCoy
  Children: mentioned but no names
  Executors: Wm. Hobbs, Benjamin Albertson
  Witnesses: Ann Trueblood, Mary Peed
  (pgs 61-63, First Will Record)

JAMES LIND (LYND) of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 9 Jun 1820
  Wife: Martha Lind
  Sons: Alexander, Samuel, James
  Daughter: Margaret McCrery
  Grandson: James Irvin
  Grand daughters: Elizabeth Irvin, Martha Irvin, Ann Irvin, Margaret Irvin
  Executors: Robert McIntire, James McKinny
  Witnesses: Robert McIntire, Cyrus McIntire, Jane Guthrie
  (pgs 65-67, First Will Record)

Pg 7
SAMUEL BARNARD of Brown Twp, Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 4 Jan 1825, probated 30 Jan 1825
  Wife: Desire Barnard
  Sons: John, Obed, Reuel Barnard mentioned but no relationship stated
  Daughter: Fanny Barnard
  Executors: Desire Barnard (wife), John (son)
  Witnesses: Ezra Child, David Young 
  (pgs 71-72, First Will Record)

JOSHUA POWERS of Gibson Twp, Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 17 Oct 1823
  Wife: Syllinda Powers
  Son: Chester L. Powers
  Daughters: Aseneth S. Powers, Dorcas Y. Powers, Elizabeth P. Powers
  Executors: Syllinda Powers (wife), Philip Langdon, Jr.
  Witnesses: Philip Langdon, James Owens, Alanson Langdon
  (pgs 74-75, First Will Record)

JOSHUA THOMPSON of Brown Twp, Washington Co., Indiana
  Date 19 Dec 1824
  Wife: Mary Thompson
  Sons: Joseph, William
  Daughters: Phebe Thompson, Mary Thompson, Margaret, wife of Thomas Blunke
  Other Heirs: Joshua Thompson, son of William Thompson, Joshua Blunke, son of Thomas Blunke
  Executor: Jeremiah Ellexson of Orange Co., Indiana
  Witnesses: Ezra Child, Jeremiah Ellexson
   (pgs 76-77, First Will Record)

  Date: 6 Aug 1825
  Wife: Agnes McKnight
  Sons: William, Robertson, John
  Daughters: Sarah, Jemima
  Executors: Agnes (wife), John (son)
  Witnesses: Alexander Huston, Arthur Parr, David Weir
  (pgs 82-83, First Will Record)
  (Note: Family says there were other children who were not names in this Will)

ROBERT MITCHELL of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 15 Jul 1824, probated 17 Dec 1825
  Wife: Elizabeth Mitchell
  Sons: John, Jonathan - other children mentioned but no names
  Son-In-Law: William Lee
  Land in Clark Co., Indiana, and near Mill Creek, Washington Co., Indiana
  Executors: John (son), John Lee (son-in-law)
  Witnesses: Jonah Morgan, Gustavus Clark
  (pgs 83-84, First Will Record)

FREDERICK ROYSE of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 24 Sept 1825, probated 13 Feb 1826
  Wife: Sarah Royse
  Sons: John (eldest), William, Martin, Gabriel, Benjamin
  Daughters: Hannah Campbell, Sarah Nugent, Rebecca McFall, Lydia VanLandingham, Betsey Edmonson
  Executor: Gabriel (son)
  Witnesses: W.A. Bowles, Theodore Catlin, Elizabeth Peleon
  (pgs 102-104, First Will Record)

Pg 8
LEVI MUNDEN, SR. of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 19 Feb 1826, probated 28 Mar 1826
  Wife: Sarah Munden
  Daughter: Margaret Overman
  Other Heirs: Children mentioned but not named, Henry Thornton (cousin), Blue River Monthly Meeting of Friends
  Executors: William Hobbs, Nathan Trueblood, Benjamin Albertson, Henry Wilson
  Witnesses: Lewis Woody, Wm. Hitchcock
   (pgs 105-107, First Will Record)

JOHN MANNING of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 6 Oct 1825, probated 10 Apr 1826
  Wife: Prudence Manning
  Sons: None named
  Executor: Joshua Manning
  Witnesses: Elisha Wood, John Wood, Jeremiah Clark
  (pg 112, First Will Record)

RICHARD MORRIS of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 21 Apr 1825, probated 19 May 1826
  Wife: Nancy Morris
  Sons: Jackson, John, Squire
  Daughters: Dianna Hind, Susannah Morris, Eliza Morris, Lucinda Morris, Franky Morris, Nancy Morris
  Executrix: Nancy Morris (wife)
  Witnesses: Samuel Gray, Mary Lucas, Jesse Lucas
  (pg 116, First Will Record)

  Date: 24 Jul 1826, probated 5 Sept 1826
  Sons: Micha Newby, Edmund Newby
  Daughters: Martha Brackston
  Grand daughters: Mary Brackston, Martha Newby
  Executors: Micha (son), Hiram Brackston (son-in-law)
  Witnesses: Hugh McPheeters, Rebecca Morris
  (pg 127, First Will Record)

WILLIAM SANDY of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 5 Mar 1826, probated 17 Jul 1826
  Wife: Catherine Sandy
  Sons: Wm. Sandy (youngest), Jeremiah Sandy, Thomas Sandy
  Other Heirs: mentions sons and daughters but no names
  Executors: Jeremiah and Thomas (sons)
  Witnesses: George Holsapple, Wm. Williams, John Williams
  (pgs 119-120, First Will Record)

ROBERT EVANS of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 8 Oct 1826, probated 11 Nov 1826
  Wife: Nancy Evans
  Sons: John, Alexander, Hugh, Robert, Joseph, William, last three are minors
  Daughters: Jane Harmon, Betsy Davis, Polly Dodson, Peggy Galespie
  Executors: Nancy (wife), Gawn Galespie (son-in-law)
  Witnesses: John Crouch, David Alvis, Gawn Galespie
  (pgs 132-133, First Will Record)

Pg 10
THOMAS MITCHELL of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 6 Dec 1825, probated 12 Jan 1828
  Wife: Elizabeth Mitchell
  Heirs: sons and daughters-in-law, not named
  Executors: Elizabeth (wife), William Mitchell (son)
  Witnesses: Jonathan Morgan, John Mitchell, Robert Mitchell 
  (pgs 177-178, First Will Record)

ROBERT SELLERS of Washington and Clark Cos, Indiana
  Date: 2 Nov 1827, probated 12 Feb 1828
  Wife: Sary/Mary Sellers
  Son: Ambrose C. Sellers (youngest son); "Twelve children - no names given
  Executrix: Sary/Mary Sellers (wife)
  Witnesses: Absalom Littell, Moses W. Sellers, George B. Campbell
  (pg 180, First Will Record)

WILLIAM WOOD of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 8 sept 1827, probated 21 Apr 1828
  Wife: Mary Ann Wood
  Son: John L. Wood (eldest son)
  Youngest (minor) child, not named
  Executors: Mary Ann Wood (wife), John L. Wood (eldest son)
  Witnesses: Isaac Stipp, Aaron Harden
  (pg 189, First Will Record)

ADONIJAH LITTLE of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 12 Jan 1826, probated 14 Jan 1828
  Wife: Elisabeth Little
  Sons: Jehu and Solomon
  Daughters: Catherine Williams
  Heirs: William Williams named - no relationship stated.  Said to be dutiful child to mother
  Executor: Jacob Banta
  Witnesses: George Holsapple, William Welsh, Wm. Williams
  (pgs 190-191, First Will Record)

WILLIAM HODGIN of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 25 Apr 1828, probated 2 Aug 1828
  Wife: Mary Hodgin
  Sons: Joseph, Nathan, William, Jr.
  Daughters: Peggy Hodgin, Liddy Kendle, Polly Hodgin
  Executrix: Mary Hodgin (wife)
  Witnesses: John McMahan, John W. Ryman
  (pgs 192-193, First Will Record)

ELISHA CARR of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 9 Aug 1827, probated 30 Aug 1827
  Wife: Elizabeth Carr (to have "my farm and lands with all the rents, etc., while she remains my widow; also movable property which she wishes to keep, plus all the property she brought with her when we were married."
  Children: "Remaining property to be equally divided amongst my children at the marriage or death of my beloved wife, and my remaining estate to be equally divided among the same."
  Executrix: Elizabeth (wife)
  Executor: Elijah Carr (son)
  Witnesses: Abraham Stark, Caleb Reed, Joseph Bates
  (pgs 166-167, First Will Record)

Pg 11
ABRAHAM HARDMAN of Shelby Co., Kentucky
  (pgs 324-325, Deed Book H, Washington Co., Indiana 1823)
  Date: ___day of ______1821, probated March Court, Shelby Co., KY
  Wife: Margaret Hardman - "to have land on which I now live (318 acres); also quarter section near White River, Indiana, and 3 town lots in Salem, Indiana; slave, Simon; all personal property and money."
  Daughters: Hannah Hostetler, Betsy Hostetler, Catherine Clark - "to have 3/4 of my 4 qtr sections of land in Indiana.  In trust for my daughter, Polly Mitchell, after the death of her mother."  John E. Clark to have 3 remaining qtr sections in Indiana - also tract on which *she* now lives in Shelby Co. on Guss's Creek.
  Son: Daniel Hardman - "land which I bought of Knight in Indiana."
  Executors: Daniel (son), John E. Clark (son-in-law)
  Witnesses: Thomas Jenkins, Jacob Rush

MALACHI MCCOY of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 11 Dec 1828, probated 20 Jan 1829
  Wife: Clarky McCoy
  Sons: John Wesley, George W., Willis, Lassell, James A.
  Daughters: Martha, Mary, Axey, Kiddy, Catherine Peed, Mourning Woody, Abby Felton
  Wife to have heir; later records show it was Malachi McCoy, Jr.
  Executors: Clarky (wife), William Kennedy
  Witnesses: John Parr, Garret Boswell
  (pgs 226-227, First Will Record)

JAMES YOUNG of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 20 Mar 1829, probated 14 Apr 1829
  Wife: Elizabeth Young
  Sons: Miles King Young, James Turner Young, others listed as heirs but no relationships are stated: Alexander Young, Jacob Banta, Joseph Young, Samuel Wharton Young, Thomas Davidson Young, Robert McCoskey, Jancinantillo Young
  Daughters: Jane Matilda Young, Elizabeth Clarissa Young, Martha Tabitha Young
  Executors: Andrew Weir, John G. Henderson
  Witnesses: Shadrack Lewelling, David G. Campbell, Samuel Henderson
  (pgs 246-247, First Will Record)

CHRISTOPHER TRINKLE of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 13 Jan 1829, probated 31 Aug 1829
  Wife: none mentioned
  Sons: Stephen, Frederick, Jacob, Henry, Adam, John
  Daughters: Heirs of second daughter, Margaret, deceased; Elizabeth, Mary, Katharine
  Executors: John, Jacob (sons)
  Witnesses: Jonathan Jones, James McGrew
  (pgs 252-253, First Will Record)

WILLIAM PURSELL of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 16 Aug 1826, probated 7 Sept 1829)
  Wife: Hannah Pursell
  Sons: George, Stephen (minor), William, John
  Daughters: Nancy Johnson, Margaret Goldsby, Hannah Pumroy
  [I didn't copy the rest]
  (pgs 262-263, First Will Record)

Pg 13
JOHN ALBERTSON of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 2 Feb 1834, probated 10 Dec 1834
  Wife: Mary Albertson
  Sons: Samuel, Joshua, Elias, John, Henry
  Daughters: Peninah Boswell, Millicent White, Pheraby Bundy
  Executor: Tom White
  Witnesses: Benj Albertson, Benj Cosand
  (pgs 234-235, Probate Court Minute Book B)

  Date: 29 Oct 1830, probated 25 Nov 1831
  Wife: Elizabeth Beck
  Daughter: Sarah Beck (under 18)
  Executor: John Wright
  Witnesses: Benjamin Owens, Michael Strepey
  (pg 64, Probate Court Minute Book B)

JOHN COLLIER of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 29 July 1831, probated 15 Oct 1831
  Wife: Cassandra Collier
  Sons: Harrison, Alford
  Executor: none named
  Witnesses: robert H. Bogle, J. Chamberlain, Joseph Brittain
  (pg 55, Probate Court Minute Book B)

ENOCH DAVIS of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 10 Nov 1834, probated 7 Mar 1837
  Wife: none named
  Sons: Enoch, Abner, Elias
  Grandsons: Clark, Farlow, Hawkings, Maben, Elias
  Granddaughters: Ruth, Rachel, Sarah, Sophia, Jane Jarrall
  Executors: Enoch (son), Samuel Coffin
  Witnesses: Benjamin Overman, Abigail Overman
  (pg 371, Probate Court Minute Book B)

CHARLES COULTER of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 24 June 1834, probated 25 Jan 1835
  Wives:  1st: Mary, 2nd: Elizabeth
  Sons: by 1st wife: Lemuel, John, Yewel, Gideon; by 2nd wife: Charles
  Daughters: by 1st wife: Tabitha B., Nancy W., Elizabeth, Patty, Anna Jane, Rodah; by 2nd wife: Elcinea, Emily
  Executrix: Elizabeth (wife)
  Witnesses: John Hardin, Jr., Samuel Martin, Hugh Sherwood
  (pg 235, Probate of Court Minute Book B)

WILLIAM CHANDLER, SR. of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: no date, probated 15 Oct 1831
  Wife: Sally
  Sons: Isaiah, William, Martin
  Daughters: Polly Nelson, Tempy Lewelling, Elizabeth Williams, Sally Luck, Margaret Young (5)
  Grandson: John Chandler, son of Margaret Young
  Executor: John Wright
  Witnesses: Wm. H. Carter, Levi Wright
  (pg 57, Probate Court Minute Book B)

Pg 29
WILLIAM MARKS, SR. of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 3 Sept 1840, probated 24 Apr 1846
  Wife: referred to as: "said Matthew's Mother."
  Sons: Matthew, William, John, Thomas, Daniel
  Executor: Matthew (son)
  Witnesses: Thomas P. Baldwin of Salem, Indiana, A. Attkinson of Salem, Indiana
  (pgs 238-239, Probate Court Minute Book E)

ALEXANDER MARTIN of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 5 Dec 1845, probated 8 May 1846
  Wife: Polly
  Sons: Samuel, Jacob, John L. (to William Martin, no relationship stated but likely another son)
  Daughters: Mary Wright, Eliza Cavins, Martha Flinn ( no relationship stated for these 3 but are listed with the others)
  Executors: John L., Jacob (sons)
  Witnesses: William W. Martin, David C. McKinney
  (pg 240, Probate Court Minute Book E)

LEWIS OSBORN of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 17 Apr 1845, probated 6 May 1845
  Wife: mentioned but no named (page 232 gives name as Eliza)
  Step-daughter: Mary Ann Williams
  Executor: Charles Tatlock
  Witnesses: Richard Lockwood, M.R. Blankenbaker, Bentley Mendenhall
  (pgs 37-38, Probate Court Minute Book E)

ANDREW PITTS of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: none given.  Probated 6 Oct 1845
  Wife: Margaret
  Sons: William, Thomas, Samuel, John, Levi
  Daughters: Mary Lindley, Sarah Davis, Margaret Miller
  Grandson: Jordan Giles ("son of my daughter, Margaret Miller.")
  Executor: Thomas Pitts (son)
  Witnesses: Eli W. Malott, W.J. Hattabaugh
  (pgs 136-138, Probate Court Minute Book E)

  Date: 31 Oct 1845, probated 11 May 1846
  Wife: Polly
  Sons: William (oldest) - his heirs to inherit, James, Joseph
  Daughters: Sally Jones, Margaret Haton, Elizabeth Ribble, Polly Young
  Executrix: Polly (wife)
  Witnesses: J.C. McPheeters, J.A. McPheeters, A. McPheeters
  (pgs 250-252, Probate Court Minute Book E)

WILLIAM SHERWOOD of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 2 Feb 1845, probated 9 Apr 1845
  Sons: Daniel F., James
  Daughters: Mary (to have family Bible)
  Executors: Wm. G. Deweese, Daniel F. Sherwood
  Witnesses: Thomas Sherwood, Lemuel L. Kimbrel
  (pgs 35-37, Probate Court Minute Book E)

Pg 43
ELISHA MILLS of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 29 Sept 1855, probated 16 Oct 1855
  Wife: Sarah D.
  Daughters: Julia L. Hagan, Mary E. Downing, Augusta Jane Mills
  Executors: Sarah D. (wife), John B. Downing (son-in-law)
  Witnesses: Wm. N. McCoy, Lucius S. Hopkins
  (pgs 464-465, Will Record A)

ELISHA DENNY of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 19 Oct 1855, probated 9 Nov 1855
  Son: Robert
  Daughters: Mary Denny, Rachel Denny
  "Heirs of my deceased children"
  Grandchildren: Gilbert Harvey Denny, Robert Joseph Flinn, Harvey Denny, Elisha Allen Denny
  Executor: Robert (son)
  Witnesses: Thomas G. Denny, William Spurgeon
  (pgs 466-467, Will Record A)

SARAH WHITE of Canton, Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 23 Nov 1850, probated 22 Nov 1855
  She was the widow of JAMES WHITE, deceased
  Grandsons: William Lindley White, Nathan White
  Granddaughter: Jane Trueblood
  Executors: John S. Harned, Oliver Albertson
  Witnesses: Benj A. Harned, Charles Albertson
  (pgs 470-471, Will Record A)

HANNAH PRINCE of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 13 Nov 1844, probated 28 Jan 1856
  Husband: GODFREY PRINCE, deceased
  Son: David
  Daughter: Diana
  "All my children, share and share alike" - no other names
  Executors: David (son), Diana (daughter)
  Witnesses: Wm. Shanks, John Cravans
  (pg 473, Will Record A)

JACOB BIERLY (?) of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 24 Mar 1855, probated 15 Jan 1856
  Heirs: "All my sons and daughters" - no names mentioned
  Executor: James T. Campbell
  Witnesses: Cornelius Crouch, George May
  (pgs 475-476, Will Record A)

FREELAND BECK of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 3 Sept 1855, probated 28 Feb 1856
  Wife: Sarah
  Sons: William, Daniel, John
  Daughters: Nancy Ann Terrel, Margaret Malissa Johnson, Elizabeth Beck, Catharine Johnson, Samantha Beck, Martha Beck, Clara Beck
  Executor: none named
  Witnesses: William Lane, William Leming
  (pgs 477-478, Will Record A)

Pg 57
JOHN WILLIAMS cont'd (first part was not copied)
  Executor: William Lindley
  Witnesses: Edward V. Hagan, E.K. Coffin
  Note: (not in Will) John Williams, a colored person, owned real estate. He was called "Black John."

ELIJAH B. WADE of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 15 Oct 1864, probated 7 Jan 1865
  Wife: mentioned but no name ("guardian of all heirs")
  Sons: John B., Smith D., (both minors)
  Daughters: Sarah Wade, Mary M. Wade, Virginia A. Wade, Susan E. Wade, Rosy B. Wade, Martha A. Wade (all minors)
  Executrix: Wife
  Witnesses: Thomas D. Voyles, John W. Wade
  Note: Elizabeth A. Wade also signed the Will
  (pgs 521-522, Will Record B)

  Date: 3 Sept 1859, probated 1 Feb 1865
  Heirs: "Children of my brothers, John, George, Peter"
  "Children of my sister, Catherine Short"
  Executor: Peter B. Monical (nephew) of Orange Co., Indiana; in case of his death, my friend, Isaac Zink
  Witnesses: A.A. McPheeters, Alexander McPheeters
  (pgs 525-526, Will Record B)

  Date: 4 Dec 1862, probated 9 Feb 1865
  Wife: Margaret
  Sons: "seven:" John P., Philip, George H., William F., Simon, Morgan W., David Wyman (all minors)
  Daughter: Polly Ritter, wife of Henry Ritter
  Executor: John P. Smedley (brother) of Indianapolis, Indiana
  Witnesses: T.J. Menaugh, James P. Banta, William A.M. Young
  (pgs 528-529, Will Record B)

MARTHA BARNETT of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 12 Jan 1865, probated 11 Mar 1865
  Brother: Alexander Peden, sole heir
  Executor: Alexander Peden (brother)
  Witnesses: Henry Atherton, Charles Richards
  (pg 536, Will Record B)

THOMAS EVANS of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 11 Mar 1865, probated 31 Mar 1865
  Brother: Isaac A. Evans - all land near Mill Creek, Washington Co., Indians "to care for me"
  Other Heirs: 10 brothers and sisters (no names mentioned)
  Executor: Jacob Wiseman
  Witnesses: Henry H. Wiseman, Celia M. Smith
  (pg 538, Will Record B)

HARRIETT MARTIN of Washington Co., Indiana, widow of PETER MARTIN, deceased
  Date: 24 Jan 1865, probated 22 Apr 1865
  Step-sons: James L. Martin, Peter B. Martin
  (didn't copy the rest)
  (pgs 540-541, Will Record B)

Pg 71
SOLOMON SAUTELL of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 28 Dec 1871, probated 22 Feb 1872
  Wife: mentioned without a name
  Heirs: Heirs of my daughter, Sophronia Vellom (formerly Goen), Elizabeth P. Goen, Mary C. Vellom, John Vellom, Sylvanus Vellom
  Other Heirs: William L. Sautell, Zephaniah Sautell, Zachariah Sautell, Eunice M. Sautell (no relationships stated)
  Executrix: Wife
  Witnesses: Archable Baxter, Columbus H. Richards
  (pg 514, Will Record D)

HUGHEY MCCORD of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 21 Jun 1865, probated 14 Mar 1872
  Wife: Mary
  Daughters: Mary Gorman, Eliza Fow
  Witnesses: Thomas W. Clark, James M. Ragains, Hughey Gorman, Thomas Regains
  (pg 518, Will Record D)

ROBERT WOODS of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 16 Aug 1854, probated 8 Jul 1872
  Wife: mentioned without a name
  Children and Grandchildren: Mentioned -- no names given except for Granddaughter: Mary Caroline King and Grandson: Benjamin Villem King 
  Other Legatees: Presbyterian Board of Foreign Missions; American Home Missionary Society
  Executors: John Woods (son), John H. Butler ("in case of death of son, John Woods, then son, Benjamin F. Woods.
  Witnesses: John H. Butler, Thomas Brittain
  (pg 521, Will Record D)

  Date: 5 Jun 1872, probated 18 Jul 1872
  Wife: Amy (guardian of minor sons: Wm. D. and Charles L.
  Sons: Winfield, William D., Charles L., Abram, Joshua
  Daughters: Rachel A., Spitphin, Lydia Stratton, Hannah C. Lockhart
  Grandchildren: Amanda arnold, Dora A. Arnold, Marcus S. Arnold (brother), Henry Brown to be their guardian
  Executrix: Wife
  Witnesses: William H. Pollard, Christian Prow
   (pg 525, Will Record D)

ANDREW J. NALE of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 17 Jun 1872, probated 16 Jul 1872
  Wife: Sarah
  Heirs: James Dawson, John W., Daniel, Amanda, Orange Lemon, Elizabeth, Susan Jane, Jordan, Pleasant, Lafayette, Stephen Nelson Nale
  Executor: Nathan B. Wright
  Witnesses: Nelson Markland, Jeremiah C. Nale
  (pg 528, Will Record D)

NATHAN S. TRUEBLOOD of Blue River, Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: May 1869, probated 29 Jul 1872
  Wife: Penelope
  (didn't copy the rest)
  (pgs 531-532, Will Record D)

Pg 73
  Date: 11 Feb 1871, probated 24 Dec 1872
  Wife: Sarah
  Sons: William, Joshua
  Daughter: Mary J. Lozier
  Executors: Sarah (wife), Joseph Brittain
  Witnesses: Henry N. Wood, William H. Shanks
  (pg 552, Will Record D)

WILLIAM HORNER, SR. of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 11 Feb 1871, probated 27 Dec 1872
  Children: "my children" - only one child mentioned: William McKendrec Horner (son) who is to receive a scholarship in Asbury University
  Executor: William McKendrec Horner (son)
  Witnesses: John Spigler, William Durnil
  (pg 555, Will Record D)

ABRAM BUNDY, farmer, Washington Twp, Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 25 Mar 1872, probated 11 Feb 1876
  Wife: Fereby - land deeded by my father, Abraham Bundy
  Sons: William, Joshua F.
  Daughters: Peninnah Brickey, Mary White, Elizabeth Jane Reyman, Martha Hancock
  Executor: Elwood Trueblood
  Witnesses: James Baynes, Francis Bundy
  (pg 559, Will Record D)

ELISHA D. BAKER of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 9 Oct 1872, probated 27 Jan 1873
  Wife: Mary Ann
  Sons: William L., Elijah, Milton
  Executors: Mary Ann (wife), William Baker
  Witnesses: Christian Prow, Israel Wesner
  (pg 563, Will Record D)

  Date: 2 Mar 1873, probated 8 Mar 1873
  Sons: Alfred, Christopher H.
  Daughter: Rachel Huston
  Other Heirs: "Franklin Bundy, claimed to be a natural son of my son, James."
  Son-in-law: Lewis Wagoner
  To Ellen Thompson, relict of my son James; Alfred's wife, Louise
  Executor: William R. McKnight
  Witnesses: John A. Peace, Willis W. Tatlock
  (pgs 567-568, Will Record D)

THOMAS HOFFMAN of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 22 Feb 1873, probated 10 Mar 1873
  Wife: Nancy
  Sons: Jacob, John, Isaac, George, Charles
  Daughter: Margaret Hoffman
  "Mother appointed guardian of Margaret and Jacob, both incompetent; also Isaac, George and Charles (minors)
  Witnesses: Nelson Johnson, Manoah Martin
  (pg 572, Will Record D)

Pg 78
  Date: 8 Mar 1873, probated 30 Jul 1875
  Wife: Martha
  Other Heirs: John Wood - no relationship stated
  Witnesses: Elisha H. Brewer, Benjamin F. Stephenson
  (pg 81, Will Record E)

EZEKIEL D. LOGAN of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 26 Feb 1874, probated 27 Aug 1875
  Bequests: Francis B. Briscoe; to my lawful heir, Jane Peugh; to Parthena Fisher (niece of my deceased wife) whom I have raised from a little girl of 9 years and who has superintended my household since the death of her aunt on 11 Aug 1862
  Grandsons: Ezekiel H. Peugh, David B. Peugh, William M. Peugh, George D. Peugh, Henry C. Peugh, Andrew J. Peugh, Charles W. Peugh (seven)
  Granddaughters: Nancy Godfrey (late Nancy Peugh), Sarah Peugh
  Namesake: Ezekiel L. Caress
  Son-in-law: Spencer D. Peugh
  To Mary F. Phillips (late Mary F. Fisher), niece of my deceased wife
  Request: to be buried in Old Logan or Walnut Ridge Cemetery, beside his wife
   Executor: Spencer B. Peugh
  Witnesses: Wm. G. Jamison, Joseph Jamison
  (pgs 84-86, Will Record E)

JOHN MORGAN of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 12 Apr 1869, probated 17 Aug 1875
  Sons: Aaron, Thomas J., John Newton, James M.
  Daughters: Annis Applegate, Mary Jane Morris, Amanda E. Morgan
  Grand child: Hester E. Morgan
  Intended wife: Elizabeth Applegate
  Executor: Cary T. Morris (son-in-law)
  Witnesses: James Baynes, Ezekiel H. Peugh
  (pg 89, Will Record E)

SARAH A BUSH of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 18 Dec 1874, probated 6 Sept 1875
  Sister: Nancy A. Watts
  Niece: Mary E. Brown
  Executor: William Watts
  Witnesses: Nathan B. Wright, Stephen Huff
  (pg 93, Will Record E)

PHEBE SAWTELL of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 5 Apr 1873, probated 13 Sept 1875
  Daughter: Unis Mahala Sawtell
  Legal Heirs: Ira Sawtell, William T. Sawtell, Zephaniah Sawtell, Zachariah Sawtell
  Grand children: Elizabeth Goan, Lewis Velom, Salvenis Velom, Mary Velom
  Executor: Nathaniel P. Mather
  Witnesses: Christian Prow, Archabald Baxter
  (pg 97, Will Record E)

Pg 112
MATISON R. BLANKENBAKER of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 18 Aug 1883, probated 9 June 1890
  Wife: Lydia A.
  Children: "all my children" - none named except for Lewis C.
  Executor: Wm. R. McKnight
  Witnesses: A.N. Spurgeon, N.E. Rodman
  (pg 364, Will Record F)

  Date: 19 Apr 1890, probated 20 Jun 1890
  Wife: Mary
  Daughter: Mary Angalina Gibboeth(?)
  Witnesses: James M. Cauble, Marcus A. Cauble
  (pg 387, Will Record F)

CYNTHIA A. WHITEHEAD of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 30 Jun 1890, probated 31 Jul 1890
  Son: Wilford
  Daughters: Elizabeth Whitehead, Mary Whitehead - land adjoining the town of Fredericksburg, Washington Co., Indiana
  Executor: Wilford Whitehead (son)
  Witnesses: Benj H. Hancock, John W. Kay
  (pg 390, Will Record F)

SPENCER B. PEUGH of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 6 Apr 1890, probated 6 Oct 1890
  Wife: Jane H.
  Sons: Henry C., George D., Ezekiel H., David B., William M., Charles W., Andrew J
  Daughter: Nancy Godfrey
  Executor: George D. Peugh (son)
  Witnesses: John T. Shanks, R.J. Wilson
  (pgs 393-394, Will Record F)

SAMUEL MONICAL of Jefferson Twp, Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 4 Sept 1890, probated 21 Oct 1890
  Wife: Mary
  Other Heirs: Elizabeth A. Bowers, Rebecca F. Huffman - no relationship stated
  Executor: Elhanan Elliott
  Witnesses: Lewis G. VanMeter, John S. Graham
  (pg 398, Will Record F)

MARTHA BRITTIN of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 28 Oct 1889, probated 31 Oct 1890
  To: Martha E. Woods in consideration that John Woods assist her in taking care of me for the remainder of my days, all of my personal estate (no relationship mentioned)
  Witnesses: Logan D. Voyles, A.J. Hughes
  (pg 401, Will Record F)

COLUMBUS N. WYATT of Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 30 Jul 1890, probated 13 Nov 1890
  Wife: Addie M.
  Daughters: Nora M. Wyatt, Lillie Ethel Wyatt (minors), Henry Plott (guardian)
  Executrix: Addie M. Wyatt (wife)
  Witnesses: Andrew J. Mahuron, James A. Packwood
  (pgs 404-405, Will Record F)

Pg 133
  (did not copy in its entirety)
  Nephew: Nelson Roberts
  Brother-in-law: John J. McLurkin(?)
  Executor: Nelson Roberts (nephew)
  Witnesses: B.F. Lockhart, H.C. Malott

  Date: 13 Jan 1900, probated 12 Mar 1900
  Wife: Margaret L. Hall
  Executrix: Margaret L. Hall (wife)
  Witnesses: William W. Cogswell, Benjamin F. Stephenson
  (pg 394, Will Record G)

  Date: 29 Oct 1892, probated 19 Mar 1900
  Wife: Lucinda Voyles
  My children and their children living at my death
  Names given in Will: Azariah Voyles, Emma Martin, Amos Voyles, James Voyles, Jasper Voyles, Agnes Bishop (my granddaughter)
  Executors: Azariah Voyles, Oliver Martin
  Witnesses: Joseph Daily, Seth Hunter
  (pg 396, Will Record G)

  Date: 2 Dec 1899, probated 28 Mar 1900
  Son: Aaron E. Hardin
  Daughters: Maria L. Coombs (oldest), Laura A. Brown, Alice C. Lynn, Jennie O. Hardin
  Executor: Samuel A. Patton (brother)
  Witnesses: Sanford E. McIntosh, Franklin O. McIntosh
  (pg 400, Will Record G)

  Date: 24 Jun 1897, probated 31 Mar 1900
  Wife: Elizabeth Ann Paynter
  Daughters: Emma Wood, Lizzie Hopkins
  Grandchildren: Children of Emma Wood, Lizzie Hopkins, Cora Clarke
  Executor: William H. Paynter
  Witnesses: Elwood Stout, S.H. Standish
  (pg 404, Will Record G - Codicil: Pg 405, 1bid, 17 Jan 1900)

  Date: 24 May 1899, probated 14 Apr 1900
  Request: Stone erected in Big Spring Cemetery, similar to that of my deceased wife (no name)
  Sister-in-law: Sara A. Giles
  Grandsons: William A. Purlee, Ernest O. Purlee, Lorenzo D. Purlee
  To Trustees of Big Spring Church, in trust, for benefit of the Big Spring graveyard
  Executor: Francis A. Martin
  Witnesses: Harvey Morris, Eva A. Spence
  (pg 408, Will Record G)

HESKER DAVIS of Blue River, Washington Co., Indiana
  Date: 20 Mar 1900, probated 10 May 1900
  Wife: Elvira I. Davis
  Witnesses: Sam'l Matthews, Dell Charles
  (pg 415, Will Record G)

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