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Germany - Links

[Babel Fish Translation]

[1848 Revolution - 150 Years and the German -American Dimension]
[ABC Genealogy - Ethnic, German:]
[ABC Genealogy - German]
[ABC Genealogy, Germany]
[ABC Genealogy - Regional: Europe, Germany:]
[ABC Of The Old German Handwriting]
[Advancing Research in Germanic Genealogy]
[An Atlas of the German Empire - Download Index Pages]
[Ancestral Vault - Ethnic: German]
[Ancestral Vault - Ethnic: German]
[Archives and Special Collections - Newspapers of the German-American Imprint Collection]
[Areas of German Settlement, Europe]
[Atlas Of The German Empire]
[Auswanderung aus dem Landkreis Cuxhaven]
[Bavarian Genealogy Gazette]
[Behind The Name - German Names]
[Berlin Evangelical Parish Jurisdictions, A-B]
[Birth Index Hausbach, Merzig-Wadern County, Saarland 1830-1839]
[Birth Index Hausback, Merzig-Wadern County, Saarland 1840-1847]
[Book: Even More Palatine Families]
[Bremen Passenger Lists 1920-1939]
[Chronicle and History of the Village Hefersweiler-Berzweiler]
[Common Abbreviations - German Words]
[CUXAUS [emigrants from the county of Cuxhaven, Niedersachsen, Germany]]
[David Dreyer's Ship Extraction Database of the Banat]
[Deciphering Old Handwriting]
[Deutsche Genealogie: Lippe (Detmold) - Stadte, Dorfer und Wohnplatze - in German]
[Die Maus - Gesellschaft fuer Familienforschung in Bremen]
[East and West Prussia Gazetteer]
[Einwohner von Dillingen]
[Emigrants from the former Amt Damme, Oldenburg (now Niedersachsen), Germany to the United States 1830-1849]
[Emigrants of the Haerton area]
[Emigration from Germany to America]
[Emigration - Hamburg State Archive [for a fee]]
[Emigration - Offenburg to North America]
[Emigration Out of Schleswig-Holstein - 19th Century:]
[Evangelische Kirche (Lutheran Church) in Niederschonfeld, Bunzlau, Schlesien, Germany (now Krasnik Dolny, Poland)]
[F. Research Tools And Other]
[Finding a German Place of Origin - Suggestions]
[Firstmom's German Genealogy and Resources]
[Flood Damages to Libraries and Archives]
[Free Translation Service]
[Geduldete Auswanderung [Permitted Emigration] From the Same Area]
[Genealogy in Historical Eastern Germany]
[Genealogy - Lower Saxony [Niedersachsen]]
[Genealogy Research Tips]
[General German Articles]
[German 1848 Revolution]
[German Americana]
[German Ancestors Back To The Middle Ages]
[German and Old Script Translation]
[German Family Roots]
[German Family Trees and Resources]
[German First and Last Names]
[German Genealogy]
[German Genealogy:]
[German Genealogy and History Sites]
[German Genealogy - Genealogy.Net]
[German Genealogy - Germans in the United States of America]
[German Genealogy Lippe [-Detmold]]
[German Genealogy Services [under construction]]
[German Genealogy Sites]
[German Illness Translations]
[German Language]
[German Migration [in German]]
[German Names]
[German Recipes]
[German Resources on the Web]
[German Roots - German Genealogy Resources]
[German Roots - Online German Emigration Lists and Records]
[German Settlement Around the World]
[German Settlement In Europe]
[German Study Group/Documents from Germany]
[German Vital Records]
[Germanic Genealogy]
[Germanic SurnameLexikon]
[Germans in Boston Resource Center]
[Germans To America - Reconstructed Passenger Lists 1683-1819]
[Germans to America - US Passport Applications, 1795-1924]
[Germany - eBay Items]
[Germany Genealogy]
[Germany/German Books For Sale]
[Germany - Help online]
[Germany Immigration]
[Germany Links]
[Germany Links]
[Germany Links]
[Germany Locations and Name Changes Database - Search Utility:]
[Germany Transcribe Group]
[Global Gazette - German-Germanic - Genealogy and History Articles]
[Halle Street Guide - 1936 Parish Jurisdiction]
[Hegensdorfer Auswanderer, 1824-1893]
[Help with Old German Documents]
[Here You Can Learn Suetterlin]
[Hessen GenWeb Interface for Discussion Group, Chat Room and Web Site]
[HGS: Berlin Civil Registration Jurisdictions]
[HGS: Berlin Evangelical Parish Jurisdictions]
[HGS: Berline Evangelical Parish Jurisdictions A-B]
[HGS: Berlin Evangelical Parish Jurisdictions C-F]
[HGS: Berlin Evangelical Parish Jurisdictions G-I]
[HGS: Berlin Evangelical Parish Jurisdictions J-K]
[HGS: Berlin Evangelical Parish Jurisdictions L-M]
[HGS: Berlin Evangelical Parish Jurisdictions N-R]
[HGS: Berlin Evangelical Parish Jurisdictions S]
[HGS: Berlin Evangelical Parish Jurisdictions T-Z]
[HGS: Hessen-Darmstadt Gazetteer]
[HGS: Hessen-Nassau Gazetteer A-E]
[HGS: Hessen-Nassau Gazetteer F-J]
[HGS: Hessen-Nassau Gazetteer K-N]
[HGS: Hessen-Nassau Gazetteer O-R]
[HGS: Hessen-Nassau Gazetteer S-Z]
[Hohenzollern Gazeteer]
[Homepages der Familie Cordes]
[Immigrants, German Influence, Early Settlers]
[In English, French, German or Letzebuergesch - Genealogical and Heraldical Society of Luxembourg]
[INS History, Genealogy and Education]
[Internet Sites for German Genealogy]
[Kaiserslautern History]
[Landesarchiv Schleswig Immigration 1868-1920]
[Language Translation Programs By Computers And By Real People]
[Legale (Geduldete) Auswanderung]
[Leipzig Street Guide - 1936 Evangelical and Civil Registration Jurisdictions]
[LEO - Link Everything Online]
[Links for German Genealogy On The Internet]
[List of Secret Emigration (Eastern Part of Westfalen)]
[Luxembourg Parish/Paroisse:]
[MacLinks Genealogy - German Genealogical Archives and Resource Sites]
[Magdeburg Street Guide - 1936 Parish and Civil Jurisdictions]
[Manitoba Mennonite Historical Society]
[Maps and Info On German Towns]
[Maps of Germany]
[Mecklenburg Gazetteer - 1819 Census Guide [Introduction]]
[Mennonite Churches in East germany and Eastern Europe, 1881]
[Mennonite Villages Worldwide]
[Niedersachsen - Lower Saxony Genealogy]
[ODESSA - a German-Russian Genealogical Library]
[Offenburg Emigrants to North America]
[Oldenburgische Gesellschaft fur Familienkunde]
[Old German Handwritten Scripts]
[Old German Script]
[Old German Script - Examples]
[OmniSeek - Family Genealogy]
[OmniSeek - germany Lifestyle]
[Otterberg Genealogical Database Master Index]
[Palatine Genealogy]
[Palatine Project - Reconstructured Passenger Lists, 1683-1819]
[Palatines to America]
[Parishes of Waldeck-Prymont, Hessen, Germany]
[Passenger Lists - Germans to America [Commercial Site But there is Info here]]
[Prussia - Preussen]
[Research in Luxembourg:]
[Research in Luxembourg - Le Minutier Central des Notaires:]
[Resources for German Genealogy on the Internet]
[Resources in Luxembourg:]
[Ravenstein Atlas]
[Registration Saarland, Merzig-Wadern County, 1830-1839]
[Registration Saarland, Merzig-Wadern County, 1840-1847]
[Resources for German Genealogy on the Internet]
[Rheinland, Palatinate, Saarland Map]
[Rheinland, Pfalz]
[Schaumburg-Lippe Gazetteer]
[Schwenningen Records]
[SGGEE News Page]
[Ship Stats of the Dreyer Database Emigration from Banat]
[Sorte-Snog Siger Velkommen]
[Staatsarchiv Bremen, 7,2121/2 Bremer Vulkan, Sammlungen]
[Steinfeld, Germany Deaths, Part Three, 1803-1922 (Ancestry.Com)]
[Stettin Street Guide - Parish and Civil Registration Jurisdictions, 1936-1945]
[The Evangelische Kirche at Nieder Schoenfeld (Schonfeld), Kreis Bunzlau, Germany]
[The German Americans - An Ethnic Experience TOC, Essay]
[The Immigration Experience]
[The Palatine Project - Reconstructed Passenger Lists, 1683-1819]
[The Scots in Germany - Appendix 3]
[The Scots in Germany - Appendix 4]
[The Seeker]
[The Society For German Genealogy in Eastern Europe]
[Tips on Doing German Research]
[Web-Ring - Germany]
[WebTies - Germany]
[Welcome to Ruediger Kemmlers Genealogy]
[Welcome To The Cities of Germany]
[Westphalian Emigrants From The Administrative District Minden II]
[West Prussia Civil Registrations]
[West Prussia Land Records]
[Wuerttemberg Laws and Reports of 1804-1817]
[Your Market Place For Genealogy - Ethnic: German:]


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