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Vital Records of Vermont:

Vermont Vital Records: [LDS Film #27,698]

Vermont Vital Records:

Vital Records of Vermont: [LDS Film #27,528]

Norwich, Conn. - 2nd Congregational Church

______ BACON m. Gary GRAY, 26 Oct 1761

Vital Records of Salisbury, Conn.

Lucy, dau of Jacob and Priscilla BACON, b. 3 May 1749

Massachusetts Marriages

Attleborough, Bristol Co., Mass.

Ebenezer BACON m. Caty GAY, 13 Nov 1795

Barre, Mass.

Bolton Co., Mass.:

.Nathan PRIEST of Harvard, m. Mary BACON of Bedford 5 Jul 1780

Boston, Mass.

Births Registered in the City of Boston, Mass.

Brookfield, Mass.:

Charlestown, Mass.

John BACON m. Susanna DRAPER, 2 Sept 1668

Charlton, Mass.:

Dalton, Mass.

Solomon BACON m. Rebeckah GALLUP, 15 Apr 1792

Names on tax list for Westerly Precinct in Dedham, Mass., 24 Nov 1757

  1. Oliver BACON
  2. Richard BACON
  3. Michael BACON
  4. Josiah BACON
  5. Ephraim BACON
  6. Jeremiah BACON

Dudley, Mass.

Egremont, Mass. - Probates filed at Pittsfield, Mass.

#2523 and #2586
Samuel BACON, est. 3 Nov 1807, widow Lydia; children: Charity, wife of John HARMON, William, Polly, Laura, Lydia, Jr.

Hardwick, Mass.

James BACON m. Abigail AIKENS, 5 June 1755

Lancaster Co., Mass:

Jacob GIBBS m. Bethiah BACON, 13 Mar 1753

Newton, Mass.

George BACON m. Susanna GREENWOOD, 30 July 1729

Northbridge, Mass.

Jonathan BACON Jr., m. Molly ADAMS, 13 Dec 1781

Plymouth, Mass.

Charles Henry BACON, son of David and Abigail BACON, d. 20 Sept 1802, ae 6 yrs

Rutland Co., Mass.:

Sturbridge, Mass.

Sudbury, Mass.

Joseph BACON of Needham m. Elizabeth DUDLEY, 3 Mar 1774

Sutton, Mass.

Upton Co., Mass.:

Samuel WRIGHT m. Deborah BACON, 29 Feb 1764

Woburn, Mass.

Worcester Co., Mass.

Josiah BACON m. Abigail HOLDEN, 21 Mar 1750

Children of Daniel BACON:

  1. Daniel in 1678, lived in Salem, Mass., m. Susanna
  2. Isaac lived in Cambridge, Mass.
  3. Jacob lived in Watertown, Mass., m. Elisabeth
  4. John, d. 1693-7

1855 Census, Suffolk Co., Ward 2, Mass.

Name Age Occupation Born
Judah Bacon 30 Calker Mass.
Jane 30 Wife England
William C. 7 Child Mass.
Lucy J. 2 Child Mass.

Name Age Occupation Born
Francis Bacon 28 Furnishing Goods Vt
Lucy 21 Wife Vt
George 1 Son Ohio
David Jones 17 Mason Ohio

1855 Census, Suffolk Co., Ward 3, Mass.

Name Age Occupation Born
Thomas C. Bacon 48 Halter Mass.
Elizabeth 38 Wife Mass.
Robert 20 Unk Mass.
Mary E. 18 Unk Mass.
Frederick P. 13 Unk Mass.
Lucy J. 9 Unk Mass.
Josephine A. 7 Unk Mass.
Harriet L. 3 Unk Mass.

Name Age Occupation Born
N.C. Bacon 37 Salesman Vt

1855 Census, Suffolk Co., Ward 4, Mass.

Name Age Occupation Born
John Bacon 33 Chemist Mass.
Ann 54 Unk Mass.
Ann E. 25 Unk Mass.
Mary Cox 40 Unk Maine

1855 Census, Essex Co., Mass.

Name Age Occupation Born
James M. Bacon 37 Cong. Clergyman Mass.
Maria W. 33 Wife Mass.
James H. 6 Son Mass.
Joseph W. 3 Son Mass.
Catherine Murdock 69 Unk Mass.

1855 Census, Adams Twp, Berkshire Co., Mass.

Name Age Occupation Born
Joel Bacon 45 Police justice Mass.

Colonial Gravestone Inscriptions by Goss, Pub. 1941

Bath, NH Cemeteries:

Notices from The NH Gazetter, 1765-1800, by Hammond, Pub. 1970

Bath, NH

Ebenezer BACON m. Ruth BAYLEY, 7 Apr 1785


  1. Ebenezer, b. 25 Dec 1787
  2. Ruth, b. 21 Dec 1789
  3. Mark, b. 18 Dec 1791
  4. Abigail, b. 8 Aug 1793
  5. Rhoda, b. 7 Feb 1796
  6. Mehitable, b. 28 May 1798
  7. Mary, b. 18 Apr 1800
  8. John, b. 5 Nov 1802

Ebenezer BACON, Jr. m. Nancy CLARK, 13 Dec 1810


  1. Ebenezer, b. 6 Apr 1812, d. 30 Aug 1815
  2. John, b. 14 June 1813
  3. David, b. 14 Feb 1815
  4. Ebenezer, b. 30 Oct 1816
  5. Adeline, b. 25 Apr 1818
  6. Russ Snow, b. 9 Oct 1819
  7. Hiram, b. 2 Mar 1821
  8. Mark, b. 25 May 1825

New York

Early NY Naturalizations by Kenneth Scott, Pub. 1981

New York Wills [LDS Film #860,300]

Pg 77, Cayuga Co., NY.
Thankful BACON of Locke, d. 26 Nov 1836; will dtd 11 Dec 1834, probated 13 Feb 1837. Son, Joel S., dau, Lucy, wife of Elihu LESTER. Granddaughters: Amora CASTLE, Thankful CASTLE. Dau, Cynthia POTTER. Executor: son, Joel. Witnesses: David G. PERRY of Locke, and Jemcia PERRY of Locke

Pg 187, Cayuga Co., NY.
Joel BACON of Locke. Will dtd 29 Sept 1830, probated 15 Feb 1831. Mentions wife, Thankful. Executor: wife and Richard SMITH. Witnesses: Philander MEADE of Locke, and Aurora CASTLE of Locke

Bellevue, Alms House, NY [LDS Film #1,301,536]

Cemetery Inscriptions, Bethelem, Albany Co., NY

Chenango, Broome Co., NY, 1847

Norman BACON, 24, m. Carolilne RUMMER, 23, on 10 Mar 1847 by Samuel LEE

Elmira, Chemung Co., NY - Franklin and Fulton Street Cem.

William H. BACON, d. 4 June 1867, ae 46 yrs

Kings Cem., Gloversville, NY

John Avery ANDREWS of Knowles Ville m. Emily H. BACON of Medina, 12 June 1867, at residence of bride's father, Allen BACON

1835 Census, Howard, Steuben Co., NY [LDS Film #860,275]

Shows: Simeon BACON and Austin H. BACON

Monroe, NY Cemeteries:

Mary W. BACON, wife of Ephraim, d. 25 Jan 1867, ae 92 yrs

NY City Vital Records [LDS Film #860,300]

1860 Census, NY City, 18th Ward, NY [LDS Film #803,814]

Name Age occpation Born
Thomas Bacon 28 Stableman Ireland
Bridget 26 Wife Ireland
George 3 Child NY
Thomas 1 Child NY

Name Age Occupation Born
William Bacon 36 Laborer Ireland
Catherine 36 Wife Ireland
Thomas 9 Child NY
Mary 7 Child NY
Peter 5 Child NY
Andrew 10/12 Child NY

Name Age Occupation Born
William Bacon 46 Gloves Maker England
Martha Reynolds 43 Unk England

1860 Census, NY City, 20th Ward, NY

Name Age Occupation Born
Henry Bacon 29 Porter Paremen Unk
Ann 23 Unk Ireland
Sarah E. 6 Child NY
Carson 3 Child NY
Matilda A. 1 Child NY

1860 Census, NY City, 4 Dist., 17th Ward, NY [LDS Film #803,811]

Name Age Occupation Born
Ebben M. Bacon 61 Feed Store NY
Rebecca R. 60 Unk NY
Laura 56 Unk NY

1860 Census, NY City, 3 Dist., 11th Ward, NY

Name Age Occupation Born
Francis S. Bacon 44 Engineer Vt
Jane A. 42 Wife Vt
Ellen E. 18 School Teacher Vt
Mary A. 11 Child NY

1860 Census, NY City, 2 Dist., 12th Ward, NY

Name Age Occupation Born
George Bacon 35 Laborer Ireland
Mary 30 Wife Ireland

Reading, NY - Names appearing in store records 12 Nov 1826 - 30 Dec 1826 [LDS Film #860,290]

Elijah BACON

Committee of Correspondence and Safety, 1700's, of Saraghtoga, NY

Samuel BACON

Triangle, NY Deaths - 1849

Elvira BACON, d. 24 Sept, ae 19 yrs

Victory, Cayuga Co., NY - Westbury Cemetery Records

1870 Census, White Hall, Washington Co., NY [LDS Film #552,610]

Name Age Occupation Born
E.T. Bacon 55 Farmer NY

1870 Census, Ft Ann, Washington Co., NY [LDS Film #552,609]

Name Age Occupation Born
Elias Bacon 38 Farmer NY
Phebe 43 Unk NY
Abigail Unk Unk NY

Wills of Washington Co., NY, filed in Salem:

Laura BACON, pro. 2 June 1856, Bk G, Pg 138

Ft Ann, Washington Co., NY - Cemetery Records:

Cemetery off Route 4, Between Comstock Bridge and Whitehall, Ft Ann, Washington Co., NY

Prualla BACON, d. 10 Sept 1815, ae 15 yrs

Haskin or Sheldon Cem., Ft Ann, Washington Co., NY

Wyoming Co., NY Probate Records

Middlesex, Yates Co., NY - Overock Cem.

Mary BACON, d. 29 July 1852, ae 39-3-0, wife of Elder H. BACON

Vermont Marriages:

Marriages in Berlin, Vt [Town Clerk's Records]

Bristol, Vt Marriages

Corinth, Vt

Births - Danville, Vt

Children of David C. and Mary Ann BACON:

  1. Eliakim Clark BACON, b. 14 Mar 1844
  2. Russ Snow BACON, b. 29 June 1847
  3. Daughter
  4. John Austin BACON, b. 8 Aug 1854
  5. Charles Oscar BACON, b. 27 July 1856

Deaths - Danville, Vt

Children of David C. and Mary Ann BACON:

  1. Russ Snow BACON, d. 30 Dec 1851
  2. Infant daughter, d. 17 Jan 1852, ae 4 mos

Leicester, Addison Co., Vt.

West Cemetery, New Haven, Vt

1860 Census, Orwell, Addison Co., VT [LDS Film #805,315]

Name Age Occupation Born
John W. Bacon 60 Farmer Vt
Harriet H. 55 Wife NY
Harriet C. 17 Unk Vt
Henry M. 19 Unk Vt
Graham 13 Unk Vt
Lovicy Wright 80 Unk NY

1860 Census, Waltham, Addison Co., Vt [LDS Film #805,315]

Name Age Occupation Born
Joseph Bacon 26 Farmer Vt
Martha 25 Wife Vt
Mary 1 Child Vt

Name Age Occupation Born
Charles Bacon 63 Farmer Vt
Rosanah 62 Wife Vt

Name Age Occupation Born
Oscar C. Bacon 36 Farmer Vt
Julia Ann 33 Wife Vt
Charles 12 Child Vt
Frank 3 Child Vt

Name Age Occupation Born
Julia Bacon 16 Servant NY

1860 Census, Brandon, Rutland Co., Vt [LDS Film #805,326]

Name Age Occupation Born
William Bacon 29 Unk Canada
Esther 25 Unk Canada
Mary J. 9 Child Vt
Ellen 5 Child Vt
William 2 Child Vt
Alice 2/12 Child Vt

Name Age Occupation Born
Davis Bacon 38 Laborer Canada
Margaret 33 Wife Canada
Edgar 10 Child Vt
Lewis 9 Child Vt
Sabina 7 Child Vt
Saloma [f] 4 Child Vt

Name Age Occupation Born Living With
Almira Bacon 15 Servant Vt Kimball family

Name Age Occupation Born
Samuel Bacon 30 Day laborer Vt
Laura 22 Wife Vt

Name Age Occupation Born
Mary Bacon 39 Unk Vt
Harriet 15 Unk Vt
Asa W. 12 Unk Vt
Jessie S. [f] 4 Unk Vt
Sybil B. 65 Unk Vt

Births - Peacham, Vt

Marriages - Peacham, Vt

Mary Lucina BACON m. Benjamin ANDREWS, 17 Mar 1831

Deaths - Peacham, Vt

List of US Pensioners Residing in Rutland Co., Vt, Inscribed on the Pension List Under Act of Congress Passed 18 Mar 1818: Abel BACON, ae 79, Private, Mass., Continental Line

Sunset View Cemetery, Waltham, Vt

Sons of Charles and Rosanna Marsh Bacon:

  1. Walter M., d. 11 May 1848, ae 30 yrs
  2. Josiah M., d. 20 June 1838, ae 1 yr 6 mos

Weybridge, Addison Co., Vt


  1. Mary, b. 1829/30, NY
  2. Samuel, b. 31 Mar 1832, Livingston Co., NY, d. 15 Sept 1906, m. Frances P. CLARK, 10 Apr 1855
  3. William, b. 1833/34, NY
  4. Fidelie, d. 5 yrs old
  5. Saline, b. 1840, NY, d. 1911, m. Alanston M. NASH
  6. Sarah J., b. 9 Mar 1842, Mt. Morris, Livingston Co., NY, d. 14 Dec 1913, m. John Murray HINTON, 8 Apr 1858
  7. Cordelia, b. 21 Oct 1844, Mt. Morris, NY, d. 13 June 1914, m. Orrin HERRIK, 16 Oct 1864
  8. Emma, b. 1848/49, Mt. Morris, NY, m. ______ PERRIN

Submitter: Edith Mae Pitt Hinton, Chico, Ca 95926

Exeter, County Devon, England

Peter MAVERICK, alias Bull, clerk, was admitted to the Perpetual Vicarage of Aulscombe on the resignation of Richard BACON, clerk, the last incumbent 3 Nov 1580

Ipswich, County Suffolk, England

William BACON of Pettaugh m. Ann KERRICHE of Bedfield, both single, at Pettaugh 5 May 1628

Bishops - Stratford, County Herts, England


  1. John
  2. Nicholas
  3. Thomas
  4. William
  5. Frances m. Roger GOODWYNE

In 1601, John BACON is mentioned in Agnes ROWNING'S Will as being Frances' husband

From the Rochester Daily Union and Advertiser Rochester, Monroe Co., NY

January 22, 1900:
Theodore BACON, one of Rochester's representative attorneys, died at his home, No. 20 Gibbs street, early this morning after an illness of several weeks. He is survived by his widow Julia Seldon BACON; two daughters, Alice and Julia BACON, and two sons, Henry Selden and Leonard Bowmont BACON. He also leaves three sisters and four brothers, Rev. Dr. Leonard Woolsey BACON, Norwich, Conn.; Dr. Francis BACON, New Haven, Conn.; Prof. Thomas R. BACON, University of California; Alfred T. BACON, Denver, Co. The funeral service will be held Wednesday afternoon. Theodore BACON was born in New Haven, CT., on May 6, 1834, being the son of the Rev. Leonard BACON, D.D., who was a professor in Yale College and for fifty years the pastor of the First Church in New Haven.

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