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NC Marriages

Alexander County:

Jesse RECTOR, 28 to Addie Teague, 21 2-8-1900
Mary C. RECTOR to William T. Blankenship 1-23-1865

Buncombe County:

Elihue RECTOR to Mary Redman 8-15-1850
Elihue RECTOR to Sarah Roberts 8-12-1842
James RECTOR to Jane Fortner 11-15-1841
Micagah RECTOR to Susannah Redman 7-19-1846
Thomas RECTOR to Anna Roberts 12-12-1844

Burke County:

Adam RECKTOR to Barbara Crider 12-2-1823 William Burgess, A.H. Erwin
Benjamin RECTOR, of Iredell to Eliza Caraway d/o Col. Hilbry Caraway, 3-31-1831
Ephraim RECTOR to Tempa Berry 2-1-1847 William Berry, JD Ferree
Fanny RECTOR to Jacob Powell 8-29-1827 Wm. Roane, J. Ervin.
Jane S. RECTOR to A.J. Abee 1-29-1853 Levi Rector, W.S. Sudderth
Polly RECTOR to James Thompson 8-21-1816

Gaston County:

W. Frank RECTOR, 28, W, Gaston County, Father Wm. Rector (D), Mother Adeline Rector (L), Gaston County, to Jessie May HARE 17, W, Gaston County, Had written consent, Father Robert Hare (L), Mother Lottie K. Hare (L), Gaston County, by R.P. Rankin, J.P., at Lowell, NC, Witt: W.C. Rhyne, C.H. Hand, Geo. T. Cox, 3/24/1899, 3/26/1899
Robert RECTOR, 19, W, to Jane GRIFFIN, 19, W, by A.C. Kelly, J.P., 4/7/1887, at J.L. Griffin's, Witt: E.A. Tucker, M.A. Chester, John Rector
John R. RECTOR, 21, W, to Ella GRIFFIN, 18, W, by A.R. Anders, J.P., 3/13/1887 at office, Witt: C.B. Armstrong, J.V. Hanna, G.B. Stowe
Wm. WALLACE, 35, W, York SC, Father James Wallace (D), Mother Rose Morrison (D), to Elmina RECTOR, 21, W, Gaston County, Father Wm. Rector (D), Mother Adline Rector (L), 3/27/1884, 3/29/1884 in Dallas, by M.L. Mason, J.P., Witt: W.L. Sherrel, R. Dobson, B.T, Morris
Lawrence JENKINS, 19, W, Catawba Co. NC, Father Joseph Jenkins (L), Mother Jane Jenkins (L), Catawba Co. to Etta RECTOR, 18, W, Gaston County, Father Unknown, Mother Mary Rector (L), Gaston County, by A.P.H. Rhyne at Spencer Mountain., Gastonia Twsp., Witt; Wm. (x)Hefner, Ida Stroup, E.J. Rhyne, 6/24/1899, 6/25/1899
R.L. RECTOR was witness to the marriage of Thomas McCarn and Minnie Wentz 1/31/1900, 2/25/1900

Lincoln County:

John RECTOR to Judith Williams 1-7-1819
Silas RECTOR to Agnes Grice Shirrell 10-3-1822

Madison County:

Chesley RECTOR to Elizabeth Redman 10-16-1853
Elizabeth RECTOR to James Colins 1-2-1858
Enoch RECTOR to Sarah Odle 8-12-1866
Greely RECTOR to Bertha McCurry 7-24-1898
John RECTOR to Margaret Henderson 7-27-1851
Julius RECTOR to Mary Sawyer 10-21-1851
Leona RECTOR to Willie H. Flynn 12-7-1900
Robert F. RECTOR to Julia Ann Riddle 8-8-1856
S.L. RECTOR to Rachel Rector 8-27-1862
Sally RECTOR to James Ramsey 8-2-1866
Serena RECTOR to Thomas Brooks 6-2-1854
Susannah RECTOR to J.P. Jarrett 1-18-1866
Wiot RECTOR to Elvira Riddle 9-25-1860

Rector Marriages Madison County (Grooms)

Rector Male, Age, Spouse, Age, Marriage Date, Minister or Officer, Witnesses and other notes

A.E. RECTOR, 25, and Malinda Rector,18, 3/19/1880, by J.B. Hensley, Wit: George Fortner & Bud Davis

A.F. RECTOR, 65, and Nancy E Wilson, 50, 10/20/1901, by T.A. Center, JP, Wit: N Rector, R. Edwards & Tenny Edwards

Arthur McCurry RECTOR, 21, and Lucy Cook, 18, 1/21/15, Wit: Charley Rector & Preston Ball

Arthur RECTOR, 33, and Evelin McFlure (Walnut) 22, 11/12/1917, Wit: Sallie Henderson (Walnut)

Banty RECTOR, 24, and Mary Pegg, 18, 12/25/1898, by Thos. Cole, JP, Wit: Greely Rector, John Paris, & Charles Price

Billie RECTOR, 39, and Ruth Stanton, 27, 12/30/1904, by T.A. Center, Mg, Wit: P.V. Dockery & Tennie Stanton

Caney RECTOR, 22, and Tenny Sams, 16, 3/16/1913, Wit: J.W. Carroll,(Big Pine) & E.A. Worley (Worley)

Chas RECTOR, 24, and Cleo Davis, 19, 5/10/1908, by Rev. G.P. Rice, Mg, Wit: Farmer Runion, Mrs. Farmer Runion, & Mrs. Bessie Deaver

Chrisley RECTOR and Elizabeth Redmon, 10/18/1865, by Samuel R. Miller

Clifford RECTOR, 21,and Sudie Sherlin, 21, 5/2/1905, by T.A. Center, Mg, Wit: P.V. Dockery, J.H. Mane?, & James Mollar

Crusow RECTOR, 33, and Sallie Davis, 28, 7/30/1905, by A.J. McDevitt, Mg, Wit: Dolph Massey & Annie McDevitt

Dewey (Barnard) RECTOR, 22, and Belva Sams,(Barnard) 21, 6/16/1923

Dexter RECTOR, 21, and Deffie Price, 20, 12/8/1907, by J.H. Davis, JP, Wit: F.G. Ball, J.S. Henry, & J.R. Buckner

E.F. RECTOR, 20 and Alice M. RECTOR, 17, 5/26/1889, by W.A. Cassada, Mg, Wit: J.F. Casada

Elihu RECTOR and Sarah Roberts, 8/12/1842, by D.E. Freeman, JP

Elihu RECTOR, 21, and Julia Brisendine, 21, 1/29/1892, by B. Fortner, JP, Wit: Sarah Brisendine & Leona Fortner

Elihu RECTOR, 22, and Laura Cole, 21, 12/24/1891, by M Davis, JP, Wit: PC Davis & Martha Deen

Enoch RECTOR and Sarah Odell, 8/12/1866, by John Parham, Mg, Wit: John Paris & L. Roberts

Enoch RECTOR, 43, and Mary Turner, 22 or 32, 5/19/1888, by Barnett Fortner, JP, Wit: Catharina Fortner

Enoch Sr RECTOR, 54, and Lucy Lunsford, 28, 9/15/1901, by A.J. McDevitt, Mg, Wit: C.L. McDowell & S.W. McClure

Fred RECTOR, 21, and Tildy Davis, 18, 8/16/1912, Wit: Charley Rector

G.H. RECTOR, 35, and Louise Clark, 20, 11/18/1911, Wit: W.H. Henderson, A.E. Lowe, & June Smart

G.W. RECTOR, 18, and Mollie Davis, 18, 8/12/1894, by J.P. Jarrett, Jp, Wit: Mary J. Gardner & Laura Jarrett

Garrison RECTOR, 23, and Minnie Goforth, 21, 7/6/1919, Wit: M.E. Stines & Mandy Stines

George RECTOR and Edith Rector, No date given

George RECTOR, 17, and Sallie Lunsford, 18, 8/17/1886, by H.K. Gilbert, JP, Wit: L.W. Gilbert & Lucy Lunsford

George RECTOR, 22, and Gertrude McMurray, 18, 9/15/1901, by A.J. McDevitt, Mg, Wit: C.L. McDowell & S.W. McClure

Greely RECTOR, 25, and Bertha McCurry, 23, 7/24/1898, by J.L. Hurdt, Mg, Wit: Mrs. Forn Yelton, Mrs. Adah Fitzgerald, & James Brady

H.C. RECTOR, 22, and Sidda Stanton, 19, 10/27/1887, by G.P. Rice, Mg, Wit: R.A. Henderson & M.E. Rabson

Hance RECTOR,18, and Milly Grooms, 18, 4/10/1875, by J. Bradburn, JP, Wit: Jacob Jarrett & Robt. H. Rector

Harly RECTOR, 21, and Amie Plemmons, 16, 2/14/1905, by B.E. Guthrie, Mg, Wit: E.W.B. Biggs, J.D. Smith, & Joby Allen

Harrison RECTOR, 20, and Stella Lunsford, 18, 12/21/16, Wit: Esther Rector

Harvey RECTOR, 23, and Ruth Doan, 18, 5/26/1907, by T.J. Grahaam Mg, Wit: J.S. Massey & J.W. Ledford

Hubert (Barnard) RECTOR, 24, and Flora Marlor, 20, 4/18/1920

J.A. RECTOR, 21, and Cora Sprinkle, 18, 10/14/1894, by J.F. Bryan, JP, Wit: Alice Bryan & Etta Bryan

J.B. or T.B. or G.B. RECTOR and S.J Ramsey, 6/26/1881, by W.H. Walters, Mg

J.M. RECTOR, 17, and R. Mank or Monk, 16, 1/26/1892, by J.A. Bradley, Mg, Wit: J. Will Roberts & J.N. Jones

J.P. RECTOR, 23, and Lura Ramsey, 21, 3/8/1888, by Garrison Roberts, JP, Wit: George Rector & John Rector

J.W. RECTOR, 26, and Nancy Jane Solisbee, 19, 1/17/1886, by T.A. Center, JP, Wit: G.C. Gentry & W.M. Crane

J.W. RECTOR, 38, and Zura Pegg, 23, 1/5/1925

James RECTOR and Mary Malinda Branson, 1/28/1868, by J.R. Wild, Mg, Wit: R.A. Anderson & Augusta Ray

James RECTOR, 19, and Alice Rhinehart, 20, 10/5/1901, by A.H. Haynie, JP, Wit: J.R. Mole, & D.T. Haynie

James RECTOR, 19, and Julia Buckner, 18, 2/25/1901, by William Buckner, JP, Wit: S.T. Payne & J.M. Davis, twp 12

James Wesley RECTOR, 21, and Katie Rice,19, 11/18/1880, by, Hiram Rice, Mg, Wit: L.W. Ramsey & Mitchel Rice

James Wesley RECTOR, 44, and Ida Taylor, 27, 9/2/1899, by Levi Hamlin, JP, Wit: Wesley Fortner, Dillard Henderson, & VB Davis

Jas. RECTOR and Jane Fortner, 11/15/1841, by D.E. Freeman, JP

Jerry RECTOR, 29, and Mary Rector, 20, 9/23/1887, by T.A. Center, Mg, Wit: Cling Davis & Caria Davis, T.A. Gentry

Jeter RECTOR, 21, and Sarah Gillen, 21, 9/20/1911

John C. RECTOR, 25, and Sallie Bradburn, 21, 6/12/1898, by Barnett Fortner, JP, Wit: J.H. White, A.P. Wilbur, & Enoch Rector

John E. RECTOR, 20, and Martha Teague, 19, 1/8/1877, by M Teague, Mg, Wit: R.S. Teague & S.G. Teague

John E. RECTOR, 59, and Evelin C. Anders, 30, 1/2/1917, Wit: R.G. Rector

John RECTOR and Margaret Henderson, 7-27-1851, by A.E. Baird, JP

John RECTOR and Sarah Rice, 2/15/1870, by B.P. Meebe, JP.

John RECTOR, 21, and Atha Brooks, 18, 8/11/1888, by Hiram Rice, Mg, Wit: Tom Rice & Becca Rice

Jona RECTOR, 20, and Ollie Jenkins, 18, 9/1/1907, by T.A. Center, Mg, Wit: Frank Blaser, John Blaser, & L.L. Davis

Jos. RECTOR and Eliza J Bradburn, 10/31/1868, by T.J. Rollins, Mg

Julius RECTOR and Mary Sawyer, 10/27/1866, by Daniel Austin, Mg

Lucas RECTOR,(Walnut) 22, and Carrie Chandler (Walnut)18, 8/1/1915

McBee RECTOR, 22,and Kate Roberts, 18, 3/8/1908, by A.J. Ellenburg, Mg, Wit: Martha Ellenburg & R.H. Griffin

Micajah RECTOR and Susannah Redmon, 7/19/1846, by D.E. Freeman, JP

O.C., 31, and Effie Shelton, 22, 8/23/1916, Wit: Ramsey, Whitacker, & Shelton

Oscar RECTOR, 31, and Ella Ball, 19, 7/7/1913, Wit: Rhoda Ball, Lila Ball, & James Wilson

Paul RECTOR, 28, and Leesta Rector, 22, 11/20/1904, by W.B. Lydia, Mg

Robertson C. RECTOR, 21, and Della Revis, 17, 11/28/1886, by W.A. Casada, Mg, Wit: J.E. Rector & Wm. Dove or Love

Robt. F RECTOR and Julia Ann Riddle, 8/1/1866, by Jas. Ramsey, JP

S.L. RECTOR and Rachel E. Rector, 8/27/1862, by H.B. Riddle, Mg

S.L. RECTOR, 22, and Letty Gunnions, 18, 12/23/1888, by Henry Brown, JP, Wit: C.A. Henderson & Jas. Henderson

S.P. RECTOR, 21 and Lucretia Cody, 18, 2/9/1887, by W.D. Simmons, JP, Wit: Jack Davis & Van Henderson twp 7

Sam RECTOR, 38, and Anna Candler, 24, 4/29/1906, by C.O. Gray, Mg, Wit: Myrtle Candler, Rosanah Johnson, & Brania Woody

Smith RECTOR, 21, and Eliza Messer, 18, 9/26/1880, by Job Ramsey, Mg, Wit: Moses Ruse, Robt. Roberts

Van RECTOR, 21, and Hester James, 21, 11/2/1890, by G.P. Rice, Mg, Wit: C.C. Clark, Pink Weaver, & Silas James

W.C. RECTOR, 20, and Sue McDowell, 18, 5/19/1895, by Barnett Fortner, JP, Wit: Henry Brown & Will Baley

W.C. RECTOR, 21, and Elizabeth Pender, 50, 10/9/1903, by T.A.Center, JP, Wit: ? Gentry, Stephen Brown, & B. Fortner

W.O. RECTOR, 21, and Maggie Ball, 18, 7/7/1901

Werley RECTOR, 21, and Mae Frisbee, 18, 6/16/1906, by G.W. Candler, JP, Wit: J.A. Henderson, J.W. McDowell, & Millie Rector

Willard C. RECTOR, 27, and Francis L. Morrow, 20, 11/23/1916, Wit: Mrs. O.C. Rector

William A or H RICKER, 22, and Mary M Lamb, (Paint Rock)18, 2/22/1876, By Daniel Morgan, Wit: Jacob Willis & Daniel Wilson

Wit: E.F. Rector, W. Redmon, & Lura Rector

Wm. RECTOR and Minerva Shipman, 10/8/1868, by T.J. Rollins, Mg

Wm. RECTOR and Vira Morton, 10/25/1880,G. Roberts, JP

Wyatt RECTOR and Elvina Henderson, 9/23/1860, by D.E. Freeman, JP

Zeb RECTOR, 21, and Atha James, 18, 2/22/1892, by T.A. Center, Mg, Wit: N.G. Rector & J.H. Fortner

Rector Marriages Madison County (Brides)

Rector Female, Age, Spouse, Age, Marriage Date, Minister or Officer, Witnesses and other notes

AE RECTOR, 19, and JA Justice, 22, 4/29/1883

Barbara RECTOR, 16, and Jeter Smith, 21, 11/21/1925, w. Rose Fortner

Catharine RECTOR, 18, and C.C. Casandra, 20, 3-2-1878, w. Tildy Rector

E RECTOR, 20, and WB Roberts, 21, 3/31/1873, jp Joseph Bradburn

Edith RECTOR and George Rector, 8/15/1872

EJ RECTOR, 50, and AE Davis, 56, 2/2/1915

Eliza RECTOR, 16, and L. J. Bryan, 20, m. at Sarah Rectorís

Eliza RECTOR, 40, and RA Henderson, 45, 1/1/1900, w. John E. Rector

Elizabeth RECTOR and Jas Collins, 1-3-1858

Elizabeth RECTOR, 18, and John Henderson, 25, 1/3/1875

Elvirah RECTOR and WT Hall, 2/3/1870

Emeline RECTOR and JD Odell, 3/7/1871

Emeline RECTOR, 19, and LN Odell, 21, 11/28/1880, w. AE Rector, AA Crane

Emeline RECTOR, 24, and Joseph Rice, 20, 4/30/1885

Emma RECTOR, (Spring Creek), 21, and Floyd Brown, 20, 9/13/1913

Francis RECTOR, 20, and Roscoe Proffitt, 23, 8/7/1926, w. Lollie Rector, Alice Rector

Hannah RECTOR and Henry Lunsford, 1/21/1873

Hilma RECTOR, 19, and Ernest Penley (Swannanoa), 21, 11/16/1925

July RECTOR and EF Davis, 54, 10/27/1909, w. TW Bradburn, NJ Bradburn, AC Cogdill

Katie RECTOR, 17, and William Rogers, 20, 11/18/1880

Katie RECTOR, 20, and John Rice, 21, 3/20/1888

Laura Jane RECTOR and WD Worley, 11/2/1875

Laura RECTOR and Wm. Buckner 9-1-1887

Laura RECTOR, 18, and David Clingman, 23, 3/20/1862

Leesta RECTOR, 22, and Paul Rector, 28, 11/20/1904, w. EF Rector, W Redmon, Lura Rector

Lillian RECTOR, 18, and Clyde Payne, 20, 6/5/1926

Lillie RECTOR, 19, and JM Davis, 26, 2/28/1894, Twp. 12 w. A Rector

Lockie RECTOR, 19, and Charlie Huey, 22, 3/22/1907, w. MJ Bradburn, PF Bradburn, JH Huey

Lona RECTOR, 20, and Mark E Felmet, 28, 7/23/1910, w. Dovie Rector, Lura Caton

Lotta RECTOR, (Big Pine) 18, and Hall Massey,(Big Pine) 21, 2/13/1915, w. Oscar Davis, Lillie Correll, Julina Correll

Louise RECTOR, 25, and John Connor (Alexander, NC) 26, 2/2/1915

Lucy E RECTOR, (Marshall) 41, and Robert C Nanny (Asheville) 28, 12/24/1915

Lura RECTOR, 25, and RN Caton, 35, 7/15/1906, w. JC Ramsey, Dovie Rector, Theodore Rictor

Maggie RECTOR, 18, and Jeter Ensley, 21, 10/7/1917

Malinda RECTOR, 18, and AE Rector, 25, 3/19/1880

Mamy RECTOR, (Walnut) 18, and Hobert Ledford, 19, 8/2/1915

Martha RECTOR, 18, and James Davis, 21, 1/2/1887, w. Jeter Rector & JW Henderson

Mary RECTOR and Silas J Low, 24, abt 1896?

Mary RECTOR, 20, and Jerry Rector, 29, 9/23/1887, w. Cling Davis, Caria Davis, TA Gentry

Mattie RECTOR, 21, and Oscar Davis, 22, 12/26/1909, w. Claud Rector, Robert Rector

Minnie RECTOR,(Big Pine) 20, and Oscar Davis(Big Pine) 21, 11/15/1914

MJ RECTOR, 18, and BC Gray, 22, 2/10/1883, w. Chas Henderson, Robt. Henderson

Mollie RECTOR, 19, and Wesley Correll, 21, 3/5/1893, w. GF or SF Kent, SW Cale,jp=SL Rector

Nancy RECTOR and James Hawkins

Nancy RECTOR, 25, and Jesse Sherten, 46, 2/5/1902

Nellie RECTOR, 18, and Lattie L Davis, 25, 11/8/1910, w. EL Rector, HF Rector, Laura Rector

Neta RECTOR, (Barnard) 21, and Ernest Payne (Barnard) 28

Nettie Paralee RECTOR, 24, and John Parrott, (Kingsport, TN) 23, 8/23/1919 w. Carl Rector

Nettie RECTOR, 18, and Manuel Sexton, 18, 8/18/1918, w. June Rector, Texie Rector

Pearlie RECTOR, 18, and Chapel Norton, 23, 11/12/1899

Polley RECTOR, 20, and David Henry, 23, 3/8/1883, At Lee Hendersonís House, by him. w. James & John Ramsey

Rachel E RECTOR and SL or AL Rector, 8/29/1862

Rettie RECTOR, 18, and James Tipton, 10/8/1893

RJ RECTOR, 17, and Allen Henderson, 21, 2/5/1879

Sadie M RECTOR, 19, and Dewey L White, 21, 9/7/1919, w. William C Rector, Clarence Redmon

Sallie RECTOR, 25, and Jos. Cooper, 24, 11/3/1901, w. AA Candler

Sally RECTOR, 18, and Robt. Henderson, 22, 3/26/1876, at John Rector's

Sarena RECTOR and Thos. Brooks, 1-2-1854

Selma RECTOR, 22, and Jack J Ramsey, 27, 9/20/1930, w. CE Rector

Susan M RECTOR, 21, and John Ramsey, 17,, 10/17/1878

Susan RECTOR and James Payne, 1/22/1878

Susannah RECTOR and JP Jassett, 11/16/1865

Tacoma RECTOR, (Weavervill) 24, and John H McElroy (Marshall) 26, 7/15/1927

Tennessee RECTOR, 20, and Stephen Place, 25, 5/4/1879

Texas RECTOR, 20, and John Smith (Tennesee), 3/17/1898

Texie RECTOR, 23, and Leroy Baldwin (Alexander, NC), 23, 4/7/1888

w. John Rector & John Henderson

All information was copied from the ledgers in the Madison County, NC courthouse. Handwriting was sometimes difficult to read, so errors may occur.

Wit= witness JP = justice of the peace M = married Mg=magistrate

Copied by Earlene Giglierano November 2001.

After a trip to Madison I copied the Marriage records from the book. I have added additional info to these materials such as witnesses, etc. I hope to get copies of the Female marriages on my next trip.....Phyllis

Rowan County:

George RECTOR to Polly Riddle 7-31-1828

Rutherford County:

James RECTOR to Catherine Stice 11-5-1814
Joel RECTOR to Polly Stice 4-15-1814
William RECTOR to Annettia Miller 1894
Nancy RECTOR to Burton Logan 1874

Surry County 1779-1868:

Jesse RECTOR of Grayson, Va., & Margret Winford, 29 Jan 1802; Peter Rector, of Rowan County, bm.
Mahaly RECTOR & Shadrek Gallion 11-8-1822
Nancy RECTOR & William Gallean 2-26-1827
Sarah RECTOR & David Kennicks 5-1-1804
William RECTOR & Julia Collins, 27 July 1865; J.M. Waugh, bm; m 31 July 1865 by B.J. Dickens, J.P.

Wilkes County:

Benjamin RECTOR to Martha Baker 4-12-1780
Lewis RECTOR to Franky Lunsford 11-1-1788(according to Lewis' pension records he was married 12-1-1788)
W.A. RECTOR to Elizabeth Owen 11-5-1858
Willis A. RECTOR to Mary Ann Crane 1849
Willis A. RECTOR to Nancy M. Nicholls 8-1-1844

Yancey County:

Charles W. RECTOR & Elizabeth Thomas, 3-13-1854, Stephen M. Collis
William M. RECTOR age 26 & S. Hall age 19, 10-27-1883, Stephen M. Collis, W. D. Blalock, Fred Chandler