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1800's Grantee Index


4/6/1889/ A.E. Rector/T.J. Rector/3/115
2/16/1891/A.E. Rector/J.N. Ramsey & J.B. Wilson & wife/7/416
2/3/1902/A.J. & J.E. Rector/J.M. Landers & wife/15/155
8/19/1893/A.J. Rector/Jasper Mellinger & wife/6/413
9/21/1903/A.J. Rector et al/N. Norton (contract)/19/567
4/18/1890/Alford Rector/T.J. Rector/3/118
4/18/1890/Alford Rector/T.J. Rector & wife/3/144
4/16/1860/C.G. Rector/George W. Candler/D/166
5/10/1877/C.G. Rector/T.J. Candler, Com./H/44
8/14/1882/C.G. Rector/J.J. Gudger & Penland/K/476
5/9/1887/C.G. Rector/J.J. Gudger/I/388
11/29/1895/E.F. Rector/John E. Rector & wife/8/308
12/4/1853/E.H. Rector/J.J. Gudger & M.P. Penland/E/222
7/3/1876/Elihu & Enoch Rector/R.M. Farnsworth, Adm./G/512
3/28/1899/Elihu F. Rector/G.G. Rector & wife/11/300
6/24/1879/Elihu Rector/W.E. Weaver, Com./P/387
4/20/1882/Elihu Rector & wife/J.M. Gudger & wife/M/18
11/7/1898/Eliza Jane Rector (Free Trader)/Joseph Rector/11/26
11/7/1898/Eliza Jane Rector (Free Trader)/Joseph Rector/11/27
12/28/1883/Enoch & Sarah Rector/David Adams & others/M/251
8/19/1884/Enoch & Sarah Rector/Sarah Rector & others/P/374
4/7/1890/Enoch Rector/T.J. Rector & wife/3/93
12/15/1890/Enoch Rector/J.E. Rector, Com./3/487
2/17/1892/Enoch Rector/D.F. Lawson & wife/4/566
3/30/1894/Enoch Rector/John Rogers/7/111
5/4/1894/Enoch Rector/H.A. Gudger (Extr.)/7/210
7/13/1895/Enoch Rector/J.Z.T. Rogers, Adm./8/233
3/4/1883/G.G. Rector/J.P. Rector/6/172
4/13/1893/G.G. Rector/J.P. Rector/6/174
1/17/1893/G.G. Rector/Joe Brank/6/176
1/6/1891/G.G. Rector/Joe Brank/6/178
3/11/1889/G.G. Rector/J.B. Rector/6/179
6/1/1882/G.G. Rector/John Davis & wife/6/181
2/3/1894/G.G. Rector/D.F. Lawson & wife/6/577
3/31/1897/G.G. Rector/J.M. Gudger Jr. & wife/9/469
3/31/1897/G.G. Rector/J.M. Gudger & wife & Ervin Bailey & wife/9/489
11/6/1905/G.G. Rector/Samuel Buckner & wife/18/497
4/20/1903/Garrison Rector/J.M. Gudger & wife/16/460
2/8/1875/Geo.G. Rector/Joel Rector & wife/H/180
1/19/1876/Geo.G. Rector/Joel Rector & wife/H/181
1/1/1894/George H. Rector/Hance Rector & wife/7/184
9/21/1896/George H. Rector/W.J. Gentry & wife/9/157
9/5/1903/George H. Rector/Henry Worley & wife/13/555
1/4/1904/George H. Rector/C.A. Nichols & J.A. & wife/17/586
11/28/1892/H. Rector/Rachel Frisby/8/128
12/12/1892/H. Rector/Henry Worley & wife/8/160
11/28/1892/H. Rector/Rachel Frisby (Trust Record)/6/128 3/1/1890/H. Rector & J.M. Gudger/R.B. Roberts & wife/3/424
8/19/1885/H. Rector & J.M. Gudger/J.P. Rector/3/425
6/26/1891/H.C. Rector/R.F. Rector & wife/19/466
4/27/1893/H.C. Rector/John E. Rector & wife/19/468
12/4/1881/H.C. Rector et al/W.W. Rollins & wife/16/459
7/17/1877/Hance Rector/J.P. Rector & wife/G/387
6/3/1882/Hance Rector/H.A. Gudger & wife/5/511
8/19/1885/Hance Rector/J.P. Rector/T/273
3/22/1890/Hance Rector/R.B. Roberts & wife/3/422
3/13/1891/Hance Rector/J.G. Ramsey/4/526
1/18/1893/Hance Rector/James P. Rector & wife/7/135
4/9/1891/Hance Rector/James P. Rector & wife/7/138
3/30/1880/J.A. Rector & Allen Henderson/M.A. Ramsey & others/J/285
1/28/1891/J.B. Rector/George Rector & others/12/86
3/21/1889/J.B. Rector/Wm Massey & wife/3/219
12/15/1890/J.B. Rector/J.E. Rector, Com./3/488
3/19/1902/J.E. Rector/J.B. Rector/13/226
2/14/1903/J.E. Rector/J.M. Landers & wife/16/178
12/30/1890/J.E. Rector/E.F. Rector & wife/3/490
12/23/1890/J.E. Rector/J.B. Rector/3/491
1/16/1891/J.E. Rector/G.W. Revis/3/553
1/17/1891/J.E. Rector/R.F. Rector & wife/3/554
5/2/1892/J.E. Rector/J.J. Redmon/5/237
6/2/1891/J.E. Rector & Lawson/F.B. & J.C. Lawson/4/222
2/11/1899/J.M. Rector & F.C. Ebbs/Celestia Stone/11/162
6/11/1899/J.M. Rector & F.C. Ebbs/R.H. Ward & wife/11/431
1/18/1895/J.P. Rector/Zora M. Whaley & husband/9/193
4/13/1893/J.P. Rector/G.G. Rector & wife/9/195
11/30/1896/J.P. Rector/J.B. Lunsford/9/198
4/13/1893/J.P. Rector/G.G. Rector & wife/9/196
3/31/1906/J.P. Rector/R.S. Ramsey/22/119
1/18/1893/J.P. Rector & Wm Rogers/E.T. Worley & wife/7/548
1/2/1905/J.P. Rector et al/J.M. Gudger Jr. & wife/19/554
1/1/1907/James E. Rector (Lease)/V.S. Lusk & wife/15/87
9/24/1877/James F. Rector/J.H. Hensley & wife/G/444
1/30/1879/James P. Rector/J.J. Gudger & M.P. Penland/I/329
8/8/1867/James P. Rector/A.E. Baird/D/383
11/23/1888/James Rector Jr./Nash Stanley/4/372
3/12/1903/Jane Rector & heirs/Jas. A. Rector/13/419
3/29/1880/Jane Rector & others/J.L. Henry/J/282
6/4/1898/Jane Rector (Free Trader)/James A. Rector/10/441
12/15/1853/Joel Rector/J.J. Gudger & M.P. Penland/A/151
2/18/1886/Joel Rector/J.J. Gudger & M.P. Penland/A/304
1/6/1900/John A. Rector/Jas. K. Hardwick, Com./12/390
10/6/1899/John A. Rector/C.A. Nichols Trustee/12/391
11/20/1875/John E. Rector/R.F. Rector & wife/H/46
5/22/1903/John E. Rector/C.B. Mashburn, Commissioner/16/382
7/24/1905/John E. Rector/Robert F. Rector/20/323
11/29/1895/John E. Rector/E.F. Rector & wife/8/307
12/13/1895/John E. Rector/R.F. Rector & wife Julia Ann/8/311
11/25/1876/John P. Rector/Joel Rector & wife/6/171
3/7/1890/Joseph Rector/H. Rector & wife/4/584
11/25/1895/Joseph S. Rector/J.C. Pritchard & wife/8/322
8/19/1904/L.G. Rector & heirs/S.L. Rector/18/199
7/9/1892/Laura J. Rector/Henry Worley & others, Com./5/560
1/16/1902/Lettie Rector/W.F. Parham/13/252
6/15/1901/Lillie ? Rector (Free Trader)/S.L. Rector/14/452
6/15/1901/Lillie ? Rector (Free Trader)/S.L. Rector/14/452
1/14/1903/Lillie Rector/Fannie E. & Lettie B. Lance et al/16/129
11/14/1894/Lueasy A. Rector/John W. Ramsey/7/500
2/17/1903/Mary E. Rector/W.H. & Ira Plemmons & wives/16/86
9/7/1892/Mollie Rector/J.J. Perkins & wife/5/384
10/27/1904/Paul Rector/Henry Brown & wife/18/230
5/18/1877/R.F. Rector/C.G. Rector/T/252
1/24/1891/R.F. Rector/H.A. Gudger Ex of J.J. Gudger/14 or 19/423
3/27/1902/S. L. Rector & wife/E.N. Fry & wife/13/245
10/20/1906/S. L. Rector & wife/J.J. Payne & wife/21/220
5/22/1906/S. L. Rector & wife/Fannie E. & N.J. Lance/21/211
2/9/1907/S. L. Rector & wife/Florence B. & J.C. Rumbaugh/21/212
1/26/1895/S.L. Rector/N.J. Lance/8/113
2/3/1896/S.L. Rector/M.M McFall/8/566
9/21/1898/S.L. Rector & wife/B.W. Hill & wife/10/573
12/28/1883/Sarah & Enoch Rector/David Adams & others/M/251
4/16/1884/Sarah & Enoch Rector/W.W. Rollins & wife/P/376
10/15/1870/T.J. Rector/Susannah Hughey/E/477
3/6/1889/T.J. Rector/W.N. Roberts & wife/15/144
10/20/1859/Thomas Rector/A.E. Baird & B.J. Smith/19/224
12/7/1848/Thos. Rector/Joel Rector/C/67
5/16/1903/W.C. Rector/C.W. Ferguson/17/490
4/20/1889/W.L. Rector/T.J. Rector/3/116
8/13/1904/Wiley C. Rector/G.G. Rector & wife/18/207
3/25/1896/Z.B. Rector/Eliza Odell Hill/8/588



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