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Marriage Records

NC Marriages Early to 1800:

COCHRAN, Andrew to Ann 9-17-1795, Rowan Co.
COCHRAN, Ann to Robert Cochran 3-4-1797, Cabarrus Co.
COCHRAN, Benjamin to Mary Davies 12-1-1790, Mecklenburg Co.
COCHRAN, James to Ann McNeill 1-14-1793, Person Co.
COCHRAN, John to Frances McEwen 8-3-1791, Mecklenburg Co.
COCHRAN, John to Elizabeth Patten 2-7-1773, Rowan Co.
COCHRAN, John to Jenny Chapple 8-20-1795, Mecklenburg Co.
COCHRAN, John to Ann Smith 5-22-1787, Bertie Co.
COCHRAN, Judith to Richard Hinton 12-7-1791, Caswell Co.
COCHRAN, Martha to William Lloyd 1-30-1767, Bertie Co.
COCHRAN, Polley to Elisha Barton 1-9-1799, Caswell Co.
COCHRAN, Rachel to Edmon Ritchie 11-28-1799, Mecklenburg Co.
COCHRAN, Robert to Ann Cochran 3-4-1797, Cabbarus Co.
COCHRAN, Sarah to Andrew McClanahan 5-12-1772, Rowan Co.
COCHRAN, Sarah to David Barker 4-20-1790, Caswell Co.
COCHRAN, Simeon to Betsey McKissack 6-30-1795, Person Co.
COCHRAN, Tabitha to Robert Bruce 2-2-1789, Caswell Co.
COCHRAN, William to Mary McCreery 8-20-1795, Mecklenburg Co.
COCHREN, Robert to Leteetia Reed 11-8-1791, Lincoln Co.
COCHRON, Martha to Wm Harris 3-10-1795, Cabarrus Co.
COCKERHAM, William to Mary Henderson 3-12-1781, Wilkes Co.
COCKRUM, Chesley to Peggie Martin 8-17-1782, Wilkes Co.

NC Marriages 1801-1825:

COCHRAM, Patsey to Archibald R. Gully 8-7-1815, Rutherford Co.
COCHRAN, Betsey to William Allen 3-21-1807, Cabbarus Co.
COCHRAN, Daniel to Patsy Kelly 12-7-1802, Stokes Co.
COCHRAN, Elezer to Mahuldah Worrick 7-21-1815, Mecklenburg Co.
COCHRAN, Elizabeth B. to Elam Harris 3-18-1822, Cabarrus Co.
COCHRAN, Ezra to Hannah Bevins 2-17-1824, Mecklenburg Co.
COCHRAN, John to Sally Johnston 1-26-1819, Rutherford Co.
COCHRAN, John to Martha Rea 6-6-1816, Mecklenburg Co.
COCHRAN, John to Patsey White 10-16-1804, Cabarrus Co.
COCHRAN, Joshua W. to Caroline Davis 10-29-1821, Cumberland Co.
COCHRAN, Laird to Therissa Harris 2-28-1821, Cabarrus Co.
COCHRAN, Mary D to Philip C. Pope 4-6-1813, Warren Co.
COCHRAN, Robert to Mary Alexander 8-10-1818, Cabarrus Co.
COCHRAN, Robert M. to Eliza McGinnis 10-4-1819, Mecklenburg Co.
COCHRAN, Sally to Moses Biven 1-20-1820, Mecklenburg Co.
COCHRAN, Sally to William Macoy 10-16-1816, Mecklenburg Co.
COCHRAN, Samuel to Jean White 9-29-1816, Cabarrus Co.
COCHRAN, Thomas to Elizabeth Wood 1-30-1810, Chowan Co.
COCHRAN, Thomas S. to Cathrin (Mrs.) Dulen 1-17-1816, Mecklenburg Co.
COCHRAN, William to Sarah Fleming 3-29-1824, Rowan Co.
COCKERHAM, Betsey to John Padgett 1-21-1809, Rutherford Co.
COCKERHAM, Charity to Moses Woodruff 2-12-1822, Surry Co.
COCKERHAM, Daniel to Sarah Jones 10-16-1808, Surry Co.
COCKERHAM, Elisabeth to James Denney 8-21-1807, Wilkes Co.
COCKERHAM, Elizabeth to Daniel Davis 12-8-1813, Surry Co.
COCKERHAM, Frances to Willliam Hurt 3-8-1807, Surry Co.
COCKERHAM, James to Rhoda M. Cann 11-22-1823, Wilkes Co.
COCKERHAM, John to Fanney Wades 10-3-1814,Wilkes Co.
COCKERHAM, Margaret to William Masters 11-30-1807, Surry Co.
COCKERHAM, Nancy to William Mullins 12-30-1820, Rutherford Co.
COCKERHAM, Nansey to John Roberts 3-9-1806,Surry Co.
COCKERHAM, Susannah to John Thornton 10-11-1819, Wilkes Co.
COCKERHAM, William to Elizabeth Hill 3-29-1821, Wilkes Co.
COCKRAM, David to Sarah Coward 1-13-1802, Rutherford Co.
COCKRAM, Henry to Polly Richardson 10-3-1805, Rutherford Co.
COCKRAM, James to Nancy Canady 10-4-1804, Rockingham Co.
COCKRAM, John to Elizabeth Jones 3-5-1811, Surry Co.
COCKRAM, Sarah to John McDonald 1-6-1804, Rutherford Co.
COCKRAN, Joseph to Elizabeth Alonzo 12-31-1811, Rutherford Co.
COCKRAN, Margaret to Cyrus Alexander 2-7-1815, Cabarrus Co.
COCKRAN, Polly to Abraham Bivens 10-6-1818, Mecklenburg Co.
COCKRAN, Robert Jr. to Pamela Norvill 1-24-1824, Rutherford Co.
COCKRAN, William to Barshaba Masters 11-23-1801, Surry Co.

Surry County 1779-1868:

COCKERHAM, C.C. & Fanny N. Bryant, 20 Nov. 1862; J.E. Reeves, BM; m 23 Nov. 1863 by Jno. H. Ninnickle, JP.
COCKERHAM, Charity & Wiley Willey, 10 Feb. 1849.
COCKERHAM, D.S.& P.M. Jones, 3 May 1858.
COCKERHAM, P.C. & M.C. Hamby, 27 Dec. 1866; S.A. Waugh, BM.
COCKERHAM, Daniel & Sarah Jones, 16 Oct. 1808; John Shugart, BM.
COCKERHAM, David & Nancy P. Reese, 9 Jan. 1849; Henderson Ellis, BM.
COCKERHAM, Daniel C. & Lucinda Reece, 26 Aug. 1831; William W. Edwards, BM.
COCKERHAM, Hewey & Nancy Fulk, 29 Dec. 1831; Wm. Auberry, BM.
COCKERHAM, Hughes& Huldah Snow, 4 Oct. 1851; William Cockerham Jr., BM m 14 Oct. 1851 bvy J.E. Stanly, JP.
COCKERHAM, John & Polly Doudge, 21 Nov. 1833; John Reece, BM.
COCKERHAM, Joseph & Miss Julian Thompson, 27 March 1854; Henry M. Freeman, BM; m 27 March 1857 by Rev. Geo. Douglas.
COCKERHAM, Joseph & Emiline Greenwood, 12 Nov. 1867.
COCKERHAM, M.F. & Thirsa Kannedy, 2 Aug. 1849; Williams Cockerham, BM.
COCKERHAM, Pleasant R. & Polly Thompson; 18 Jan. 1848: S.W. Cockerham, BM.
COCKERHAM, S.W. & Jane Jones, 28 Dec. 1854; P.L. Cockerham, BM; m 28 Dec. 1854 by D.R. Cockerham, JP.
COCKERHAM, Samuel & Rutha Smith, 11 Jan. 1868; m by F.J. Dick, JP.
COCKERHAM, Williams & Sally Cockerham, 12 Nov. 1856; William Cockerham, BM.
COCKERHAM, William & Nancy E. Willey, 2 May 1867; D.J. Cockerham, BM.

Wilkes County 1778-1868:

COCKERHAM, David & Elizabeth Palmer, 3 Oct. 1810; John London bm.
COCKERHAM, George & Elizabeth Pardew, 10 Sept. 1803; Franklin Cockerham, BM.
COCKERHAM, Henry & Fanny Greenwilt, 8 Jan. 1831; Nath. Barker, BM.
COCKERHAM, Irvin & Caroline Darnall, 23 June 1856; James P. Cockerham, BM; m 29 June 1856 by J.M. Gambill, JP
COCKERHAM, James & Rhoda W. Cann, 22 Nov. 1823; Reuben Suttle Junr., BM.
COCKERHAM, Jno. & Fanny Wades, 3 Oct. 1814; Wm. Persons, BM
COCKERHAM, Martin & Linda Baugus, 14 Nov. 1829; John Durham, BM.
COCKERHAM, Moses H. & S.D.A. Higgins, 23 Feb 1863; Wm. L. Higgins, BM.
COCKERHAM, W.F., son of James & Roda Cockerham, & Jane Hanks, daughter of Wm. & Nancy Hanks, m 14 Dec. 1867 by John Hughes, Baptist Minister.
COCKERHAM, W.F. & Elizabeth Hill, 29 March 1821; Samuel Parsons, BM.
COCKERANE, Wm. & Nancy Brock, 27 Dec. 1839; James Crysel, BM.
COCRUM, Chesley & Peggie Martin, 17 Aug. 1782; Giles Martin, BM.

Macon County:

COCKERHAM, Madison to Mira COCKERHAM, December 21, 1844
COCKERHAM, David to Rebecca Upton, February 9, 1847
COCKERHAM, A.N. to Amanda Stalcup, May 11, 1844
COCKERHAM, J.W. to Mandy Daves, January 24, 1861
COCKERHAM, Agnes to Abadiah Bracher, July 18, 1829
COCHRAM, Maryan to William Shepherd, April 24, 1859
COCKRAM, Elizabeth to John Starnes, August 10, 1832
COCHRAM, Sarah to Rufus M. McGahey, October 1, 1867
COCKRAM, Zilpha to S. Manson Wilson, January 16, 1850
COCKRAM, John to Mary A. Craige, April 30, 1861
COCHRAN, William H. to Harriet Deweese, January 24, 1861
COCKRAM, John A. to Elender L. COCKRAM, December 21, 1861

Swain County:

COCHRAHAM,William s/o Matt and Myra Cochraham to Elizabeth (Betsey) Jenkins, May 20,1888
COCKERHAM, Adaline d/o Andrew J and Laura Cockerham to Edd Colley, August 28, 1896
COCKERHAM, William Thomas s/o Andrew J. and Laura H. Cockerham to Minnie Walls, March 5,1897
COCKERHAM, William Levi s/o Thomas Worth and Martha J. Cockerham to Jennie Baines, February 24, 1897
COCKERHAM, Allen s/o Worth and Jane Cockerham to Hattie Nations, July 27, 1898
COCKERHAM, James s/o William and Sarah Cockerham to Dolly Jones, January 1, 1899
COCKERHAM, Mary Jane d/o William and Sarah Cockerham to A. Johnson Jones, March 6, 1898
BURNETT, Dollie d/o Alice COCKERHAM to Frank D. Willhide, April 24, 1898
COCKERHAM, Andrew P. s/o Nurse Teague to Amanda COCKERHAM, d/o Sam and Eliza Cockerham, August 20, 1899
COCKERHAM, Abraham Elias s/o William and Sarah Cockerham to Sarah T. Teague, February 27, 1900
COCHRAM, Mira d/o S.M. and E.A. Cochran to G.M. Ledford, August 1, 1901
COCKERHAM, Mary d/o Worth and Jane Cockerham to Lawrence Barker, May 5, 1902
COCHRAN, T.C. s/o Worth and Jane Cochran to Sarah Brendle, September 6, 1903
COCHRAN, Jesse s/o Worth and Jane Cochran to Nettie Mason, October 20, 1907
COCKERHAM, Epp s/o A.J. and L.A. Cockerham to Bessie Shuler, January 1, 1908
COCHRAN, Baxter s/o Andy and Laura Cochran to Martha Chastain, March 19, 1910
COCKERHAM, Martha Palestine d/o Madison and Mira Cockerham to Thomas Henry Brendle, October 23, 1885
COCHRAN, John s/o Sam and E.A. Cochran to Lizzie Higdon, October 14, 1906
COCHERHAM, John s/o A.J. and L.A. Cocherham to Mattie Haney, January 7, 1906
COCHRAN, John s/o Worth and Jane Cochran to Sarah Barker, October 28, 1904
COCHRAN, A.K. s/o M.C. and Mary Cochran to Addie Ledford, December 28, 1904
COCHRAN, Laura d/o Merritt and Polly Cochran to Ace Fuller, December 28, 1913