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The Choate Family

    REDMOND CHOATE, was born June 8, 1799 in Tennessee.  He married SARAH MCKENZIE July 14, 1825 in McNairy, Tennessee July 14, 1925 in McNairy, Tennessee.  She was born ca 1810 in Pulaski County, Kentucky and died ca 1870 in Shelby County, Texas.

        The Redmon Choate family had their beginning in America with the arrival of Lord Baltimore's good ship Cecelius at Annapolis, Maryland, on April 15, 1676, carrying Christopher Choate I. Christopher I and the next two generations of his family remained in the Annapolis and Baltimore area. Many of the births and marriages of this family were recorded in the registry of the St. Paul's Church in Baltimore.
        Redmon's grandfather, Squire Thomas Choate, eventually moved on to Virginia.  It was there he was executed by the    Tories for his role in the American Revolution.
        Redmon's father, Squire Choate, moved on to Tennessee where his son, Redmon, was born in 1799.    In McNairy County, Tennessee, Redmon met and married Sarah McKenzie. Redmon and Sarah had five sons born to them in Tennessee, then moved to Shelby County, Texas where two more sons and six daughters were born.
        The exact time Redmon came to Texas has not been determined, but it was before Texas gained independence from Mexico. His first land acquisition was in 1835, a league of land in Limestone County from the Mexican government on May 3, 1835; another league of land on October   11, 1835.  During the Republic of Texas, received a total of 2614 acres in Shelby County in 1840. One tract was on the Sabine River where he and his family lived for a while until the Regulator-Moderator War. He then moved his family to the other tract that was in the Mt. Herman community. Here he raised his family. The old home is still standing today.   Most of the Choates are buried in the Choate Cemetery that is on this land.
    Patriotism and a willingness to risk all to defend their convictions seemed to be strongly ingrained in the Choates. Redmon's grandfather was executed for his role in the American Revolution, Redmon fought in the Texas Revolution, Wade fought in the Mexican War, and three sons fought in the Civil War, one was killed.

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The children of Redmon and Sarah McKenzie Choate:

Index The Children Date of Birth Notes
1. Squire Casrel Choate 10/17/1826 buried in Walker Cemetery
2. Wade M. Choate 1827 born in Tennessee and died from injuries received in Mexican War in 1849, buried in Choate Cemetery
3. Alexander Choate 1829 died in Shelby County in 1849- no other data available
4. David McKenzie Choate 04/15/1833 married Elizabeth Taylor Emmons-buried in Private Cemetery. Civil War Veteran
5. Joseph Choate 1835 born Tennessee, married Nancy Steward. died  in Trinity County, buried in Moore Cemetery, Trinity County
6. Elizabeth Choate 1837 born Shelby County Texas, married John English and died 1856, buried Choate Cemetery
7. Margaret R. Choate 03/20/1839 died 11/30/1882.  Buried Choate Cemetery
8. James Choate 1841 born Shelby County Texas, died ca 1863 in Civil War
9. Susan E. Choate 01/20/1843 born Shelby County Texas, died 01/29/1930, buried Choate Cemetery
10. Sarah Ann Choate 07/26/1846 -
11. Andrew Bradley Choate 05/08/1856 born Shelby County Texas married Elizabeth Ann Anthony, died 08/22/1900, buried Choate Cemetery
12. Malissa Choate 10/12/1850 born Shelby County Texas, died after 1870 in Shelby County Texas.
13. Euphemia Josephine Choate 08/28/1856 married Dick Wilson, died 11/27/1944, buried Choate Cemetery

    1.  SQUIRE CASREL CHOATE, first child of Redmon and Sarah McKenzie Choate, was born October 17, 1826 in McNairy County Tennessee.  He married MOLLIE WHITE.  He died October 2, 1914 and is buried in Walker Cemetery, Shelby County Texas. 

    3.  DAVID MCKENZIE CHOATE, third child of Redmon and Sarah McKenzie Choate, was born April 15, 1833 in McNairy County Tennessee. He married 1st R. MELVINA DEAN and then ELIZABETH A. TAYLOR EMMONS ca 1850 in Shelby County Texas.  He died April 14, 1911.

10.  SARAH ANN CHOATE, tenth child of Redmon and Sarah McKenzie Choate, was born July 26, 1843.  She married THOMAS CASREL MCKENZIE ca 1865.  He was born August 19, 1847 in Shelby County, Texas.  He died January 27, 1926 in Shelby County, Texas.   Sarah died February 13, 1931. Both are buried in Choate Cemetery, Shelby County, Texas.

        In the years 1774 and 1775 eighty persons bearing the name McKenzie left Scotland heading for America and a better life. They came aboard three ships:  "Please and Plenty" with Charles McKenzie as Master of the Ship; "Friendship" and "Clementina." Their port of entry was New York or Philadelphia. They left Scotland "to get bread."   Their ages ranged from 6 months to 45 years. Most were in their early teens, or under 30.
        The earliest record of McKenzies' in Texas is Sarah McKenzie who married Redmond Choate in McNairy Co., Tenn. on July 14, 1825. This family immigrated to Texas in 1835. Their daughter Sarah Ann Choate married Thomas Casrel Choate, son of Nicholas Alexander McKenzie and Betsy Carouthers.
        Thomas C. and Sarah spent most of their life in the Mt. Hermann community of Shelby Co., Texas.

The children of Thomas and Sarah Choate McKenzie:

Index The Children Date of Birth Notes
a. Margaret A. McKenzie 1866 married Joseph C. Courtney
b. Sally McKenzie 1871 married Jess Courtney
c. Thomas Alexander McKenzie 1869 married Mary Etta Taylor
d. Mary Francis McKenzie 01/16/1875 -
e. Dora Alillian McKenzie 1876 married Squire Choate
f. David Lacy McKenzie 10/21/1878 married Sinie Neal Choate 12/16/1878, died 10/18/1949
g. Joseph Bradley McKenzie 02/19/1884 married Minnie Cross, died 10/20/1959, buried Choate Cemetery


d.  MARY FRANCIS MCKENZIE, fourth child of Thomas and Sarah Choate McKenzie, was born January 16, 1875 in Shelby County, Texas.  She married JOSEPH EDWARD ELLINGTON on December 22, 1894 in Shelby County.  Born September 22, 1878 in Shelby County, Texas, he was the son of ANDREW and NANCY WINN ELLINGTON.  After their marriage they lived in the Mt.  Herman Community of Shelby County, Texas.


Mary Francis & Children
L/R- Clifford, Tommie & Maude

The children of Joseph and Mary McKenzie Ellington:

Left - N. Thomas & Sarah Elizabeth January--Right - Joseph & Mary Francis Ellington


Index The Children Date of Birth Notes
1a Maude Eva Ellington 10/15/1895 -
2a Cora Clifford Ellington 01/27/1901 -
3a Tommie Ellington 04/19/1903 -

1a  MAUDE EVA ELLINGTON, first child of Joseph and Mary McKenzie Ellington, was born October 15, 1895 in Center, Shelby County, Texas.  She married CONDY BUFORD JANUARY July 10, 1919 in Mt. Pleasant Community, Shelby County, Texas.  Born April 15, 1893  in Shelby County, he was the son of NEHEMAR and SARAH MORRIS JANUARY.   Maude died March 3, 1977.  Buford died February 3, 1974.  Both are buried in Oaklawn Memorial Park Cemetery, Shelby County, Texas.

For additional information of Condy BUFORD and Maude Eva Ellington January - click here

2a  CORA CLIFFORD ELLINGTON, second child of Joseph and Joseph and Mary McKenzie Ellington, was born January 27, 1901  in Shelby County, Texas.  She married WILL REEVES August 8, 1918 in Center, Shelby County, Texas.  He was  born October 27, 1898.  Will died January 20, 1974.  Cora died November 19, 1944 in Shelby County, Texas.  Both are buried in Mt. Herman Cemetery, Shelby County, Texas.

The children of Will and Cora Ellington Reeves:

Index The Children Date of Birth Notes
1b Maurie Reeves - -
2b Carroll Ledale Reeves - -
3b Mary Jo Reeves - -
4b Billy Wayne Reeves - -

3a  TOMMIE ELLINGTON, third child of Joseph and Mary McKenzie Ellington, was born April 10. 1903 in Shelby County, Texas.  She married HOMER EDDINS September 30, 1924 in Shelby County, Texas.  He was born September 3, 1902 in Shelby County, Texas and died June 26, 1958.  Tommie died June 4, 1981 in Shelby County.  Both are buried in Mt. Herman Cemetery, Shelby County, Texas. 

The children of Homer and Tommie Ellington Eddins:

Index The Children Date of Birth Notes
1b Cecil Eddins - -