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Seven Generations of the Huber Family
Switzerland to New Jersey
Descendancy  (PDF file)

First Generation

Josef Huber married Marie Reinhard and they had the following children in Kerns:
      b. 1680 Marie Katharina (m. Johann Peter Walliman)
      b. 1682 Dorothea
b. 1683 Hans Josef (m. Marie Dorothea Egger)
      b. 1686 Valentin Johann (m. Anna Marie Bucher)
      Anna Marie (m. Franz Jgnaz Durrer in Giswil)

Second Generation

(1) Hans Josef Huber and Marie Dorothea Egger had the following children:
      b. 1711 Andreas (m. Anna Marie Businger)
      b. 1713 / d. 1778 Anna (m. Franz Felix von Rotz)
(2) b. 1716 / d. 1779 Hans Melchior (m. Marie Dorothea Reinhard)
      b. 1717 / d. 1786 Franz Josef (m. Anna Marie Aufdermauer)
      b. 1719 / d. 1779 Theodul Xaver
      b. 1720 / d. 1785 Anton Mangus
      b. 1728 / d. 1791 Marie Anna (m. Heinrich Huber)

Note:  Anton Mangus Huber was known as monk Father Emanuel.

Third Generation

(2) Hans Melchior Huber and Marie Dorothea Reinhard had the following children:
      b. 1743 / d. 1799 Marie Josefa
b. 1745 / d. 1792 Hans Josef (m. 1. Marie Franziska Bucher, 2. Josefa Durrer)
      b. 1747 / d. 1813 Franz Melchior (m. Marie Josefa von Deschwanden)

Fourth Generation

(3) Hans Josef Huber and Marie Franziska Bucher (1st wife) had the following children:
      b. 1768 / d. 1817 Anna Marie (m. Martin Steiner from Kanton Schwyz)
      b. 1770 Hans Josef

Hans Josef Huber and Josefa Durrer (2nd wife) had the following children:
      b. 1776 Anton
      b. 1781 / d. 1845 Anna Marie (m. Anton Franz Durrer)
(4) b. 1783 / d. 1859 Felix (m. Marie Josefa Michel)
      b. 1786 / d. 1826 Katharina Barbara (m. Balthasar Odermatt)
      b. 1788 / d. 1820 Josefa (m. Anton Bucher)
      b. 1792 / d. 1872 Regina (m. Kaspar Ettlin)

  1. Hans Josef (father) was a church caretaker.
  2. Hans Josef (son by first marriage) was a Priest in Lauerz, Kanton Schwyz.
  3. Anton (son by second marriage) lived in Turin, Italy.

Fifth Generation

(4) Felix Huber and Marie Josefa Michel had the following children:
(5) b. 1821 / d. 1883 Felix (m. Franziska Zurmuehle)
      b. 1822 Anna Marie Josefa
      b. 1823 / d. 1875 Balthasar (m. Katharina Ruttimann)
      b. 1825 / d. 1883 Josefa (m. Niklaus Abegg)
      b. 1827 / d. 1863 Anna Marie (m. Maria Reinhard)

Sixth Generation

(5) Felix Huber b. 1821; m. Franziska Zurmuehle.  He and three of his sons (Josef, Balthasar and Arnold) came to America in 1869.  Felix died in 1883 in Newark, Essex County, New Jersey and is buried in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Newark.  Franziska was born about 1821, stayed in Switzerland, and died there about 1880.

                              Felix Huber                      Franziska Zurmuehle                   

        b. 1849 Franz Josef Wilhelm
b. April 15, 1851 Felix Alois (m. Theresia Omlin)
(7)   b. April 15, 1851 Josef  Maria
b. July 11, 1851 Balthasar Wilhelm (m. Helena Fredrika Halter)
       b. August 28, 1853 Anna Marie Wilhelmina
       b. May 20, 1855 Marie Bernharda
b. November 20, 1856 Arnold Michael (m. Josefa Theresa Sophia Enz)
(10) b. November 27, 1857 Katharina Franziska (m. Rudolph Louis Bernhardt)
        b. 1858 Christina Augustina
b. 1859 Josefa Rosalia
        b. 1861 a son (name unknown)

Seventh Generation

(6) Felix Alois Huber b. April 15, 1851 in Giswil, Kanton Obwalden, Switzerland (twin brother of Josef); m. Theresia Omlin in Switzerland.  Felix came to the U.S. at some point, but it appears that his wife and children remained in Switzerland.  He worked as a carpenter and lived in Newark, Essex County, New Jersey.  Felix died about 1938 in South Orange, New Jersey.  Theresia died on July 24, 1932 in Switzerland.

Felix Alois Huber

(m. Franz Morger)

(7) Josef Maria Huber b. April 15, 1851 in Giswil, Kanton Obwalden, Switzerland (twin brother of Felix Alois).  He came to the U.S. in 1869 with his father and brothers, Wilhelm and Arnold.  Josef is thought to have traveled west where he died about 1876.

(8) Balthasar Wilhelm Huber b. July 11, 1851 in Giswil, Kanton Obwalden, Switzerland; m. Helena Fredrika Halter, daughter of Wilhelm Halter and Regina Huff, on April 10, 1882.  He worked as an ice dealer and the family lived in Newark, Essex County, New Jersey.  Helena was born on March 11, 1862, in Newark, Essex County, New Jersey, and died on March 16, 1938 in Newark, Essex County, New Jersey.  Wilhelm died on October 03, 1927.  They are buried at Woodlawn Cemetery in Hillside, New Jersey.

Balthasar Wilhelm Huber         Helena Fredrika Halter

b. March 11, 1884 William Sr. (m. Anna Garrigan)
b. May 1885 Louis
b. October 16, 1886 Helena (m. Harry W. Streep, Sr.)
b. March 1890 Matilda
b. February 1892 Ruth
b. August 1897 Rosalie (m. Roscoe Mullican, Sr.)
b. February 22, 1902 / d. 1918 - Caroline

(9) Arnold Michael Huber, Sr. b. November 20, 1856 in Giswil, Kanton Obwalden, Switzerland; m. Josefa Theresa Sophia Enz, daughter of Peter Josef Lorenz Enz and Anna Maria Theresia Berchtold, in 1883.  He worked as an ice dealer and the family lived in Newark, Essex County, New Jersey.  Sophia was born on June 14, 1862, in Giswil, Kanton Obwalden, Switzerland, and died on August 04, 1935 in Newark, Essex County, New Jersey.  Arnold died on November 09, 1946 in Irvington, Essex County, New Jersey.  They are buried at Hollywood Cemetery in Irvington, New Jersey.

Arnold Michael Huber, Sr.           Josefa Theresa Sophia Enz 

b. August 31, 1884 Maria Sophia (m. William J. Hart)
b. May 19, 1886 Josephine Louise (m. Henry Robert Rech)
b. July 03, 1888 Margaret Sophia (m. Edward Louis Hemhauser)
b. January 19, 1890 Louis Arnold Sr. (m. Ida Mae Miller)
b. November 23, 1891 Arnold Michael Jr. (m. Dorothy Misgore)
b. January 01, 1893 Bertha Selma (m. Henry John Litzebauer)

(10) Katharina Franziska Huber b. November 27, 1857 in Giswil, Kanton Obwalden, Switzerland; m. Rudolph Louis Bernhardt in 1877.  Katharina came to America in 1874.  Louis was born on May 14, 1846, son of Carl Ludwig Eduard Bernhardt and Emilie Friederike Pauline Meyer, in Berlin, Germany.  He came to America in 1863.  On September 15, 1870, Louis married Brenda Matson in Grenada, Mississippi.  In about 1872, they had a child named Edward, born in Tennessee.  It is presumed that Brenda died shortly afterwards.  Louis was an organ builder, as was his father.  The family lived in Newark, Essex County, New Jersey.  Katharina died between 1910 and 1920.  During the 1920's,  Louis was living in Philadelphia with his third wife, Olga _____, who was born in Germany.  He was operating a musical instrument store.  Louis died in 1929 or early 1930.

      Katharina Franziska Huber      Rudolph Louis Bernhardt

b. October 05, 1878 Bertha (m. William Schiff)
b. 1879 Louis
b. November 17, 1882 - Arnold Gustave (m. Margaret ___)
b. November 17, 1882 - Louis Anton (m. Frieda Dora Conradina Fichtner)
b. June 19, 1884 William (m. Loretta Kelsey)
b. January 17, 1886 Charles (m. Anna ___)
b. May 27, 1888 Mathew Anthony (m. Emma ___)
b. February, 1890 Ida (m. Frank Johnson)
b. May, 1893 Charlotte (m. Louis Wilcox)
b. before 1900 child
b. 1900 -1910 child

(11) Josefa Rosalia Huber b.1859 in Switzerland.  She apparently never married.  She worked as an interpreter at the Luzernerhof Hotel in Lucerne.   Rosalia died on December 18, 1921 in Sarnen, Kanton Obwalden, Switzerland.

Josefa Rosalia Huber