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"And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to thier fathers...
Malachi 4:6

    Welcome to my genealogy page.  I have been researching family history since 1976.  It all started with the gift, that Christmas, of a genealogy starter kit from friends who enjoyed genealogy.  The rest is history (pardon the pun...), and I've been hooked ever since! :)

    Due to it's content, this area of our family's web page will continue to change on a regular basis, as I obtain more information on the family lines I am researching. I will also be adding photos as well.  Currently, I am working on the lines of 5 different families.  Please visit periodically to obtain more information on the names here that you are interested in.  I am less experienced in webpage creation than I am in genealogy research, so I ask that you please be patient with my efforts here.  I am learning as I create, with much help from some of my friends and some really good reference books and tutorial websites..

    Each of the Names Sorted Lists here, were generated from information I have recorded using the program, Personal Ancestral File.  Each list is titled under the current "holder" of that line.  (i.e. my line is under the Sauers name)  I will be expanding my lists to areas that contain more information about these ancestors. I am hoping to also have charts and family group sheets as well, but haven't been able to figure out how I'm going to do it yet... For now, if you find a name that you would like more information on, send me an e-mail with the name, the RIN, and which list you found it on (i.e. Sauers, Dingfelder, Reed, LaPan, Farren or Freeman).  I will respond as quickly as I can.  Any information that you may have on one of these lines, would be greatly appreciated in turn.  Also, any suggestions on how I can best organize my information here, to make your search easier, would also be welcome.

Happy Hunting! :)




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