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Come on in, have a seat, and get aquainted with our little clan...

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   She loves cooking. Faye's impending arrival preempted  her chance to attend culinary school in 1993, but she continues to learn new techniques and recipes on her own. She recently began making handmade chocolates,and is experimenting with with bread machine recipes. Genealogy research has been a hobby for years, right along with sewing, crafts, home decorating, gardening, home computing, and  reading. She is currently enjoying the Harry Potter series and the movies, which Faye also enjoys.  She is the secretary in the Young Women's organization at church, their Family and Emergency Preparedness Rep., and does paperwork for the bishop. Her favorite shows are Star Trek (any), Farscape, X-Files, Buffy, JAG (reminds her of her old Navy days), CSI, Pretender, Crossing Jordan, ER, and most of the decorating and home improvement shows on HGTV and  TLC. The U.S. Navy was her home for several years and helped to make her even more patriotic. Two Associates Degrees ( in Small Business Mgt. and in  Arts), is where her formal education has ended thus far.  "Never say never again."  is her motto when it comes to learning something new. She loves Greek, Chinese, German, Mexican, Philipino, and Indian foods, ice cream from Ben and Jerry's and Godiva, Macadamia nuts, fresh fruit, and gourmet chocolate.

Loyd Faye
   He's become an independent young man  Art school is one of his goals. In 2002, he moved back to Washington State, to complete school.  He spends a lot of time drawing, and  also wants to be a massage therapist. Though he hasn't been successful yet, he is currently job-hunting.  Current pastimes are hanging with his friends, bowling, movies, spending time online and listening to different types of music.     Weightlifting helps him relieve stress. He likes a good coffee shop (an unfortunate addiction according to mom), and he loves mostiaccoli ,aerosol cheese, Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream, bonbons, and a good chocolate bar.  His favorite meal is his mom's roladen and spaetzle.  Recently, he is home visiting with mom and the siblings for a couple months.  
 Carol Faye
   She is our little singer and dancer.   Faye started beginning piano lessons last year, but they were halted when her piano teacher became pregnant.  Hopefully, this year, she will be able to start up again.  She currently is in the 4th grade at our local Charter school.   Her music teacher says she has an awesome voice and recommended she be coached. She has already had a solo part during a performance and is practicing for another.  She, like Loyd, enjoys drawing pictures, and writing letters to people she cares about.  Mom is teaching her to sew.  She has already completed her first (small) quilt, and will be starting another soon.  She already has her favorite websites on the computer.  Her favorite music is 'NSYNC, Back Street Boys, and Aaron Carter. Favorite TV shows are That's So Raven, Buffy, and Kim Possible.  Her favorite color is burgundy and her favorite fruit is kiwi.
    He is the member of the family that has changed the most since the family page was last updated!!  All-day Kindergarten was a big change from last year.  He loves school and has made new friends.  Christian enjoys riding his bike, and his skateboard, playing ball, and playing with his Hot Wheels cars.
He likes to help Mom and Dad around the house, and has begun showing a real interest in cooking and baking. He misses wrestling with Loyd, so unfortunately, Faye gets ambushed occasionally.   His favorite shows are Blue's Clues, Bob the Builder, and Scooby-Doo.  Mom limits his TV time to Nickelodeon and Disney. Christian likes music, in general, especially the songs he sings in Primary on Sundays. He, occasionally, sings songs around the house, that he learned at school. French fries are still his favorite food and he is allergice to anything with citric acid in it--tomatoes,oranges, lemons, limes, tangerines,and pineapple.  Other than that, pretty much anything that won't eat him first, is fair game!!

Our Beloved Pets, who have gone on to Heaven 

   Mommakitty, a 19-year-old Snowshoe, is the matriarch of our home. She passed away recently in February 2003, and we will miss her.
Dobie     Dobie, our 12-year-old budgie, was a vocal and social part of our home.  She passed away from old age, at the age of almost 9 years.  We still miss her chirping.

Vern      Vern, a 17-year-old black American Shorthair, thought she was a dog, and had a "bark" that was definitely worse than her bite.  We lost her in 2002 to cancer.  She will be greatly missed by all of us, especially Loyd.


mrs. whiskers
Mrs. Whiskers,a  female Golden Hamster, that belonged to Loyd, and whose stewardship was passed on to Faye, passed away from old age.
Baby,  was a tiny stray that followed Loyd home one Winter evening.  She was a very loveable little gal, who immediately took a shine to Faye, but still loved everyone.  She was evidently the runt of her litter, because  she stayed small and her health was not the best.  We showered her with love and took meticulous care of her till she died in her sleep about a year later.  Her picture hangs in Faye's room and Faye also has a Beanie Baby that looks just like Baby.

New Additions to Our Family

walking paws

(pictures are forthcoming)

and  Hobbz,
Born in April of 2002, these two mischevious little sweethearts joined our family sometime in the latter part of May 2002.  Being brother and sister from the same litter, these two had a special bond from day one.  For the first few months with us, they never wanted to be out of sight of each other.  As they have grown, independence took over to a point.  Spitz is the tempermental, high strung one, but very loving.  She is a bit wary of Christian and of most people outside our family circle.  She is Renee's baby and follows her like a shadow all day long, meowing and talking all the time.  Hobbz is the mellow laid back one, with a squeak, rather than a meow, who is also very loving to all but Renee'-- she being responsible for all his  grooming (which he hates).  So, she only gets occasional affection.  On the other hand, he is known for taking turns waking each of the kids up in the middle of the night for attention (and Renee' gets it occasionally too). He also doesn't seem to mind the rough handling he sometimes gets from Christian.  He just takes it like a trooper. They are the perpetual toddlers, tearing through the house, playing rough and tumble.  What a joy to watch them!!  They give us lots of love and entertainment.


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