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Worth S. Ray, “List of Earliest Inhabitants of Granville County, North Carolina,” in Colonial Granville County and its People: Loose Leaves from “The Lost Tribes of North Carolina”, (Austin, TX: the author, 1945), 291-292, 294.

p. 291

           Authentic copy of the muster roll of a regiment of militia under the command of COLONEL WILLIAM EATON, as taken at a general muster of said regiment on OCTOBER 8, 1754, as shown on pages 370 to 380 inclusive, of Volume 22, of the North Carolina STATE RECORDS, including the names of both officers and men.

           WILLIAM EATON                   COLONEL

           WILLIAM PERSON                LIEUT. COLONEL

           JAMES PAINE                       MAJOR

The Regiment consisted of EIGHT COMPANIES, in command of the following CAPTAINS:

           1. CAPT. JOHN GLOVER                97 men

           2. CAPT. OSBORN JEFFREY        83 men

           3. CAPT. RICHARD COLEMAN       94 men

           4. CAPT. DANIEL HARRIS              95 men

           5. CAPT. JOHN SALLIS                   90 men

           6. CAPT. SUGAR JONES                140 men

           7. CAPT. BENJAMIN SIMMS           75 men

           8. CAPT. ANDREW HAMPTON       60 men

           The total number of men, exclusive of the commissioned officers of the Regiment and the companies was 734, and the entire personnel of the regiment probably represented every able bodied male person, subject to military duty at that time (1754) residing within the bounds of Colonial Granville County as shown on the SEARCY, and the accompanying sketched map, with possibly a very few exceptions.

p. 292

Map of Granville County, North Carolina (1754)

           The 734 men and officers of COLONEL WILLIAM EATON’S Granville County Regiment here listed came from the territory represented by the black boundary lines of the above map. The list comprises, in our judgement, a practically complete roll of all of the able bodied men, subject to military duty in GRANVILLE COUNTY, North Carolina, at that time. So far as we have been able to ascertain no earlier list of the first citizenship of the county can be found.

p. 294


John Burt, Lieut.

William Mercer, Ensign

1.         Giles Bowers, Sergeant

2.         John Bishop, Sergeant

3.         William Eves, Sergeant

4.         James Ross, Corporal

5.         John Medley, Corporal

6.         Mathew Mathews, Corporal

7.         William Jones, Drummer

8.         Henry Ivey, Drummer

9.         William Jackson

10.       Thomas Smith

11.       William Moxley

12.       William Thomas

13.       Charles Ivey

14.       Daniel Carrol

15.       John Duncan

16.       Thos. Hunt, Little Creek

17.       Robert Smith

18.       Richard Crutchfield

19.       John Meekie

20.       Henry Clark

21.       Thos. Hunt, up the River

22.       Saul Rackley

23.       William Pace, Junr.

24.       Joseph Acom Hutson

25.       Christopher Clark

26.       Joseph Brantly

27.       James Brantly

28.       George Bledsoe

29.       Thomas Woodly

31.       William Hunt

32.       William Jerkins

33.       Lodowick Alford

34.       Joseph Jeffries

35.       William Hobbs

36.       Thomas Jones

37.       William Simmons

38.       William Jones

39.       James Hunt

40.       John Claiborn

41.       Robert Clark

42.       Benjamin Rice

43.       John Deer

44.       Aaron Sherrud

45.       William Vinson

46.       William Richardson

47.       James White

48.       Arthur Crocker

49.       Miles Rackley

50.       Parsons Rackley

51.       John Rainwater

52.       Thomas Tharrington

53.       Robert Butler

54.       Edward Thomas

55.       John Reeves

56.       William Smith

57.       John Smith

58.       George Woodly

59.       Joseph Wright

60.       John Wright

61.       James Massey

62.       John Douglas

63.       George Hill

64.       Francis Strother

65.       Thomas West

66.       Joseph Wright, Junr.

67.       James Pace

68.       James Smith

69.       Nathaniel Smith

70.       John Parnal

71.       John Massey

72.       William Edwards

73.       John Simmons

74.       Barnaby Goodwin

75.       Samuel Fowler, Senr.