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The Parker Family

There seem to be at least four Parker brothers - but documentation has yet to be located that will completely confirm the relationship. Some existing documentation is contradictory. It is unknown if their parents were living in the PA or NJ area. Three brothers are conclusively identified by the 1757 will of William Parker, in Philadelphia, PA. He mentions his dear brothers James and Archibald. He also mentions that 'his aged mother' is free to live with his widow Elizabeth (Todd) Parker as long as she shall wish. It seems clear that the father was deceased at this point. No name has yet been found for the 'aged mother' Parker.

William Parker ( -- Parker)  

William Parker was apparently born abt 1717, in PA. He married Elizabeth Todd, daughter of Robert Todd on 26 May 1748, in Montgomery Co. PA. William Parker died before 30 Apr 1757, in Providence, Montgomery Co., PA. In his will made 18 April 1757, proba ted 30 April 1757, William Parker names his wife, children, and his brothers: Archibald and James.

Archibald Parker ( -- Parker)  

The only reference found so far for Archibald Parker is in the will of his brother William Parker, 1757.

Alexander Parker ( -- Parker)  

James & Alexander Parker from Carlisle, PA opened the 'corner store' in 1784 in Lexington, KY. In the Lexington Gazette, 8 Mar 1791, there is an announcement of the death of James Parker and the store was subsequently closed by his brother Alexander. Alexander Parker served as executor of his brother James' estate, and provided an account to the Fayette Co. KY court 13 Feb 1804.

James Parker ( -- Parker) 

James Parker was born about 1716 in PA(?) and died Dec 12 1797 in Fayette Co. KY. James Parker married (probably abt 1747) Mary Todd, sister of his brother William's wife Elizabeth. After the Revolutionary War, James Parker Sr. emigrated to Kentucky in 1 785 from near Valley Forge in Pennsylvania. He located in Fayette County KY on the South Elkhorn Creek near his son John Parker. His wife Mary Todd Parker and three daughters accompanied him to Kentucky. His two sons James and John were already in KY h aving come in the year 1784 and they persuaded their aged parents to join them in their new homes.

Jean Parker (James, ---)  

Jean Parker was the oldest daughter of James & Mary Parker, and was born in Providence PA. She married a Mr. Alexander, as yet unidentified, and they had two daughters. Jean Alexander died very aged.

Isabella Parker (James, --)  

Isabella Parker, second child of James and Mary Todd Parker was born Apr 18 1750. She married William Bodley (parents of Gen. Thomas Bodley), and after his death married a Mr. Bartholomew. She was living in Chester Co., PA at her death.

John Parker (James, --)  

John Parker married his cousin, Isabella Todd. John Parker gave a statement concerning his services during the Revolutionary War to obtain a pension. He was staying with his uncle the Rev. Mr. Todd, in Louisa Co., VA when he joined the Minute Men in VA. John Parker served in Portsmouth and Norfolk, VA. He then returned to PA, and worked on building forts on the Delaware River to protect Philadelphia, and appointed his brother-in-law Robert Megowan to complete the fort at Red Bank. After serving in skirmish parties during the battle of the Brandywine, he returned to Louisa Co., VA in 1778 and worked as a wagonmaster, receiving a captains' apy ($40.00 per month and fodder for one horse). In 1784 John and Isabella Todd Parker moved to KY and settled on South Elkhorn Creek in Fayette Co. They called their home Stoney Point after the battle of Stoney Point. This location is some eight or nine miles from Lexington KY. The large brick house for many years known as the Parker home was built by John Parker Sr abt 1802 and is said to be the first brick house built in Fayette Co. He served as the representative from Fayette Co. to the Kentucky state legislature between 1795 and 1819. At the time of his death, he was serving as associate judge of the Circuit Court.

Mary Parker (James, --)  

Mary (Parker) Megowan gave a statement 10 Dec 1838 to obtain a pension for Robert Megowan's services during the Revolutionary War. She tells many details of his service and their life together. They were engaged for 4 years before finally marrying in 17 80 in Philadelphia Co., PA. Robert Megowan had lived with the Parker family for several years before the war broke out (2 1/2 miles from Valley Forge, PA). Mary (Parker) Megowans' parents were opposed to the marriage, so Mary, Robert, William Parker (Ma ry's brother)and several of their friends travelled to a tavern, where they were married by Rev. Mr. Muhlenburgh. After they were married, they all returned to the Parker house for supper. Mary (Parker) Megowan received $480.00 per year pension for Robe rt Megowan's services during the Revolutionary War. She also testified on her brother John Parker's pension application - Mary Megowan, about 75 years of age and sister of the said John Parker states upon oath that she well remembers the time her brother went to Virginia to her uncle Todds, and that she heard her father say he joined the army. Soon after her brothers return, she heard of his appointment as Captain of artifices, and of his being engaged upon the erecting of the two forst on the Delaware. This she heard at the time from her brother and also her late husband who succeeded her brother in that command. She was not then married. These cirscumstances were matter of conversation in the family and well known to all. She does not know anything of her services as waggonmaster in Virginia. She signed her deposition clearly, Mary Megowan.

James Parker, Jr (James, --)  

James Parker Jr built a home a quarter of a mile back of his brother John Parker, Sr. on South Elkhorn Creek and lived there until his death. He married Hannah North. He was a magistrate in Fayette Co, KY. He died young, leaving a widow and several childr en.

Robert Porter Parker (James, --)  

Robert Parker was County Surveyor for Fayette County KY when his death was reported in the Kentucky Gazette at his seat, six miles from Lexington. Thomas Bodley and John Parker served as executors of his estate, with Elizabeth, widow of Robert Parker, rec eiving her dower allotment in 1804. Elizabeth Parker & William Todd were appointed guardians of the minor infants of Robert Parker; Robert Megowan and Arhcibald McIlvain served as the securities for the estate.

Elizabeth Parker (James, --)  

Elizabeth Parker married Jacob Todhunter, and lived in Fayette Co., KY.

William Parker (James, --)

 William Parker provided statements to the court concerning the Revolutionary War service of his brother John Parker and his late brother-in-law Robert Megowan. These statements were used in support of pension applications. William Parker aged about 66 ye ars, being a brother of the said affiant, who states that he corroborates the statement made by his sister Mary Megowan, as to hearing of his brothers having entered the army in Virginia, which he obtained from his father, who went to that state to see him.