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Historic Mount Olive Cemetery

Wilmington, Delaware


Mount Olive Cemetery is an historic African-American cemetery located near Wilmington, DE on Lancaster Avenue. The cemetery entrance is marked with a Historic Marker - from the Delaware State website.  Burials from several early African-American cemeteries in Wilmington were moved to Mount  Olive in the early 1900s. The first recorded burials in Mt Olive were in 1899. Many markers from the earlier St. Peters and 12th and French (Old Union) date from the early 1860s and have been transferred to Mt. Olive.

RECORD NOTE: If you don't find your family member listed yet - :I haven't gotten to the record yet (only to 1907!) - The record might not be public (only records before 1961 are available) - There might not be a public burial record.

2016 - Research has revealed three previously unindentified USCT residents - William Furrowh, Allen Anderson and Isaac Fisher.
7286 residents identified ( 1861 - 1917 )

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Death records, census and newspaper clippings will help identify not only the persons with existing tombstones, but additional people buried here as well.

Existing markers photographed: 945. Burials identified - 6264 (St. Peters, 12th&French (Old Union), Union (Ezion & St. Peters - Front and Union, to 3rd and Pyles Lane) and Mount Olive. Records - completed through 1911