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Mount Olive Cemetery

Wilmington, Delaware

Around the Cemetery

Changes over timeThe cemetery has changed the layout of roads, position of graves and entrance road since it opened almmost 100 years ago.Archeological traces remain of the 1914-1939 layout of Mount OlivePDF map of early plan
The Power of Nature Mary Calhoun was buried in 1915. At the time, this would have been a small tree. After 100 years, the tree has grown around her stone.
In another 100 years, the tree may completely surround the stone
The power of nature
Centenarians Isabelle Davis, aged 107 yrs Mt. Olive Isabella Davis
d 8 Nov 1883 aged 81y some say 104y

St. Petersstone not found 2012
Maria Hunt aged 110yMt. Olivestone not found 2012
Sarah Sewell aged 100yMt. Olivestone not found 2012
Susan Armstrong, aged 110St. Petersstone not found 2012
Elizabeth Price, aged 100 yrsSt. Petersstone not found 2012
Siney Wright, aged 103yOld Unionstone not found 2012
Earliest stoneTRUSTY, Caroline d 6 Jun 1861She is buried near other family members
Caroline Trusty
Grand Army of the RepublicThe largest veterans organization formed after the Civil War. Wilmington had a chapter. It is unusual to see it noted on a tombstone -
Wm. Furrow
G.A.R. 55th InfantryGAR William Furrow
First-Name BasisDaniel and Maria HamiltonOnly first names and death dates appear on these side-by-side stones. They were identified by comparison with death records.Daniel and Maria Hamilton
Farthest from their homesDuring the 1918 influenza epidemic,  ten 'Hindoo' sailors from a ship docked at the port of Wilmington died at the Wilmington Hospital..The names are phonetic, and the age is only estimated for two seamen. No other information is given.Merchant Sailors from India or Southeast Asia - Buried at Mount Olive
Unmarked Graves It can be difficult to identify unmarked graves. The NW fence line has graves right to the fence. This area is heavily wooded. Unmarked graves - NW fence line
A natural spring Midway along the NW fence line, a natural spring rises from the ground. This area is heavily wooded. Stream - NW Fence Line
Large Gates and Berm The eastern corner of the cemetery has large gates. There is also a retention pond (off-site) and berm. Large Gates - E Corner

Berm and Retention Pond

Towards The West

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