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Mt. Olive Cemetery Transcription

Missouri and Kentucky Families

Descendants of William Black

abt 1750-1900

Henderson Co. KY

Ray Co, Gentry Co, Daviess Co, MO

Some notes

Portrait of Charles Morgan Black, Henry Netherton Black, Sarah (Black) Seat

Picture of Jane Wilson (Black) Cadle

Adam Black and Mary Morgan Marriage

Portrait of Charles Morgan Black

Portraits of Henry Netherton Black and Sallie McGee

William Condra Black


The Cadle  family

Cocke County, Tennessee

Gentry and Worth County Missouri

1800s - 1900s

Some notes

Picture of Polly Cadle

Picture of Morgan Cadle

Portrait of David A. Cadle

Picture of Zachariah Preston Cadle

The Aquilla Coombs Family

Picture of Esther (Lynch) Cadle

Portrait of David Cadle

Portrait of Samantha Cadle

Picture of Margaret Cadle

Portrait of Patterson Cadle

Picture of Sarah Cadle

Portrait of Sarah Cadle

Portrait of Rispa Cadle

Portrait of Melvina Jane Cadle

The Elias Weigart family  

Lexington, Kentucky Worth County, Missouri

Is he the son of Phillip Weigart?  Or the son of George Weigart - apprenticed to Ann Weigart the boot and show maker?

Some notes

Other Weigart families in Lexington Kentucky - although these men left descendants info is scarce!!


David Weigart John Weigart of Kentucky
George Weigart The John Weigart Family
Jacob Weigart  
Picture of George Weigart

Picture of Preston Weigart

Marriage Bond of Elias Weigart and Mary Megowan

Picture of Joel Weigart & Family

The Solomon Lynch family


South Carolina, Tennesee, Missouri

Some notes

The Evan Morgan family

North Carolina, Ray, Daviess, Gentry and Worth County Missouri


The Robert Megowan family

Montgomery County, Pennsylvania;Fayette County,Kentucky


Some notes


The Dio - Taillon Family in Rhode Island
The Jesse Denton Family TBA TBA TBA

Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Maine families

Descendants of John Barry

1800 - 1900s

Co. Waterford, Ireland

Prince Edward Island

St Louis de Kent, New Brunswick, Canada

Brewer, Maine

Some notes

Portrait of Charlie Barry

Wedding Photo - Charlie Barry & Gladys McCosh

John McLean and Eliza Whitbey - Charlottetown, PEI

Marriage record

McLean Family

Whitbey Family

The Robert McCosh family

Drongen, Scotland, Newcastle, New Brunswick ;Brewer, Maine

Some notes

McCosh Family Photos (from my grandma's album)

Faces of South Brewer, Maine

The Andrew Gray family

New Brunswick, Canada; 1700s - 1900s

The Robert Taylor family

New Brunswick, Canada 1700s - 1900s

Some notes

Kennedy family

New Brunswick, Canada

Some notes

Some Kennedy families in New Brunswick

1800s - 1900s

The Michael Meagher family

New Brunswick - survivors of the plague ship Looshtauk 1847

The Con Regan family

Newcastle New Brunswick, Canada 1800s-1900s

Some notes


New York and New Jersey Families

The Dye family

1600s - 1900s

New Amsterdam, New Jersey, Westmoreland Co, PA, Morgan and Noble County Ohio, Worth County, Missouri

Some notes

Samuel McClintock - the possbile family of Isabella McClintock or Bone - second wife of Thomas Dye Marriage Intention Laurens Duyts & Ytie Jans

Photo of Anna Dye

Thomas Dye Photo

Marriage Bond of Amos Dey

Morgan Jones Dye and family

Picture of Morgan Jones Dye

The Cox family

1600s - 1800s Monmouth County, NJ

Some notes

Cox family burials


The Thomas Potts  family of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, Burlington County, New Jersey

1600s - 1800s


The Stewart family -

Cheshire, England, New Jersey, Pennsylvania


Some notes

Kinnan - Monmouth Co., NJ TBA TBA TBA

Maryland and DC families

The Hern Family

Prince Georges County Maryland, Washington DC, Gallia County Ohio, Arkansas, Worth County, Missouri

The Harvey family

- this family is unconnected to the well-known William Hearn family of Somerset County Maryland.

Although tombstone of John Hern of Gallia County, Ohio states the family is 'of Hagerstown, Maryland' and family stories suggest the father of John Hern was a Charles Hern, gentleman of England; the current evidence suggests that neither of these is true. No evidence has been found to support the family being in Hagerstown, although they were clearly in Baltimore, Maryland and Washington DC. Clear evidence has been found for a Charles Hern in Prince Georges County, Maryland; near the family of John Hern's wife Elizabeth Harvey; but court evidence in Washington DC establishes a Captain William Hern; investor with James Barry, as the father of John Hern. William Hearn in DC and Hearn-Barry lawsuit

Picture of Charles Allison Hern

Charles Allison Hern & family

Henry Harry Hern, son of Charles Allison Hern & Elizabeth Fletcher

Picture of Elizabeth (Fletcher) Hern

Photo of William Guess & Augusta (Hern) Guess

Picture of Martha (Hern) Beam and family

Gillespie - William Gillespie in Gettysburg, PA and Hanson in Baltimore, MD Warfield - Basil Warfield in Maryland Rieman - Daniel Rieman in Baltimore, Maryland Pitt - Thomas Pitt in Baltimore, Maryland
Marshall - William and Henry Marshall in MD Green - Green family in Baltimore, MD Groome - Calvert Co., MD Haggerty - Baltimore, MD

English and Virginia Families

The Thomas Jadwin  family -

1500s - 1700s

London, Westmoreland County, Virginia, Talbout County, Maryland

The Skillicorne family Marriage entry for Thomas Jadwyn and Luce Skillicorne

Burial record for Thomas Jadwyn

Record of the Cutlers Company of London

Cutlers Guild Records

Richard Benge 

late 1600s-early 1700s Richmond County Virginia

Some notes

The Critcher family

late 1600s - 1900

Richmond County Virginia; Westmoreland County Virginia; Granville County North Carolina

The John Tucker  family - Westmoreland County Virginia 1600s

Some notes

The Edward Masterson family

Westmoreland County Virginia - 1700s, Dobbs County,North Carolina; Fayette County, Kentucky

The Henry Netherton family

Westmoreland County, Virginia, Frederick County, Virginia, Kentucky, Tenneseee, Missouri

1700s - 1900s

Some notes

Richard Coleman 

Some notes

1600s-1700s Westmoreland County Virginia


Rose ... an early wife in Westmoreland County, Virginia 1600s The Garners - two wives in the Critcher family were Garners

Virginia and Ohio Families

The Joseph Fletcher family

Gallia County, Ohio

1700s - 1900s

A descendant generously permitted me to post these bible pages Fletcher Bible loose pages

Fletcher Bible Title page

The Warth family - New Jersey, Frederick County, Virginia, Ohio


The Jameson family - 1700s - 1900s East Lothian, Scotland, Morgan County, Ohio

Some notes

William Jameson & Mary Haggerty

Martha (Jameson) Dye

The Blazer family

1700s - 1800s Rockbridge County Virginia, Gallia County Ohio


The Richard Harrison family

New Jersey; Frederick County Virginia; Gallia and Meigs County, Ohio

1700s - 1900s

The John Rhodes family

Stafford County, Virginia 1700s

Some notes

A Smeltzer family - Rockbridge County Virginia, Gallia County,Ohio


Warth - Robert, John and George Warth in VA and OH

Some notes


Pennsylvania Families

The Robert Todd  family

Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

Fayette County,Kentucky


Some notes

The Buckman family, 

passengers in the Welcome fleet to Pennsylvania

1600s - 1700s

Some notes


The William Thompson family 

Portpatrick, Scotland;

Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania;

Worth County, Missouri, Ohio

Some notes

Picture of David Thompson

Picture of Rebecca (Knox) Thompson

The James Parker family

Montgomery County,Pennsylvania

Fayette County,Kentucky


Some notes

The Samuel Knox family

Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania - California


Some notes

The Peter McHarge  family 

Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania; Ohio


Some notes

Tintype of Rebecca Knox

Picture of Amelia (Wilson) Knox


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