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Welcome to my new website developed with Legacy Family Tree!

Many hours of work have been put into the research and documentation of the people listed on these pages. I would like to thank everyone who helped me with my family history research since I started this project in 1995.

I believe this format will let you find pertinent information faster. I am including all of my general notes, which I have not made public before. I hope you will benefit from the information presented here.

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I am putting all of this documentation together for several reasons - (1) I believe it is important and deserves to be documented  (2) I believe it will benefit others at some point in time  (3) I am an old man, I don't have a job or anything else to do with my time and   (4) I want to do it.

The area of Texas where I grew up is known to the locals as "The Big Country".  That is a fair description for it. "Wide open spaces, with no trees to spoil the view!"

The Double Mountains near Rotan, Texas

Sacred ground to the Comanche's - a home of the great Chief Quanah Parker - written about by early Spanish Explorers - Double Mountain Ranch owned by the late great Sammy Baugh (legendary football quarterback and coach)

The Great "Slinging" Sammy Baugh

The Great Sammy Baugh was from Rotan. Originally from Temple, Texas he bought a ranch near Rotan in the 1940's. His ranch was out by the Double Mountains. Being the home of Sammy Baugh is a big claim to fame for Rotan. I remember seeing him fairly often as a boy and I went to school with one of his sons (Bruce). I was reading that Robert Duval visited with Sammy Baugh several times while he was trying to get in character for the movie "Lonesome Dove". He said that a big part of the character he played in Lonesome Dove was based on what he picked up from his visits with Sammy Baugh, especially the arm movements.


A clip from Texas Co-Op Power:

"Actor Robert Duvall visited with Baugh as Duvall prepared for the role of Augustus “Gus” McCrae in the TV miniseries “Lonesome Dove.” Duvall listened to Baugh’s stories, played golf with him and slapped down dominoes across a table from him in Baugh's old ranch house.

He got to watching Baugh’s hands as the old man told his tales. They were no longer the large, long-fingered hands that at one time could grip a leather spheroid and toss it on a line 60 yards, but those of a working rancher—strong, weathered hands that for more than half a lifetime had mended fences, roped and branded cattle and castrated calves.

“In just a couple of hours, Sammy Baugh gave me the finishing touches for Augustus McCrae, and he didn’t even know it,” Duvall said.

For many years—actually for much longer than he was a football star—Baugh was a full-time rancher. Some of his West Texas neighbors didn’t even know he had played football."


 I saw Sammy Baugh when he was much younger than he appears here and I did not spend much time with him then. I saw him driving around town with his station wagon loaded down with about 15 kids. I usually saw him up close briefly at Little League ball games or in one of the stores. I was just a kid and I was not going to walk up and talk to the Great Sammy Baugh. I was in awe of him. He was a great man, Robert Duval is a great actor and Lonesome Dove was a great movie. Gone now - he will be remembered. There will never be another "Slinging" Sammy Baugh.

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I tell stories here about some of the people I knew when I was a boy growing up in Rotan, Fisher County, Texas. As far as I know - most of these people are deceased now. In no way do I intend to disrespect them by telling these stories.

My days of striving to make a mark, trying to get ahead, are all over. I am now an old man. To the younger folks, I say - you will be old faster than you think. Use your time and talents wisely. Do not let others take advantage of you, but help others when there is a real need. If you will do that - the money part of it will take care of itself.

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I tried to enter the information appearing here accurately.  I sometimes make a mistake. If you see information that you know to be incorrect, please notify me, with the details, and I will make the necessary corrections.

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