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Volume 4 Issue 10                                                       October 1999


As I have mentioned in previous newsletters, Benjamin Wiser and most of his children left New Hampshire sometime between 1790 and 1800.


Benjamin and his family moved near Cazenovia, New York.  He was a farmer and appears to have owned Lot #66 of Road Township.  Road Township is now part of Cazenovia Township.  Lot #66 is just east of present-day New Woodstock, NY.


In 1810, Benjamin and his son-in-law, Luther Morse still lived in Cazenovia Township.  But by 1820, four of Benjamin’s sons, James, Theodore, Samuel and Josiah Wiser and probably Luther Morse had moved to Truxton Township, Cortland County, NY. 


Even though Truxton Township and Cazenovia Township are in different counties, they are adjacent to each other.  At times, our family also lived in Fabius Township, Onondaga County, NY.  Fabius Township is just north of Truxton Township.  So when we do research on our family, we should look in all three counties to be sure we haven’t overlook anyone.


On my recent research trip, I spent a great deal of time looking for the descendants of Alithea Wiser Morse.

She married Luther Morse, September 2, 1788 in Haverhill, Grafton County, NH.  They had six daughters and one son, most were probably born in Concord, Essex County, VT.


Their children:

1-Elizabeth (Betsy) G. Morse, born August 28, 1789 in Concord, Essex, VT.

2-Sally Morse, born August 8, 1792.

3-Jemima Morse, born February 22, 1794.

4-Abigail Morse, born February 20, 1796.

5-Sabra S. Morse, born February 7, 1798 in Concord, VT.

6-Anna Morse, born May 6, 1800.

7-Joseph C. Morse, born January 4, 1803.


Lewis died about 1823 in Truxton, NY.  Alithea passed away December 6, 1848, also in Truxton.  These records were taken from records in possession of the Morse Family Society.


Truxton Township is a bit deceiving since our family actually lived in what is present day Cuyler Township.  Cuyler Township was created November 18, 1858, from the northeastern part of Truxton Township.


Cuyler and Cuyler Township are small and sparsely populated.  On my recent trip to New York State, I spent a few days at the town clerk’s office and searching cemeteries in Cuyler.


I met many descendants of Sabra S. Morse who still live in the area. With their help, I was able to compile a substantial amount of information. My sincerest appreciation to their help.


Much of the following information was taken from their descendants and records found in the Cortland County Historical Society.




Sabra married James Albro.  Their family will be the focus of the remainder of this newsletter.


James Albro was born March 18, 1778 at West Greenwich , Kent County, Rhode Island.  He first married Lydia Corey, who was born May 10, 1777 near Providence, Providence County, RI.  They were married February 8, 1799 in Queensbury, Warren County, NY.  Their children were:


 1-Sarah (Sally) Albro, born November 27, 1799.

 2-Arvin Albro, born March 2, 1802.

 3-Elizabeth Albro, born February 2, 1803.


The above children were born in Queensbury.  Sometime between 1803 and 1805, the family moved to Fabius where Samuel was born.  Then by 1807, they had moved to Truxton where James was born.  However, it is possible they were living in the same place, as Truxton Township and Cortland County were established in 1808, from parts of Onondaga County.


 4-Samuel Albro, born August 19, 1805.


 5-James Albro, born March 25, 1807.


 6-Simmons Albro, born May 8, 1809.


 7-Pheobe Albro, born March 11, 1811.

 8-Peter Philan R. Albro, born February 22, 1813.

 9-Eunice Albro, born April 6, 1815.

10-Lydia B. Albro, born April 26, 1817.

11-George Washington Albro, born December 21, 1819.


Lydia (Corey) Albro, first wife of James, died on July 5, 1824, and is buried in Truxton. 


After Lydia’s death, James remarried Sabra S. Morse, September 29, 1825 at Truxton.  Their children were:

1-Ezra J. Albro, born August 5, 1826.

2-Andrew J. Albro, born January 7, 1828.

3-Elizabeth M. Albro, born January 13, 1830.

4-Joseph G. L. Albro, born December 18, 1831.

5-Albert F. Albro, born June 3, 1834.

6-Melissa Ann Albro, born August 8, 1836.

Ezra died as a young child, September 22, 1827, and is buried in Truxton.

The rest of the children lived to majority, raising many children.  All resided in the Cuyler-Fabius area.

James Albro, Senior died September 20, 1863 in Truxton, at the age of 85 years. 

In the Surrogate’s Office, Cortland County, NY, there are Letter of Adminstration papers, dated October 20, 1863, for James Albro.

A petition was signed by his widow, Sabra. She stated that James died September 20, 1863 having an estate not exceeding $500, and with the following heirs: Samuel, Philan, George W., Andrew, Joseph and Albert F. Albro, Melissa Murdent, wife of Henry Murdent, and Phoebe Albro, all of Cuyler, Elizabeth Smith, wife of Lewis Smith of Truxton, James Albro, Sally Clark, wife of Ansel Clark of Michigan, Eunice Lake of Ohio, and Lydia Nye, wife of Chauncey Nye of Truxton.

We presently do not have a death date of  Sabra, though it would appear that she had passed away sometime between 1863 and 1865, as she does not appear in the 1865 New York State Census of Cuyler.

Andrew J. Albro married first Clarissa and had Mary.  He then married Susan Mary Blanchard and had; Edward Adda, Cora M., Minnie A., Irving L., Bertha Sarah and Andrew Fitzgerald.

Andrew died May 16, 1895 at Cuyler.  His wife Susan, died December 13, 1904, also at Cuyler. 

A death notice appeared in the DeRuyter Gleaner, May 30, 1895, “the funeral of Andrew Albro, who died last Sunday morning was held at Keeney Settlement Tuesday.” 

For Susan, from the Cortland Democrat, December 16, 1904, “Mrs. Susan Albro, died Tuesday after a brief illness of pneumonia aged 59 years.  Funeral will be from her home late Friday.

Elizabeth M. Albro, married Lewis E. Smith and had; Kinsley L., Chloe A., Orville H.F., Jeremy A., Albert A., Frank Van B., and Annie E.

Elizabeth died August 26, 1921 at Spafford, NY.  Her husband, Lewis, died April 6, 1916, also at Spafford. 

Lewis’ obituary, from the Marcellus Observer, April 14, 1916; “Lewis Smith, a well known and highly respected resident of Spafford Valley died at his home Thursday at the age of 88 years.  Mr. Smith has been in feeble health for some time.  Mr. And Mrs. Smith recently observed their 67th wedding anniversary.  Surviving are his widow, one daughter, Mrs. Ansel Case, and four sons.

Joseph G.L. married Anna (Johanna) Doran and had; Silas L., William Henry and James C.

Joseph G.L. died February 1, 1891 at Truxton.  His wife, Anna, died June 16, 1904, at Cuyler.

Joseph was enrolled as a person liable for military duty, 1862, in Cuyler, age 31, farmer.

Albert F. married Permelia Jeannette Beden and had; Sabra (Sabrie) M., Florence Aurelia, Dorr P., Karnie or Warnie, Carrie Elnora, and Herbert A.

Albert F. died January 21, 1899 at Tully, NY.  His wife, Permelia, died March 6, 1893, also at Tully.

Albert was enrolled as a person liable for military duty, 1862 in Cuyler, age 28, farmer.

Melissa Ann married Henry Murdent and had; James, John S., William H., Franklin J., Morell and Kingsley M.

Melissa died June 22, 1910 at Fabius.  Her husband, Henry Murdent, died December 14, 1900 at Cuyler.

Melissa and Henry are also buried at the Keeney Settlement Cemetery. This is a cemetery on the Fabius-Cuyler Township line.  In the spring of 1795, five men in East Hartford, Connectiuct, sold their farms and settled here..  They were Simon Keeney, Jr., Benjamin Brown, Gurdeon Woodruff, Sr., Samuel Fox and Jonathan Webster. 


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eth M. Albro, born January 13, 1830.

Joseph G.L. Albro, born December 1, 1831.

Albert F.