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Volume 6 Issue 5                                                                May 2001



John McCormick Wiser talked fondly of his uncle and aunt, Asa and Susan (Babcock) Crandall.  As a child, he was often in their home and seemed like a member of “Uncle Acey’s” family.  This month we found a great deal of additional information about Susan Babcock, sister of Betsey Babcock Wiser.


Susan1 Babcock, was born in 1791, probably near Pittsfield, Berkshire, MA, and may have first married Simeon Kingsley. Susan died in 1861 at Cassopolis, Cass, MI.  Simeon died on 13 Mar 1813 at Truxton, Cortland, NY.  Simeon was previously married and had a number of children from his first wife.  There is no proof that Susan was married to Simeon.  He may have been married to another Susannah.



CENSUS RECORDS: 1820 Census of Truxton, Cortland, NY, there is a Susannah Kingsley listed. 1855 Census of Hector, Schuyler, NY.  In 1855, age 64, born MA, in town 2 years. 1860 Census of Ensley Twp, Newaygo, MI.


COUNTY RECORDS: History of Newaygo County, MI, 1884, p.393.  Asa and Susan (Babcock) Crandall, were natives of New York and Massachusetts.  After their marriage, they settled in the State of New York, and the father died in Cortland County.  The mother came to Cass County, MI after her husband's death, and died there in 1861


SCHOOL RECORDS: Truxton School District No.7, widow Susannah Kingsley to be exempt from School Tax except for those children over 15 years old, Dec 1815, widow Susannah Kingsley and Miss James Oakley's children exempt from paying tax, also Nov 1816, that Simeon and Chloe Kingsley, children of Widow Susan Kingsley be exempt from tax.


CHURCH RECORDS: Truxton Baptist Church Records, 1835, Susanna Crandall.


FAMILY RECORDS: From a great granddaughter, Henrietta Clarke Zank;  “Susanna Babcock-(Kingsley) Crandall  was a housewife and a weaver. She was born in 1791 in Massachusetts and died in 1861, at the age of 70  years.  She died of bloody dysentery at the home of her daughter, Betsy Weaver in Cassopolis, Michigan.  Grandfather Kingsley [ William D. Kingsley] was still living in New York State.”


                  MILITARY RECORDS: In 1803, Simeon listed in military service as ensign of Onondaga   County, NY.


CENSUS RECORDS: 1800 Census of Fabius, Onondaga, NY.


PROBATE RECORDS: Died intestate 13 Mar 1813 at Truxton, NY.  In surrogate   records of Cortland County, Book 1 page 55, letters of administration dated   10 Jul 1813, Susannah Kingsley appointed William Stewart as administrator of   her late husband Simeon Kingsley estate.  The inventory of goods-chattels creditors of Simeon Kingsley deceased was made by William Stewart, Jacob Otis and Joel Dodge recorded under docket X9751 signed 23   Mar 1814 by Judge Luther F. Stevens, surrogate, Homer, NY.  The inventory  of Simeon's estate mentions-John Kingsley, Thomas Kingsley, Bethuel Kingsley and the estate of Silas W. Ward.



  No children of this marriage in these records.


She also married Ira L. Kingsley.  Ira L. died about 1824 at Buffalo, Erie, NY.




MILITARY RECORDS: There is an Ira Kingsley, 27 Reg't (Bellinger's) New York Militia, fifer, Roll 118, p. 602.


FAMILY RECORDS:  from a great granddaughter, Henrietta Clarke Zank;  Ira Kingsley  was a plumber gas fitter and

                  when a young man, he died from a broken blood vessel in  Buffalo, New York



                William D.2 Kingsley                                                                        b. 24 Mar 1822                d.  4 Jul 1900

                Ira L. Kingsley                                                                                   b.   about 1823               

                Elizabeth (Betsy) Kingsley                                                              b.   about 1824               


She also married in 1825 at Truxton, Cortland, NY, Asa Crandall who was born in 1778 at Petersburg, Rensselaer, NY.  Asa died on 2 Sep 1846 at Cortland, NY.  Asa was also married to Priscilla Coon. 




CENSUS RECORDS: 1820 Census of Truxton, Cortland, NY.


1825 Census of Veterans Township, Tioga (now Chemung), 1 male, 2 females, qualified to vote, 1 married female under 45, 1 unmarried female 16-45. Also Truxton, Cortland, New York, 1 male, 2 females, qualified to vote, 1 unmarried female 16-45.


1830 Census of Veterans Township, Chemung, New York, 1 male, 50-60, 1 female, 40-50.


1835 Census of Truxton, Cortland, NY, 2 males, 2 females.



                Sally Ann2 Crandall                                                                          b. 24 Jul 1826                  d.  1 Mar 1852

                Jerome Bonepart Crandall                                                               b. 31 Aug 1828               d.  after 1880

                John V. Crandall                                                                                b. 27 Oct 1831                 d. 23 Nov 1896


William D.2 Kingsley, (Susan1 Babcock) was born 24 Mar 1822 at Truxton, Cortland, NY, and married Mary Jane Fenner who was born in 1834 at NY.  William D. died on 4 Jul 1900 at Cedar Springs, Kent, MI.


 SOURCE: 1850 Census of Covert, Seneca, NY; 1860 Census of Berkshire, Tioga, NY; 1870 Census of Ensley Twp, Newaygo, MI.



               Norman Sylvester3 Kingsley                                                            b.        1844                      d.

               Henrietta Kingsley                                                                            b.        1847                      d.    May 1870

               Ira L. Kingsley                                                                                    b.  5 Aug 1848                d.     

              Augusta R. Kingsley                                                                         b.    Apr 1852                  d.        1934

              Phobe Jane (Jennie) Kingsley                                                          b.  8 Aug 1856                d. 21 Aug 1920

              May Amelia Kingsley                                                                        b.  1 May 1865                d.  4 Jul 1933


 Ira L.2 Kingsley, (Susan1 Babcock) was born in 1823 at New York.



FURTHER RESEARCH NEEDED:  There is a Ira Kingsley, F 92 NY Inf., 11 Jul 1878, 258213, Application No., 204775 Certificate No.  Enlisted 21 Oct 1861, Priv, age 38, enlisted Potsdam, NY, Union Army.  Company T, 92 NY Infantry, Private.


Elizabeth (Betsy)2 Kingsley, (Susan1 Babcock) was born about 1824 at NY, and married (15079) Bartholomew Weaver who was born in 1808 at France.




CENSUS RECORDS: 1880 Census of Pierson, Montcalm, MI, p. 297; 1870 Census of Gallopolis Village, Cass, MI; 1860 Census of LaGrange Twp, Cass, MI.



              Charles W. Weaver                                                                            b.  1849

              Aseneth? Weaver                                                                              b. 1855

              Hattie3 Weaver                                                                                    b.  8 Jan 1859                  d.  7 Mar 1947

              Lottie E. (Lettie W.) Weaver                                                             b.    Nov 1863                  d.        1934

              Nettie Weaver                                                                                     b.        1865                     


 Sally Ann2 Crandall, (Susan1 Babcock) was born 24 Jul 1826 at NY, and married Schellenger who was born about 1804.  Sally Ann died on 1 Mar 1852 at Seneca, NY.  Schellenger was married to Whitmarsh. 



     Elizabeth Jennett3 Schellenger                                                                                                            d.        1847

     son Schellenger                                                                                                                                   



Jerome Bonepart2 Crandall, (Susan1 Babcock) was born 31 Aug 1828 at Cortland, NY, and on 14 Jun 1847 at Fayette, Ky, married Catherine (Cassandra) Martin who was born in 1825 at of Lexington, Fayette, KY.  Jerome Bonepart died after 1880 at KY.




CENSUS RECORDS: 1850 Census of District No. 1, Fayette, KY; 1880 Census of   District No.1, Richmond, Madison, KY.  1860 Census of Eastern Division,   Bourbon, KY, P.O. Paris.


1870 Census of Mount Sterling, Montgomery, KY, p.316;  J.P. Crandle, 41, butcher, b. NY, wife, Julianna, age 26, daughter, Cassandra, age 13, Jerome, age 11, and John H., age 9.


PARENTAGE:  Catherine appears to be daughter of David and Effiah (Webster) Martin.



        5073 +   David V.3 Crandall                                                                      b.        1848                     

        5072 +   Mary S. Crandall                                                                         b.        1851                     

        5130 +   Sallie (Sara) Ann Crandall                                                         b. 14 Nov 1853               

        5074 +   Catherine Crandall                                                                      b.        1855                     

        5076 +   Jerome Bonepart Crandall                                                         b. 18 Sep 1859                

        5075 +   John B. Crandall                                                                         b.        1861                      d.        1908


He also married on 20 Oct 1870 at Ky, (5077) Juliana Rice who was born in 1843 at Clark, KY.  Juliana died in Oct 1903.




PARENTAGE: Juliana, daughter of Clark and Charlotte (Brooks) Rice.  This Juliana was born about 1843 of Winchester, Clark, KY.


Clark Rice married Charlotte Brook, 19 Apr 1832 in Clark County, KY.


Parents, 1870 Census of Geddes Precinct, Clark, KY.


Rice Graveyard, White Conkwright Road, Clark County, KY; Clark Rice, b. 27 Sep 1805, d. 11 Mar 1877; Charlotte Rice, b. 27 Oct 1805, d. 5 Jan 1872.





        5078 +   Clark Rice3 Crandall                                                                    b. 27 Sep 1871                 d. 10 Dec 1924

        5079 +   Minnie Ray Crandall                                                                  b. 29 Oct 1873                

        5080 +   William Henry Crandall                                                             b. 20 Jun 1874                

        5081 +   Emma Belle Crandall                                                                   b.  2 Oct 1877                 

        5082 +   Juno Walker Crandall                                                                b. 20 Dec 1879               

        5083 +   Maude Taylor Crandall                                                             b. 25 Dec 1881               

        5084 +   Ernest Asa Crandall                                                                   b. 13 Apr 1885               



John V.2 Crandall, (Susan1 Babcock) was born 27 Oct 1831 at Cortland, NY, and on 10 Nov 1852 at Hector, Schuyler, NY, married Mary A. Clawson who was born 27 Apr 1832 at Hector, Schuyler, NY.  John V. died on 23 Nov 1896 at Ensley Twp, Newaygo, MI and was buried at Ensley Twp, Newago, MI.  Mary A. died on 23 May 1909 at Ensley, Newago, MI and was buried on 25 May 1909 at Ensley Twp, Newago, MI.




CENSUS RECORDS: 1855 Census of First Ward, Hector, Schuyler, NY.  1860 Census of Ensley Twp, Newaygo, MI.  1870 and 1880 Census of Ensley, Newaygo, MI.


COUNTY HISTORY: Newaygo County, 1884, p.393; John V. Crandall, proprietor of the "Pleasant Valley Farm," located on section 35, Ensley Township, was born in Cortland County, NY 27 Oct 1831.  His parents, Asa and Susan (Babcock) Crandall, were natives of New York and Massachusetts.  After their marriage, they settled in the State of New York, and the father died in Cortland County.  The mother came to Cass County, MI after her husband's death, and died there in 1861.  Mr. Crandall came to Michigan in the spring of 1856 and bought 120 acres of wild land in Ensley Township, where he has since carried on agriculture.  The tract was situated 14 miles from civilization, and he cut four miles of this road to his claim, and underwent all the privations and enjoyed all the satisfactions of pioneer experience.  He built a log house and set himself sturdily to work clearing away the forest to make room for other improvements.  He has added to his possessions by subsequent purchase until his farm aggregates 300 acres in the counties of Kent and Newaygo.  Of this, 210 acres are under cultivation.  He has added farm buildings of a character suitable to the name by which his place is known, and arranged its appearance generally in accordance therewith.  In political relations he is a member of the National Greenback party.  He was a resident of Ensley Township at the time of its organization, and has been Justice of the Peace since the first year thereafter, with the exception of about five years.  He has been Supervisor nine years and School Director 16 years.  He belongs to Sand Lake Lodge, No. 240, I.O.O.F.  Mr. Crandall was married 10 Nov 1852 in Schuyler County, NY to Mary V., daughter of Garrett and Lydia Clawson both of whom were natives of that county.  The Crandall household includes two children: Eugene E., born 3 Apr 1854; and Ida V., born 12 Jul 1857.  Both remain at home.  They are accomplished scholars and musicians. He is a teacher of music and is a fine artist in crayon and oil painting. Mr. Crandall was cradled in poverty and obtained a modicum of education in the common schools before attaining his majority.  The meager knowledge thus acquired was supplemented, after reaching man's estate by attending the Peach Orchard Academy, in Schuyler County, NY, which was located on the banks of Seneca Lake.  He made rapid progress through persevering application, and graduated in 1852.  He is a man of energy, and has done his township good service as a Supervisor.  He has also made a good record a s a Justice, and although never regularly admitted to the Bar, has been engaged in the successful practice of law five years.  He has been President of the Cedar Springs Agricultural and Horticultural Society during the past five years. Mr. C. has been heavily engaged in lumbering for 15 years.  Himself and son, under the firm style of J.V. Crandall & Son, run a steam mill and are actively prosecuting the manufacture of lumber and shingles.  During the past two years they have owned and managed a general mercantile establishment. Their working force varies from five to forty men, as their business requires.


CEMETERY RECORD:  Crandall Cemetery.


PARENTAGE: Mary V., daughter of Garrett and Lydia Clawson.  Census of Hector,   Tompkins, NY, Mary age 18.


CEMETERY RECORDS: Crandall Cemetery.


CENSUS RECORDS: 1900 Census of Ensley Twp, Newaygo, MI, 735, p. 123, 2 children, 2 living.


OBITUARY-found and posted by Dennis Zank, “paper unknown;  Mrs.J. V. Crandall passed away at her home in Ensley, May 23, 1909, age 77 years and 26 days. She was formerly Mary A. Clawson, daughter of Gerrett and Lydia Clawson, was born April 27, 1832 at Hector, Schuyler county, N. Y. November 10, 1852, she was united in marriage to John V. Crandall at Hector, N. Y., and in the spring of 1856 they came to Michigan settling in Ensley township, which has been  her home for 53 years, and to this union two children were born, Ida (Crandall) Bailard, who is now dead, and Eugene E. Crandall of Luther, Mich. She was a member of the Baptist church of Cedar Springs for several years, later uniting with the Ensley Center Baptist church. About nine weeks ago she had a stroke of paralyses from which she never recovered, death at last releasing her suffering. She leaves a son and two grandchildren to mourn her loss, besides other relatives and hosts of friends. The funeral was held at the home, May 25, Elder Spring of Ensley officiating; interment in Crandall cemetery.”



              Eugene E.3 Crandall                                                                            b.  3 Apr 1854                 d.  7 May 1938

              Ida V. Crandall                                                                                     b. 12 Jul 1857                  d. 22 Jan 1907






Syracuse paper, Tuesday, 22 May 2001; Orie C. Bush, 76, of 1160 Route 41A, Summerhill, died Sunday at home. Born in Cuyler, he worked 38 years at Gutchess Lumber Co., Cortland. Survivors: His wife, the former Harriet Brown; three daughters, Caroline VanKuren of Harford, Christine Morehouse of Triangle and Carlene Handelmann of Homer; two sons, Clesson and Orie, both of Homer; three sisters, Nellie Nefsey of Cincinnatus, Pearl Hicks of Homer and Ruth Angel of Lincklaen; a brother, Gurdon Bush of Cortland; 17 grandchildren; three great-grandchildren. Services: 1 p.m. Thursday at Wright-Beard Funeral Home. Burial, West Homer Cemetery, Homer. Calling hours, 6 to 8 p.m. Wednesday at the funeral home, 9 Lincoln Ave., Cortland. Contributions: Hospice of the Finger Lakes, 1130 Corporate Drive, Auburn 13021.


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