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Volume 10 Issue 6                                                                                June 2005



Effie Lenore Wiser’s journal excerpts from 1934 are continued here from last month’s newsletter.  The year is 1934.


Page 15-Sat. June 16-Father & Mother took Marie [Anderson Tidwell] & Aunt Linnie to Malad to see Marie’s father-They spent most of the day in Malad, had a beautiful pleasant drive & a good visit & sto[p]ped on their return trip in Preston to (visit crossed out) call on Nilus-and in Fairview to call on Ivy.  After dinner, Aunt Linnie went to Aunt Janie’s to spend the night.  Marie & mother came home & we spent the remainder of the evening visiting.  While the folks were in Malad, I heard the broadcast from Charleston West Va. of the 71st anniversary of the birth of the state & also the first anni[versary] of the N.R.A.  The U.S. officials from Washington D.C. arrived by airplane-the main speakers were the Gov. and Senator Hugh Johnson.  In their parade they had 20 colorful vans in honor of the N.R.A.


Page 16-Also heard the celebration at Bond Colo[rado] dedicating the new transcontinental railroad.  Dotsero cutoff a 38 mi[le] line that connects the old Moffet line through  the $18,000,000 Moffet tunnel with Denver & Rio Grande Western. The opening of this cutoff brings victory to Denver of a 75 year fight for the construction of this line & puts her on the main line.  The construction of the cutoff by RioGrande cost 4,000,000 & eliminates 175 miles of travel.  Five trains (2500 people, reached Bond for the dedication).  Gov. E.C. Johnson Colo[rado] took the throttle of the west bound giant 260,000 pound locomotive and Gov. Henry H. Blood Ut. the first train in from the west.


Page 17-June 17-Sun-Father’s day-A beautiful sunny day.  Father attended Sunday school, Mother, Marie & I visited and did up the morning work.  Then Venus & Allen & their family arrived from Shelly.  Aunt Linnie, Marjorie & family & others arrived and Marjorie took Marie home & Alice to call on friends.  During the day most of the family came to see Marie & to pay respect to father.  He received gifts of candy, flower- roses, socks, shirt & etc. and in the evening all the family that is all the adults of the family met here at home & had a pleasant party, visited, played games, had a musical program instrumental & singing, also readings, dancing & etc.  Then “dainty refreshments” were served.  Salad, several kind of sandwitches, olives, cake and ice cream furnished by the family (ch[ildren]).  All the living children were present with their hus[bands] & wives (16 in all) and five grandchildren, Alice, Rodney, Hal, & Paul, Shirley with her new husband


Page 18-Edgar.  About five p.m. the Passeys of Logan came for Marie so she & Aunt Linnie returned to Logan & were unable to remain for the party.  Marie to return to California, Vene & Allen remained after the party & spent the night with us. Mon. 18 Jun-Allen returned home after repairing his car which had broken the steering wheel or something just as he reached the gate a miracle there wasn’t a bad accident. Marjorie & Alice came & had dinner with us & Vene returned with them to Cove.  Nilus & Al came in the afternoon & took Mother & father to the funeral of Ruel Rawlins, four year old son of Ruel & Alice Rawlins.  In the evening Dr. Parkinson came & made plans to remove my tonsils & 2 teeth at 10 the following morning.


Page 19 [in light pencil, very difficult to read]-Eliza’s volentier [volunteer crops], shoulder high, barley cut & shocked in June.  Father took Vene & family home to Shelley Wed. June 27, 11 went (Marj[orie], Shirley, Dee, Kay)  Ret. Sun. Jul 1. Jul 4 Cedar Brakes[Breaks] ded[icated] a Nat[ional] Mon[ument].  3 July Preston airport dedicated. Ut. And Id. notables present, great air circus.  Rod not home.  July 4 Preston cele[bration].  Glenn & Cara have 1st airplane ride home.  Paul went with Kent in airplane to Aberdeen. [note-operation must have taken some time to recover from as there are at least 9 days between entries]


Page 20-24 July Mother & Father Nilus & Erwin family went to Muddy Canyon for celebration.  Ogden celebrated Pioneer Day 3 days.  29 wrote to Marie 30-[nothing noted], abt 20 July Wayne took scouts to Bear Lake Ret[urned] Sun, July 21, 700 scouts camped there. 29 Jul Verne & family went to Ogden Ut Sun.


Page 21-Aug 4-Sat-Wayne & family took England family to Soda Springs & Barbara for wk end.  5 p.m. Erwin & Adrian [Morrill] left for Alaska going to Shelly & Sun leave through Blkfoot [Blackfoot,ID],Arko[Arco], Hailey & Boise etc to Seattle by auto.  Sun-5 Aug.  Mother & father sang a duet in Sunday school  It was a pioneer program & they were dressed in Pioneer costumes.  Rec’d many compliments in both their singing & their costumes.


Page 22-Mon. Rec’d card from Erwin from Shelley, said he was leaving Shelley, Sun morning going through Blk Ft., Arco, Hailey to Boise & on his way to Seattle & Alaska.  Tue. Glenn operated on at Budge Hosp. Tonsils op.  Mother left with Al & Nilus for Preston in the evening.  Wed. Mother went with them to Phyllis to Shelley.  Glenn came home from Hosp.  May came and washed h.[ouse] cleaned. Heard Pres R[oosevelt] talk in Rochester Minn where he presented the plaque to the Mayo Bros. Dr. William Jr. & Charles H. Mayo.  Citation & honor by American Legion.


Page 23-Thurs 9 Aug Genevieve came & got breakfast for Father.  Pres Roosevelt gave address at Wis.  9 Aug. Rec’d card from Erwin from Kennewick Wash.  Wanda a card from Seattle both written on the 7th.  Had just arrived in evening & was going to a show.


Page 24-Aug 10-Fri. Pres. Roosevelt reached Wash. D.C. this a.m. after trip in Atlantic O. [began in Annapolis, Md.],Port R.[don’t know where this is, maybe Part R. for part recreation]Hawaii & across cont. [continent] from Portland.  Albert Bybee called on in this morning.  He was making a two day visit in Lewiston  Has been work for 6 wks visiting 500 CCC camps-in Calif., Ida.,Ore. & Wash.-Drove down from Boise yesterday in 6 hrs. was leaving today for Yellowstone Park.  Hazel & children are fine-Warden is in one of the CCC camps.  Mother came home from Shelley today.  Vene & family are fine except Vene leg is bothering her.  Allen & Rod on threshing machine.  On their way to Shelly Wed they stop[p]ed at Pocatel[l]o & saw the wonderful parade which took 40 min. to pass.  Their 3rd day of celebration in


Page 25-tribute to the west’s pioneers.  The Fort Hall centennial ended with a historical pa[e]gant.  Fort Hall & the Snake River valley-the most magnificent pageant was presented in Ida.  Glenn & family went to Shelley.  Rec’d letter from Miss Pearce.  Said she was on her way here from Ogden making stops at Brigham & Logan. 13 Mon. Mother put up string beans now has 39 qts. up.


Page 26-Tues 14 Aug.  Mother took part in the Relief Society Pageant.  Representing the Gold Star mothers, Eulalia the pioneer mother-Sister Taggart the missionary mother & Sister Champion the grandmother and Alice Hendricks-the youngest mother.  Mother looked lovely in white with her white hair & blue cap, etc.  Rec’d many compliments & a lovely bo[u]quet of glads.  Brought tears to the eyes of congregation.  Nilus & Al & 2 girls came & spent the evening.  Nilus was so busy she did not remember to meet the bus & get the new dress Lou Warren was bringing up from Salt Lake for mother.


Page 27-Wed 15-Aug.-[nothing noted]  Thur. 16 Marj & Kay came washed & etc.  Erwin & Adrian returned from Seattle.  Because of strike conditions they could not get work on any of the boats as they expected to help pay their expenses to Alaska so returned home.  They were offered a free ride on a boat with a bootlegger to Juno [Juneau]-the day they arrived in Seattle but refused as they were still “fussy”.  Could have gone on a new fishing boat but didn’t want to wait so long it would delay them 2 wks longer in [can’t read] & had new home & get in crops. Mother & father went to Preston for Al’s A.L. Cap.   Beginning of the 3 day American legion convention.  Emerett & Eva went down & [can’t read].


Page 28-Mrs. Marshall-Shirley sister in-law called.  Dem [demonstrated] Fuller Brush.  Liked her very much & we had a good long visit.  Fri.-14 Aug.  Mother and father went this morning to Logan to attend the convention.  Gov. Blood & National commander.  Ed. Hayes were the speakers at the 10 a.m. meeting.  Mother was to ride in the parade in the evening.  Mother & father attended the meeting which they thought one of the best things ever attended.  Com.Hayes made a wonderful talk on prepardness to prevent war.  Both were presented to the Gov. Mother attended the tea at Mrs. Eccles in honor of the Gold Star mothers-went at special invitation of Mrs. Trolman.  Father attended the Ball game in the p.m.


Page 29-Sat. Aug 18-Father returned to Logan to attend the final ball game of the legion.  Mother was too tired to attend.  Aunt Millie returned with father & remained until Mon a.m.  Sun 19-Glenn & Emerett went to Salt Lake. Ret. Tue mid  & got their fruit at Brigham.  Nilus & Al & kids.  Aunt Lizzie & Sister Cunningham came in p.m.  Mon 21-Aunt Millie went to Aunt Janie from here before returning home.  She chocked some on my silk ring while here.  Marjorie & Kay came & spent the day while Lou Ell went to Brigham for fruit.  Father went to see Dr. about his goitered finger.  Had nail removed ordered to quit milking.  Worked on gen. (genealogy) most of day.


Page 30-Tue. 21 Mother went to Wanda’s while Father was at Dr. office.  Wanda & kiddies came down in evening while Erwin & Wayne were milking.  Wanda said she put Dee in a milk diet for remainder of week.  She went to Dr. office while Mother was there.  They also went through Mrs. Stocks new home.  It will be finished in abt. 3 wks.  Wrote to Dr. Robinson & sent gen. info.  Wed. 22 Father went this morning to Logan. Mother went with her to Marjories.  Erwin threshing today.  Wayne yesterday.  Lowell came & helped.


Page 31-Wed 22 Father went to Logan to B’s trial.  Thur 23  Fir 24 May came worked. Father went to Logan to Brig’s trial.  Glenn & Emerett went to Ogden.  Sat. 25 Vene & Allen & kids came abt noon and brought lunch, lots of fruit that Allen had on his fishing trip.  To [can’t read]


Page 32 business & then to Teton fishing.  He & Harry. Wayne & Eva Erwin & Wanda came & took Vene & Allen to Preston to show Shirley & Ed. Came & took Alice to Davie at Preston.  Rod & Adrian Lila & Ruth went also.  Sun. 26 Aug.  A crowd here all day also 16 or 18 for dinner.  Nilus & kids came early as Al went to Richmond to the 3 Stake conv.  Verne & Lowell also attended & Eva & Wayne went to Logan to the funeral of Bernie Peterson Merrill’s dau. (Dr. Merrill) Ollie Jean. All the others members of the family came except Nell. Verne didn’t get here in time to bring her down. 


Page 33-Vene & Allen returned home about 5 p.m.  Alice & Rod remained here & Hal stayed in Preston with Paul.  Mon. 27 Aug.  Had the threshers but they finished before noon so did not have to get dinner.  Tues 28 Mother & Alice bottled 42 gls of peaches.  Then Alice made a number of calls in the afternoon.  Al came for Alice.  Wanted her to visit 5 ch. boards the next day.  She waited until evening however.  Shirley came back with her & she & Wanda & Erwin took her to Preston.  Rod went to a party at Lillian Swinyard & Ruth Shirley returned & stayed over night with me & left about 5 a.m. Wed. 29 with her father’s to go to Ogden.  Glenn went down in the Bus.  He traded his truck for a Reo & had his bus changed to the Reo truck & then returned home.


Page 34-Wed 29 Mother & I finished bottling up peaches.  Bro. Westover brought them from Providence late the night before.  Aunt Linnie came up form Logan with Erwin & spent the night with us.  Rod helped father in the hay 7 also to milk.  Thur. 30 Aug mother cooked 3 batches of peach perserves we had peeled yesterday & cooked Pottawattamie plums for jelly.  About 10 a.m. the crowd left on Waynes’ truck for the park.  Aunt Linnie Wayne & Eva Erwin & Wanda Leora & LaVere Alice & Ruel Lapriel & Orson [Hyer] Lila & Adrian Mr. And Mrs. Larwence Baird.  Allen & Vene are to join them at Shelley.  Alice &  Rod & Hal returned to Shelly with them.


Page 35-Rec’d a letter today from Laurence P. Telford from Salt Lake.  He is working with the U.S. Coast & Geodetic Survey working in Calif., Nev. Ida arrived in SLC from Twin Falls via Blue Creek.  Tue. Headed for Salina.  Fri 31 Mother making jelly father still cutting his 3rd cut of hay.  Having trouble with the mower.  Sister France came & spent the afternoon with us had lunch.  Rulon Telford his wife & two sons stopped in to see us.  They are all fine but Uncle Johnny came from Firth with them & he was too ill to get out of the car.  Had been ill a wk. with int. flu before returning home to Los Angeles Rulon was going from S.L. C. to grandady Lukes’ Fisher with a friend we are also going to visit Boulder Dam. 


Page 36-Had been visit Letha’ folks in Ida Falls. & also Lou Firth Lafe Cy & Byron reported Lucille fine.  But Pearl not yet recovered from serious operation last Dec.  At 8:30 p.m. Phyllis phoned that Milton had been hurt & wanted to take him to the Dr.  Father & Mother went up.  Milton wasn’t hurt bad.  Lost quite a little blood & had to have a stitch taken.  Sat. Sept 1-mother finished up her Potawattamie jelly & put up 5 qts of fresh fruit and bought tomatoes  & grapes to put up.  Emerett came in the morning for a short time and again in the late afternoon.  She & Maretta & Cara Lou & bought us some tomatoes.  Nell & the kiddies and Aunt Eva


Page 37 came & spent the evening while Verne was milking.  Shirley came in on her way to the dance & showed us her new hat & shoes that she bought in Ogden.  Wrote to Lawrence T. invited him to come and see us when he is in Ut.  Sept 2. Sun Mother & father went to Sunday School.  In the afternoon Nilus & Al & kids came Margaret & Lucile have both been sick Margaret was too ill for Nilus to leave so could not go to the Park with the crowd.  Al had planned on going in his own car but along with the others & attend the officers conv. Sat & Sun at Old Faithful Inn.  Nilus also had new hat & shoes.  The Am. Leg. Reg. Convent.


Page 38 is this week.  Nilus is in conv and is one of hostesses at the banquet.  Marj & Kay came over & brought us some tomatoes.  Chloe & Vonda came a while this evening.  They are going back to Pegram tomorrow on business & to get some of their things & then are coming back for the winter.  The drought is so bad in Pegram that they did not raise a thing on their 120 acre farm had to sell their 22 head of cows stock as their was nothing for them to eat-got to get some hay 20 mi. away in Wyo. &  the reserve so kept two of his horses.  The Gov. is planning on taking over all of this Pegram territory & making


Page 39 it into a game & bird reserve.  One family has already sold to gov. & another family planned on a lovely home in or near Boise.  Turned cool today so that we needed a fire part of the day. Big textile strike called Factorys closed last night & will not open again until settlement made by employers. Chloe & Geo. Stayed with Vella’s kids while she & Oscar went to Yellowstone.  Mon. Labor day Marjorie & Kay came over with Lowell as he came in the morning to help Verne in the hay.  Marjorie worked then helped mother put up tomatoes.


Page 40 Sept 4 Tues. Marjorie & Kay came over with Lowell & mother & Shirley & Marj & Kay went to Preston visited with Nilus & she went to Dr’ with Marjorie to get her eyes tested and mother & Shirley went to the show at the Grand Theater.  Kay came home thrilled over his visit with Margaret & the little sand bucket she gave him.  Today I heard the program over the radio of the second day of the peace celebration at Old Fort Niagra (Indian Day) There were descendants of the six nations of Indians present.  Three great Indian chiefs were to speak Seneca Tuscarora one other


Page 41 Old Fort Niagra is located on the Niagra River & on Lake Ontario.  The celebration was in honor & in memory of the 3 centuries their Americans have been at the Fort 1627-1934.  Civilization assured by the Jesuits & Francisco missionaries to the Indians (5 nations Iroquois) by the traders & the Military.  At close of French & Indians War in 1759 the French surrendered the Fort to the British.  Then the colonies won the Rev. War in 1776 but the British did not surrender the Old Fort until 1796.  In 1812 the Fort was again in the hands of the British.  Then in 1817 came the historical arrangement (or treaty) signed by the Prov. Of Canada Great Britian & USA limiting the


Page 42 ships on the Great Lakes etc.  The good will & understanding between these two nations U.S.A. & Canada the greatest in the world.  With over 3000 miles of unfortified boundary.  Gov. Herbert H. Layman of N.Y. was the main speaker.  He was introduced by Col. Morrow-Com. Of Fort Niagra.  Wed. Sept 5 bottled 17 ˝ qts of grape juice today.  Glenn still hauling hay here was too wet so had to just pick around both here & at “Perks”. Heard the Bird program this evening.  Reception the best since the program began. Almost unbelievable that people can carry on a conversation with people 10,000 miles away.  Little America to the U.S.A.


Page 43 Monday. Deseret News gave an account of an accident in Sardine Canyon Sat night abt. 10 p.m. R.L. Telford & wife & sons of Los Angeles-a horse stepped out of the shadows right in front of Rulons car.  He crashed into it, killing the horse & damaging the car.  The folks got off with slight cuts & bruises.  Big Legion Regional banquet & convention at Preston today.  Nilus is the Vice Pres. of the auxiliary.  At 9 p.m. the party from the park arrived home tired but happy.  Had driven from Jackson Hole since noon.  Had a lovely trip was cool in the park but the last day from Jackson was hot & dusty.  Aunt Linnie brought mother a beautiful green (mouthed) [don’t know what this is] crockery vase.  (To be continued next in next month’s newsletter.)




Please accept our condolences to those who recently lost family members.

Dale Willert, 81, of Charles City died Tuesday (April 19, 2005) at his daughter's home in Charles City. Funeral services will be held at 1:30 p.m. Friday at Hauser Funeral Home in Charles City with the Rev. David Werges of St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church officiating. Burial will be in Sunnyside Memory Gardens, rural Charles City. There will be a flag presentation by the Charles City Ceremonial Unit. Friends may call at the Hauser Funeral Home from 5 to 8 p.m. today and from 12:30 p.m. until service time on Friday. Dale Fredrick Willert was born Oct. 22, 1923, on a farm southeast of Rockford, a son of Alfred and Marietta Maggie (Lohr) Willert. He received his education in a rural school and then attended and graduated from Charles City High School in 1942. He married Pearl Adams/Schultz (her ancestry to Benjamin Wiser Sr., her father, Louis Eli Edwin Adams, Byron (Lewis) Sidney Adams, Temperance M. Wiser Adams, Samuel Wiser, Benjamin Wiser) on Aug. 12, 1944, in McGregor.  In 1945, he served in the United States Navy, taking his basic training at the Great Lakes Naval Base. Dale worked at the Oliver Tractor Plant in Charles City for many years. Later, he raised turkeys west of town. He co-owned a Standard gas station with his son-in-law, Ray, in Haines, Fla., for nine years. The couple returned to Iowa and lived just outside of Bassett for 19 years. After Pearl died, he moved into Charles City. He liked fishing, hunting, and sports. He was a hard worker and a good provider for his family. He was a member of St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church, Charles City, and active in the American Legion since 1945. Living family members include four children: Bette Willis, Avon Park, Fla., Robert (Betty) Schultz, of Dixon, Ill., Ila Simpson, Charles City, and Donald Schultz of East Flat Rock, N. C.; eight grandchildren; 13 great-grandchildren; sister, Romona Jacobson of Cedar Rapids, and brother, Vern (Maxine) Willert of Charles City He was preceded in death by his parents; step-parents; his wife of 48 years; two sisters: Norma Frisbie and Lola Reetz; and brothers-in-law Robert Frisbie and Leo Jacobson. Memorials may be directed to Hospice of North Iowa Charles City site. The Hauser Funeral Home, (641) 228-2323, Published in the Mason City, IA Globe Gazette from 4/20/2005 - 4/21/2005.


Hazel Lucille Adams (her ancestry to Benjamin Wiser, her mother, Mary (Edith) Ethel Gregory Pennington, James Gregory, Matilda Ann Wiser Gregory, Samuel Wiser, Benjamin Wiser), 89, passed away Thursday, March 10, 2005, at Blue River Care Center. Services will be 10 a.m., Monday, March 14, at the Park Lawn Chapel, where friends may call 3-5 p.m., Sunday. Graveside services will be 2:30 p.m., Monday, at Utica Cemetery, Utica, MO. Hazel was born Oct. 1, 1915, in Chillicothe, MO, to John and Mary Edith (Gregory) Pennington. She had lived in the Kansas City area since 1942. She was a member of First Regular Baptist Church, of Kansas City, and the G.U.I.C. Union. She was preceded in death by her husband, Charles Elmer Adams, 1961, and son, Richard Adams, 2002, grandson, Bryan Adams, 1989, and great-granddaughter, Elizabeth Stifter, 1995, as well as nine brothers, two sisters and her parents. She is survived two sons, Charles Ronald Adams, Paola, KS, and John A. Adams, Grandview, MO; two daughters, Shirley Leap, Grain Valley, MO, and Jean Brooks, Overland Park, KS; 15 grandchildren and 28 great-grandchildren, and six great-great-grandchildren. (Arr; Park Lawn Funeral Home 816-5231234). Published in the Kansas City, MO Star on 3/12/2005.


Kay Gee Seely (his ancestry to Benjamin Wiser, his mother, Mary Arlene Gee Seely, Mary McKinna Cunningham Gee, Mary Olive Wiser Cunningham, John McCormick Wiser, Samuel Wiser, Benjamin Wiser), age 77 of Sunnyvale. Died February 26, 2005.  Memorial Service May 4th at 2:00 p.m. at Nobili Chapel University of  Santa Clara.  Arrangements by Wyant & Smith Funeral Home and Crematory.  Published in the San Jose, CA Mercury News on 3/3/2005. Kay Gee Seely was born April 3, 1927, the only child of Clader and Arlene Gee Seely, in Rexburg. During the war the family moved to Culver City, Calif., to work in the aircraft industry. After the war they moved to Provo, Utah and Kay spent a year at Brigham Young University, before serving an LDS mission to France. He loved the language and the country. He spoke French fluently and without an accent. He finished his bachelor's degree at BYU and he enlisted in the U.S. Army during the Korean War. He attended the U.S. Army Language School in Monterey, Calif., and was sent abroad as a Russian interpreter. Kay later earned a master's degree, then his doctorate at Columbia University in French language. While at Columbia, he lived with a Russian family and maintained fluency in this language as well. He was a member of the National Language and Foreign Language Honor Society. Kay taught in the French Department at Santa Clara University for many years before his health forced his retirement. He lived the life he chose. His great passion was travel which included many trips to Europe and the Middle East. He spent a summer at the Sorbonne in Paris. Friends and family regret that he never married and enjoyed the gift of children. Published in the Rexburg Standard Journal, 5/27/2005.


Randall Hudson Sr. (his wife Madeline Goldsmith’s ancestry to Benjamin Wiser, Sr., her father, William M. Goldsmith, William Fielding Goldsmith, Elizabeth (Isabel) Steele Goldsmith, Mary (Polly) Wiser Steele, James Wiser, Benjamin Wiser), 80, of Louisville, died Monday, September 6, 2004, at Caritas Medical Center. He was a native of Ohio County, KY, a retired carpenter for Martin Flooring Co., an Army veteran of World War II and a member of Mill Creek VFW Post # 5421. He is survived by his sons, Randall Hudson Jr., Mike Hudson and Kenneth Hudson; daughter, Brenda Goodman; 10 grandchildren; 22 great-grandchildren; and two great-great-grandchildren. His funeral service will be held at 11 a.m. Friday at Owen Funeral Home, 5317 Dixie Hwy., with burial in Bethany Cemetery. Visitation will be from 1-9 p.m. Thursday and after 9 a.m. Friday.  Published in The Louisville, KY Courier-Journal on 9/7/2004.


Raymond M. "Ray" Benton, Sr. (his ancestry to Benjamin Wiser Sr., his father, Raymond M. Benton, Ira Jones Benton, Aaron Jones Benton, Mariam Elis Wiser Benton, James Wiser, Benjamin Wiser), of Manchester, GA died July 8, 2004. Mr. Benton is survived by his wife, Frances Benton, daughters, Jayne E. Vincent, Union City; Tina A. Walsh, Newnan; sons, Raymond M. (Mike) Benton, Jr., Sharpsburg; Anthony D. Clifton, Manchester; sister, Reeda M. Neisz, Antioch, TN; nine grandchildren, and two great grandchildren. Funeral services will be held Saturday, July 10, 2004 at 4 o'clock at the chapel of Parrott Funeral Home. Interment, Holly Hill Memorial Park. Those desiring may send an on-line condolence at The family will receive friends Saturday afternoon from 2-4 P.M. at Parrott Funeral Home, Fairburn. 770-964-4800.  Published in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on 7/9/2004.


Vernon E. Smith (his ancestry to Benjamin Wiser, Sr., his mother Rozella Anderson Smith, Martha Elizabeth Smith Anderson, Amanda Jane Wiser Smith, John McCormick Wiser, Samuel Wiser, Benjamin Wiser), a resident of Mount Shasta, died at his home on December 23, 2003.  He was 81.  Vernon was born September 10, 1922 in Weiser, Idaho.  He moved to Siskiyou County from Hayward in 1987.  Vernon was a longtime iron worker in the San Francisco Bay area, a U.S. Navy veteran of World War II, a member of the Iron Workers Union of America 377 in San Francisco and a member of the Mount Shasta Baptist Church.  Survivors include wife Mary, sons Vernon and Ralph, both of Mount Shasta, brother Eldon of Prineville, Ore., three grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.  Arrangements are being handled by Allen & Dahl Funeral Chapel in Redding.  Published in the Mount Shasta, CA Herald  1/14/2004 or Redding, CA Record Searchlight, 12/27/2003.






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