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Volume 10 Issue 7                                                                                July 2005



Effie Lenore Wiser’s journal excerpts from 1934 are continued here from last month’s newsletter. Page 44 begins on Thursday, September 6, 1934.


Page 44 Thur [6 September 1934]-Aunt Linnie took the 7 a.m. car for home as she had to return to work this morning.  She was tired but stood her trip fine.  Father went to Logan this morning with Mr. Westover & ordered a tank for the bathroom at Smithfield-as our tank is leaking.  While gone father learned of the terrible car accident in Wellsville.  Little 5 yrs old girl was killed & Verda S. Jensen, Myrtle Bevan & Nedra Stephenson all in the hospital.  Nedra suffering from shock & 2 fractured ribs.  Verda concussion of the brain, broken leg, fractured & dislocated hip, broken pelvis, etc., etc.  Myrtle broken leg, terrible cuts & bruises, internal inj. to lungs, head entirely scalped except abt. 2 in. in back & tongue split full length through


Page 45 the center.  Verda not expected to live & small chance for Myrtle unable to do or think of much else all day.  Then learned of much worse horror to a 17 yrs. old Richmond girl.  Emerett & kiddie here several times today as Glenn is till hauling hay here & at Perks.  Nells & kiddie & Aunt Em came & spent early evening while Verne was milking.  Recd letter from Salem [may be someway else] from Lawrence S. Telford.  We ironed & put up a few bottles of tomato juice.  Hope this finished the canning as we have use all our bottles & bought 2 extra doz.  Dee, Sylmar & Gordon came down this a.m. to show us the boats & etc. that their folks brought them from the park.  Gen came later.  Also Kenneth,


Page 46 Eliza & kiddies went to Logan today she will remain down & take Lewis to clinic to see if his tonsil must come out.  Mother went to town also.  Wanda’s Robert is quite sick & was most of the time that they were away.  Janet is sick also & Gayle has blood poison in her arm.  Wayne went to Logan this a.m. & brought the kids home.  Fri. [7 September 1934] Father went to Logan with Glenn this morning.  Glenn was getting new tires for his bus & getting ready to beg sch. work.  Father went to Hosp. & talked with Myrtle B. Verda still in coma.  Maud Dopp & Sister Taggart


Page 47 & Bro. Taggart came in the afternoon.  Had a good visit with them.  Mother went to Eva’s with Valeria Pond.  Shirley came & spent a couple of hrs. with me in the evening was planning on going to SLC in the morning.  Sat. [8 September 1934] Father & mother went to Brigham to attend Peach Day celeb.  (2nd day.)  Took Aunt Millie to Bro. V.O. [Van Orden] with them.  Had a good time & pleasant trip.  The parade was very good & also ball games & 2 lovely [not sure] shows.  Heard account of the terrible Morro Castle disaster at sea (over radio) Ship burst into flames.  Lightning (thought to be cause) bolt struck ship-exploded oil tanks abt 3 a.m.many caught in flames & escape impossible.


Page 48 some took to life boats-others jumped overboard.  Dead abt 200.  Rescue work continued all day.  2 men talked on radio who were swimming in sea for abt 8 hrs without life preservers.  Women died in cabins because they remained to dress. Many acts of heroism.  Wanda came in for a few min.  Robert is better.  Sun 9 Sep. [1934]  Father went to Sunday School.  Then he & mother went to Richmond in the p.m. to Priesthood meeting.  Cliff’s quartet sang 3 songs in the meeting.  Wanda & Erwin came down for a while during the afternoon.  Could not leave Robert for longer


Page 49 as he is still sick.  Nilus & Al & ch. came had good visit.  Nilus said she cousin Minn Thomas is in Preston trying to sell her home.  Is coming here before returning to Long Beach.  Al got the cows & helped father milk before retuning home.  Glenn & Emerett & kids came in for a few min.  Cold yesterday & today.  Tomato & cucumber plants froze this a.m.  Mon. 10 Sep. [1934] School started here in Lewiston.  Gayle, Maretta, Gordon & Rhea started & are quite thrilled about it.  School was out at noon.  Eva, Gayle & Janet & Marjorie came in & visited while Wayne & Kay & Lowell were at Lorain Karrens.  Eva was in


Page 50 the middle of her washing so they would not stay to dinner.  Worked on gen. all the afternoon.  Tue. Sept 11.  [1934] Marjorie & Kay came over abt 7 a.m. with Lowell as he came to help Erwin in his hay.  Mother & father & Marjorie & Verne & Nell went to Logan.  They all went to the county fair except Marjorie.  She went to Dr. T.B. Budge for her glasses then stayed at Aunt Millies as she had such a headache.  They had a real good time.  Saw Erwin & Wayne & fam. Down there at the rodeo, as it blew so hard they could not haul the hay after all.  Nilus & Al & Margaret came in the p.m.  Wed. Sep 12. [1934] Marjorie came over early with Lowell.  Washed & then she & mother & Kay went to Preston to Nilus.  Nilus is going to help Marj. make & remodel her


Page 51 coat.  Kay stayed all night with me.  Father went to the fair again today went down with Bro. Westover so Marj. could have our car-wouldn’t wait for Verne as he wanted to see the horse pulling but is coming back with Verne.  He & Nell went down to take Rhea as its Lewiston Sch. day at the fair.  Clare is so lonesome with out Rhea.  He just wanders and the place calling Rhea all the time she is in sch.  Rec’d a ltter from Marie & Miss Pearce wrote to Miss Pearce sent her $5.50 for research Wiser records.  She will do what she can before leaving for N.Z. on the 16th.  Worked most all day on genealogy.


Page 52 Thur Sept. [13, 1934] Father & Mother & Verne went to Logan to the fair.  This is the last day of the fair enjoyed it very much, good exhibits. Rodeo, horse races & pulling matches.  Two prizes came to Lewiston 2nd prize.  Fine handsome teams & many fine prize animals shown.  Heard the 2nd program of the S.L.Choir from Chi. where they are spending the week at the Century of Progress, guests of Henry Ford.  This B.C. was given at the great plaza where they were guests of the Chicago Daily News.  The choir is winning great acclaim from the people more so even than the wonderful Detroit Symphony orchestra that has played at Ford gardens.


Page 53 wrote to Dr. T. Fletcher Telford of N.Z.  Fri. Sept. [14, 1934] Ironed & did little else.  Too worn out from so many hard days.  Norma Wiser came in & spent the afternoon.  Is much improved since her operation. Nell & kiddie & Aunt Em came while Verne was doing his milking.  He has rec’d letter from Denver to tell him he can take one year’s work at least at the A.C.[Utah State Agricultural College] on his studying  for veterinarian.  He expects to begin school on the 24th.  Investigation of disaster of Morro Castle still on.  Also arms investigation.  Marjorie brought Kay over to spend the night & also Sat. as she is driving Edna Larson to the hospital at 8 in the morning to


Page 54 take her son Glenn down for the Drs to make a complete going over etc.  Marjorie got her glasses from Dr. Budge.  Looks good but strange & older.  Sat. [15 September 1934] (Rec’d letter from Mrs. Thompson asking Wiser Rec.) Erwin & Wanda are taking Adrian & Lila to Shelley this morning.  Ade is going to work in spuds.  They took father’s truck & will sleep in it at Vernes.  Genevieve & Denny & Anita are staying here.  Nilus & Al came in for a few min.  Brought Lucille & Margaret to Emerett’s for a perm.  Barbara & Gen got theirs Mother went over to Sister Cunningham to see how Delpha is-was op. at Budge H. 4 operations abt Thur.  Sun. [16 September 1934] Got up at 7 a.m. got Kay dressed & gave him his breakfast & sent him home with Gene Baer on the milk truck.  Took my sun bath & w. bath & dressed & helped get the other kids off for home.  Then went to bed and stayed until 5:30 p.m. sick & completely worn out.


Page 55 Mother & Father went to Preston about 2 p.m. to see cousin Minn Thomas but she was in Downey made two trips to see her.  Spent remaining time at Nilus’.  Emerett called & said Maretta was not feeling well yesterday & felt quite miserable this morning.  But she left the kids all at Eva’s as she had to take her chorus girls to Richmond to sing in Genealogical meeting both this morning & p.m.  This evening phoned that Maretta was very bad  & were taking her to Budge Hospital to operate on her tonight for appendicitis. Mother has gone down to stay with the kids.  Mrs. Millar is coming tomorrow to stay at the hospital with Maretta.  Marjorie & Lowell & Carl & Zina have gone to Preston to the show left Kay here


Page 56 until they get home.  Maretta operated on at 10 p.m.  Op was over in one hr.  Append. was 5 in. long, etc. good thing op. wasn’t put off.  She got along as well as could be exp.  Never made an objection when they wheeled her off alone to the op. room.  Glenn  & Emerett watched through glass enclosure.  Mon. [17 September 1934] Worked on gen. all day.  Mother went to Eliza’s in p.m.  Heard that Maretta was very miserable but as well as could be expected.  Delph Myrtle & Verda all better.  Emerett’s mother reached Logan at 6 p.m. car stayed with Maretta & Emerett came home. Verne has sold his farm to Wayne but no business arrangements made yet.  Will go to A.C. next wk.


Page 57 Tue [18 September 1934]-Father went to Smithfield to see about why the tank didn’t come.  The one in bathroom leaking worse all the time.  Marjorie came to wash.  Lowell & Kay went to Riverside with Wayne to bunch hay.  Father went on to Logan & went to the hospital.  Maretta is fine & slept all night.  Delph & Myrtle doing fine.  Wed.[19 September 1934] Wrote & worked on gen.


Page 58 Thurs. [20 September 1934] Mother went to Logan with Emerett-noon.  Did not return until 9 p.m.  They found Maretta & Delph getting along fine.  Also called on Myrtle who was fine also but Verda is still delirious & no better.  Maretta’s grandmother Millar left at noon & Maretta was begging to be moved into a ward with the little 10 yrs. old girl who was operated on the same day.  They did[n’t] move her however but prob will in a few days.  Mother had a good visit with Aunt Millie.  She gave her a lily.  Paper report find one arrested (making 4) of the Lindbergh kidnappers also $15,750 of the ransom money(cons.[idered] a one man job)  in garage of Bruno Richard Hauptman 35 yrs. German carpenter was bad boy of home town Kamenz Germany convicted thief etc. etc. Fri. [21 September 1934] Glenn stopped in to see Verne’s cows will prob. buy some of them.  Mother planted her crown lily. Wrote to Dru Warner.  Besides new evidence in the Lindburg baby kidnapping.  Report gave of the destructive typhoon in heart of Japan.  1346 died, 3057 injured 300,000,000 yen damage ($35,000,000?) nation’s worst disaster since 1923 earthquake 2 passenger trains blown over & 50 sch. houses.  Hundreds sch. ch .killed [can’t read]


Page 59 Sat. Sept 22 [1934] mother went to Logan with Glenn & Emerett.  Harriet also went.  Maretta & Myrtle fine.  It was after visiting hrs. so not allowed in room.  Mother got her a new pair of shoes.  Aunt Alice came over to phone about the party they are planning for their father’s birthday.  Aunt Alice said Vella [NaVella Wiser Rawlings] returned home from the hospital at Preston yesterday.  She was operated & remained abt 3 days (mis c.[miscarriage?] & etc.)  Emerett did not come back with Glenn as they had moved Maretta into a ward & would not let her see her until the 8 o’clock work hr.  She was coming back with Bp. Hendricks who was there with his son Russel [not sure] who was op. on for app.  Maud Hyer also in hosp. was op. on at SLC & in hosp. there for a while.  She came home but got worse so had to go today on to hosp.  Paper con full of Lindburgh’s kidnapping.


Page 60 Sun 23 Sep. [1934](Rained all night off & on all day).  Early morning report over radio of death of Pres. Anthony W. Ivins.  Most beloved & well known man in the West.  Just a wk ago celebrated 82nd birthday.  Rec’d hundred of telegrams & letters.  One from Pres. Roosevelt & Sec. Geo H. Dern.  Mother & father have gone to funeral of Aroetta Whittle Pond (77 yrs old).  She had a stroke two wks ago and died last Thur.  May of Calgary could not come home but Lou of Palo Calif.  Nilus & Al came down to the funeral & home to dinner.  Verne & Nell & kiddies came & Al took all including mother & father down to Logan to see Maretta.  Verne start school at the U.S.A.C. in the morning.  Has an 8 o’clock class 3 times a week so can’t take the inter car.  Will rent a room, he & Boyd Ririe [not sure] will batch during bad


Page 61 weather.  While the others were gone Marjorie came & brought Kay to spend the night Mon. she brought Eva & kids & Shirley & Lowell & Mary & Erwin & Wanda are going to S.L.C. at 7 a.m. to trade Lowell’s car in .  Wayne can’t go with them as he is installing the tank tub tomorrow.  Nilus doesn’t expect to come down soon as Al & Mr. Taggart are going to Aberdeen about Tue. & remain prob. until Sun.  Al went to the SC [not sure] yesterday to find he will be called out soon to one of the CCC camps. Mon. 24 Sep [1934] still raining.  Myrtle returned home from the hospital.


Page 62 25 Sep [1934] Tues rained here about all night.  Snowed in the mountains.  Mountains covered with snow down to agricultural line.  From appearance there is more snow than at any time last fall.  The mountains were bare of snow even highest peaks from last Jan.  Marjorie came to wash.  They did not go to S.L.C. yesterday as planned but stopped in Ogden & traded in their car in a good Chevrolet car.  It rained continually all day in Ogden.  The car top leaked so they were all wet when they got to Ogden.  They went out shopping & got wet a number of times so Marj. has a dreadful cold.  Shirley came in p.m. & went home with Marj.  Lowell & Erwin worked all day at garage grinding valves & etc. in Lowell’s car.  Think he made a good trade.  Kay real thrilled over car & new things his mother brought home (over all big box of cre[can’t read] & cookies).


(will conclude in next month’s newsletter.) [Bolding added to dates. –R.R.]





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Agnes Helen Beach, (her ancestry to Benjamin Wiser, Sr., her mother Addie (Adda) Thomas Thornburg Butz, Nathan (Inman) Thornburg alias Miles B. White, Cloe S.D. Wiser Thornburg Inman Canaday Bean, James Wiser, Benjamin Wiser Sr.), 95, homemaker, born Nov. 15, 1909, died May 15, 2005. Service 3 p.m. Thursday, Wichita Park Cemetery. Preceded in death by children, Harry Beach, Ed Beach, Ellen Pickering; and brothers and sisters. Survivors: husband, Harry; 5 grandchildren; 3 great-grandchildren, Old Mission Mortuary. Published in the Wichita, KS Eagle on 17 May 2005.


Ada V. Hansen (her ancestry to Benjamin Wiser Sr., her father, John Alma Cunningham, Mary Olive Wiser Cunningham, John McCormick Wiser, Samuel Wiser, Benjamin Wiser Sr.), 101, a 52-year resident of Fortana and Bloomington.  She passed away March 4, 2005 at Crestview Conv.  She is survived by eight of her fifteen children, Don, Daril, Ken, Richard, Gail, Helen, Beverly & Reva.  Her services will be held Wed., March 9, 2:00 p.m. at Green Acres.  Published in the San Bernardino, CA Sun, 8 Mar 2005.




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