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Volume 6 Issue 1                                                         January 2001


The following is taken directly from the website; This is the ancestry of our James Rumneymarsh, Quanaopohit, Wiser (see number 10).  The next few letters will give more information on this Nanapashemet and his family. 

“Descendants of New Moon Nanapashemet

Pawtucket Sachem

Lynn and Salem MA Area

Generation No. 1

1. Nanapashemet1 was born Abt. 1575 in Pawtucket, Lynn, Essex, MA, and died 1619 in Pawtucket, Lynn, Essex, MA. He married Squaw Sachem Nanapashemet Bef. 1600 in MA.

More About Nanapashemet:

Fact 1: also known as (aka) New Moon, Sachem of Pawtuckets
Fact 2: killed by the Taratines of Maine – History of Lynn, MA
Fact 3: Territory: North and East of Charles River to Piscataqua, as far west as Deerfield, north as far as Concord on the Merrimac


More About Squaw Sachem Nanapashemet:
Fact 2: 1619, became Queen of Pawtucket
Fact 3: 1640, sold Mistick Ponds, Somerville to Gibbons
Fact 4: March 08, 1643/44, submitted to English; consents to Christianity
Fact 5: 1667, dies old and blind


Children of Nanapashemet and Squaw Nanapashemet are:
2 i. John2 Wonohaquaham, born Abt. 1600 in Pawtucket, Lynn, Essex, MA; died 1633 in around Charlestown, MA.


More About John Wonohaquaham:
Fact 1: aka Sagamore John
Fact 2: Sagamore on Mistick River and Winnisimet


3 ii. James Montowampate, born 1609 in Pawtucket, Lynn, Essex, MA; died 1633 in Lynn, Salem, Marblehead MA area. He married Wenuchus Passaconaway 1629.


More About Wenuchus Passaconaway:
Fact 1: Princess of Penacook
Fact 2: 1631, taken prisoner by Taratines, but returns to her father; has granddaughter Pahpocksit 1686


+ 4 iii. George Wenepoykin, born 1616 in Pawtucket, Lynn, Essex, MA; died 1684 in Wameset, Chelmsford, now Lowell MA.

+ 5 iv. Abigail Yawata, died Aft. 1686 in Natick, MA.


Generation No. 2


4. George2 Wenepoykin (Nanapashemet1) was born 1616 in Pawtucket, Lynn, Essex, MA, and died 1684 in Wameset, Chelmsford, now Lowell MA. He married Ahawayet Joane Poquanum, daughter of Duke William Poquanum.

More About George Wenepoykin:
Fact 1: Sagamore George No-Nose; George Rumney
Fact 2: Marsh of Naumkeke; name= wing or feather
Fact 3: 1633, Sagamore of Lynn and Chelsea after death of bros.
Fact 4: 1667, after death of mother, Sachem of Northern MA
Fact 5: 1676, taken prisoner in King Philip War


UPDATE - Found this also in the History of Lynn:

Wenepoykin, who had joined with the Wampanoags, was taken prisoner, and sold as a slave to Barbadoes. He returned in 1684, at the end of eight years, and died at the house of his relative, James Muminquash, at the age of 68 years. The testimony of Tokowampate and Waban, given 7 October, 1686, and preserved in Essex Registry of Deeds, declares, that " Sagamore George, when he came from Barbadoes, lived some time, and died at the house of James Rumneymarsh." The old chief, who had ruled in freedom over more than half the state of Massachusetts, returned from his slavery, sad and broken-hearted, to die in a lone wigwam, in the forest of Natick, in the presence of his sister Yawata. [Note: this is proof that some Indians who were sold to the West Indies did, in fact, return!]


Children of George Wenepoykin and Ahawayet Poquanum are:
+ 6 i. Manatahqua3 Wanapanaquin, born in Lynn, Essex, MA.
+ 7 ii. Petagunsk Cicely Wanapanaquin.
   8 iii. Wattaquattinusk Sarah Wanapanaquin.


More About Wattaquattinusk Sarah Wanapanaquin:
Fact 1: Called Sarah, name = Little Walnut


   9 iv. Petagoonaquah Susanna Wanapanaquin.


5. Abigail2 Yawata (Nanapashemet1) died Aft. 1686 in Natick, MA. She married Oonsumog.

Child of Abigail Yawata and Oonsumog is:



  10 i. James Rumney3 Marsh, born 1636 in Pawtucket, Lynn, Essex, MA; died in prob Natick, MA.


More About James Rumney Marsh:
Fact 1: Indian Name Muminquash


Generation No. 3


6. Manatahqua3 Wanapanaquin (George2 Wenepoykin, Nanapashemet1) was born in Lynn, Essex, MA.

Children of Manatahqua Wanapanaquin are:

  11 i. David4 Nonupanohow. He married Abigail.

More About David Nonupanohow:


Fact 1: aka Kunkshamooshaw

Fact 2: March 19, 1684/85, signs a deed giving Deer Island to Boston


  12 ii. Samuel Wuttanoh.


More About Samuel Wuttanoh:
Fact 1: Wuttanoh = a staff


7. Petagunsk Cicely3 Wanapanaquin (George2 Wenepoykin, Nanapashemet1).


More About Petagunsk Cicely Wanapanaquin:
Fact 1: called Cicily alias Su George on deed


Child of Petagunsk Cicely Wanapanaquin is:

  13 i. John4 Tontoquon.


Source: HISTORY OF LYNN, Essex County Massachusetts 1629-1864
By Alonzo Lewis and James R. Newhall, 1865 edition

Note: This book has been put online by David Blackwell in cooperation with NEHGS

For this book: History of Lynn by Lewis and Newhall
For other books: Free Books Online Effort



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