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    Volume 1 Issue 2 August 1996   

Benjamin Wiser Jr.

Benjamin Wiser Jr. was born about 1774, probably in Haverhill, NH. Benjamin appears to be the only one of his brothers and sisters to stay in New Hampshire. The rest of the family followed their father, Benjamin Sr., to Cazenovia, New York before 1800. Benjamin first married Sally Turner, probably daughter of Solomon Turner of Bath, NH. They had a very large family. Sally died in 1818 and is buried in Bath, NH. After Sally passed away, Benjamin married Sarah (Sally) Orn, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth (Cram) Orn of Corinth, VT, October 12, 1822.

Benjamin was a farmer. During his married life, he lived in Haverhill, Bath and Alexandria, New Hampshire. He also lived in Corinth, Vermont. He was living in Alexandria in 1850 but by 1860 was deceased. His second wife, Sarah, passed away December 14, 1860 in Corinth, Vermont and is buried in the Upper West Corinth Cemetery. Benjamin and Sally Turner probably had the following children:

1. Benjamin Wiser III, he did not marry and lived in Bath, NH. He died before 1864.

2. Mary (Polly) Wiser, she married Brigham Woods, January 10, 1825 in Haverhill. They also lived in Bath, NH.

3. Levi Wiser lived in Littleton, NH in 1830.

4. Joseph Wiser, lived in Concord, married Susan Nichols. Had passed away by 1860.

5. Nathan Wiser, born about 1810. Married Sarah Nichols, sister of Susan, daughter of Mathew and Caroline A. (Annis) Nichols.

Nathan and Sarah had the following children:

a. Joseph, born about 1844.

b. Melissa Ann, born about 1846.

c. Sarah Armina, born December 20, 1849.

d. Nathan Benjamin, born 1852, died June 1, 1925 in Concord.

e. George H. Wiser, born 1862.

6. Lucinda Wiser, born 1811, died July 26, 1887, in Boscawen, NH, a pauper.

7. John R. Wiser, born June 5, 1812, married Betsey H. Spiller, February 15, 1835 in Bridgewater, died December 31, 1877 in Laconia. He was a private in the Civil War serving in Company F, 2nd Regiment of NH. His physical description was as follows: 6 ' 1 1/2 ", dark complexion, black eyes, black hair, occupation, peg manufacturer. He and Betsey had the following children:

a. Sarah T. Wiser, born August 20, 1836.

b. Clarice J. Wiser, born August 7, 1841.

c. Nathan S. Wiser, born June 7, 1845.

d. Betsy H. Wiser, born May 8, 1848.

e. Eliza J. Wiser, born March 2, 1850.

f. Charles H. Wiser, born December 4, 1859.

8. Thomas Jefferson Wiser, born 1813 in Haverhill. Enlisted April 9, 1847 in Lisbon, NH. At that time, he was 34, 5' 8" and he had blue eyes, brown hair, and a light complexion.

9. Solomon Wiser, born about 1815, married Judith C. Spiller, a cousin of Betsey H. Spiller (wife of John Wiser), August 23, 1840 in Bridgewater, NH. Solomon died before 1847. They had one child:

a. Norman Wiser, born January 15, 1841.

10. Marian W. Wiser, born 1816, married first James C. Bedee in Corinth, VT. Married second William P. Hook. Children:

a. Emily W. Bedee, born about 1845.

b. Abba A. Hook, born about 1856.

11. Charles S. Halley Wiser, born November 23, 1818. Charles is somewhat of a mystery. In the vital records of Corinth, his birth is recorded as follows; Charles S. Halley, son of Sarah Wiser, born November 23, 1818. So, it is not known if he was a son of Benjamin or Sarah Orn, or Sarah and someone else. Benjamin's first wife, Sally Turner, died 1818 and Benjamin did not marry Sarah Orn until 1822.

Charles died July 29, 1880 in Meredith, New Hamsphire. He married Maria Hartford.


Benjamin and Sarah Orn had the following children:

1. Sarah (Sally) Wiser, born August 27, 1827 in Corinth, VT. She married Aaron B. Ford, son of Captain John and Rhoda (Bayley) Ford. They had the following children:

a. Mary Ford, born November 1844.

b. Charles S. H. Ford, born May 19, 1847.

c. Flora Anna Ford, born July 15, 1848.

d. Almira M. Ford, born 1850.

e. Aaron Daniel Ford, born September 22, 1852.

f. Viola A. Ford, born April 21, 1854.

g. Ella Ford, born November 1, 1856.

h. Wesley John Ford, born December 15, 1858.

i. Addie Rose Ford, born September 11, 1860.

j. Flora Ella Ford, born September 26, 1862.

2. Daniel Wiser, born April 24, 1830 in Corinth. Died April 20, 1909 in Sanbornton, New Hampshire. Married Ellen M. Growe, March 12, 1870 in Hill, NH.


It is possible that some of the children listed for Benjamin and Sally Turner may belong to another Wiser family. Some research still remains to make an absolute connection. However, there is no doubt that Lucinda, John R., Solomon, Marion, Charles S. Halley, Daniel and Sarah belonged to Benjamin Jr. And, it appears likely that Benjamin III, Mary (Polly), Joseph, Nathan, and Thomas Jefferson were also his children based upon birthplace, age and other miscellaneous records. Levi only appears in the 1830 census, so further research is needed here.


Daniel Wiser, listed his father's birthplace as Scotland. This is the only record that we have that gives a possible place of origin for the Wiser family. We have found no Wisers in Scotland. However, there were groups of German Palatines who were in Ireland and Scotland for a short time before going to America. If Benjamin Senior was of German or Swiss origin, it would seem unlikely that he was born in these countries as Benjamin is not a given name there. However, if Benjamin Senior's father was in Ireland or Scotland, this would better explain the origin of his given name.


Sarah, daughter of Benjamin and Sarah (Orn) Wiser, states in the 1880 Census that her father's birthplace was Massachusetts. Some of the other children listed his birthplace as New York and New Hampshire.


Obviously, much research remains to prove the ancestry of Benjamin Wiser Senior and his wife Kezia. Unfortunately, there are not many records for this period which still exist. However, as each year passes, new records are discovered or indexed which may unlock the mystery of our family's origin.


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Much of the additional information that we have found on Benjamin Jr.'s family has been due to the invaluable research of Debbie Wilson for whom I express my sincere appreciation. -RGW