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Volume 10 Issue 8                                                                          August 2005



Effie Lenore Wiser’s journal excerpts from 1934 are continued here from last month’s newsletter. Page 63 begins on Wednesday, September 26, 1934.


Page 63 Wed Sept 26-froze during the night cold wind but sunny p.m.  Maretta came home Budge Hospital.  Mother attended first officer’s meeting of Am. Leg. Auxiliary at Mrs. Marshall’s to plan their opening meeting.  Thurs. 27 Sept. Hollyhocks frozen, cold & sunny.  Jay & Jake came & installed a new tank in the bathroom.  Wayne came in this a.m. on his way to Logan with Bro. Westover to get his truck and bring up a load of groceries etc. for Theurers store.  This p.m. while here was called to get a load of brick for meeting house.  He got his bathtub installed (but not all fixtures in yet).  Got a letter from Alice from Lewiston Idaho where she is taking training in kindergarten work before beginning teaching this fall in Shelley.  Berniece Hansen of Shelley went with her.  They left Sat. was on


Page 64 the train 27 hrs & had to change trains 3 times during trip.  They are at Talkington Hall the girls dorm at the normal school to [two] of them.  Father and mother have gone the evening to a surprise party-a house warming for Hal & Lettie (Bro. & Sister) Stocks.  They just moved into their new home about 2 wks ago.  Verne traded his Plymouth off yesterday at the Ford Garage for a Studebaker-good looking car.  He must drive back & forth to school for a while at least.  Had a meeting in Lewiston last night on the Townsend old age pension ($200).  Uncle Harmon appointed to get five pages of signors in favor of bill.  Pres.Ivens bur. today.  Funeral broadcast.  Tabernacle packed.  Most magnificent bowel of flowers ever seen in state.  Thousands pass bier at church offices. 


Page 65 Brought Kay to stay during the dance.  May wore her new suit & white satin blouse, looked real nice.  Suit looked better than the[can’t read] tailors[tailors] & she made it her self.  Fri 28 Sept Marjorie & Kay came over this morning with Lowell as he came to Erwins to work on his car & his fathers.  But expect to finish by noon.  Mayme’s cold is some better.  While here she wrote to Alice.  Father went to Logan this morning & got him a new pair of brown shoes.  The last few days of sunshine especially today which has been really warm has melted the snow in the mts.  Its all gone except on a few of the highest points.  They have just a little “nightcap” left.  Sat. 29 Another beautiful sunny day.  Verne, Glenn & Wayne came in awhile this morning & Wayne this evening. talked of his [can’t read] NZ experiences.  Verne fixed my bad light.  Drove his Studebaker down.  Is it a honey.  Judge Chas. H. Hart died today at LDS Hospital after long illness, another church leader gone. 


Page 66 Sun 30 Sept.  Beautiful sunny day.  Mother & father went to Sunday sch. conf & then at noon father went to Richmond to Union meeting.  Emerett & her Am. Legion Auxiliary chorus sang in Sunday Sch. Conference this morning.  Erwin & Wanda & the kiddie came in this p.m. for a short visit.  Glenn & Emmerett also came in for a few min.  Emerett looked like a girl in her beautiful new crimson suit.  Cousin Minn Thomas called up from Uncle Johns this evening & asked mother & father to go & visit with her. After listening to a radio talk by Pres. Roosevelt on the New Deal & recovery measures they went over to Uncle John & spent the evening.  Delph is getting along quite well.  Came from hosp. Fri. fainted dead away on Wed. when they tried to get her up.  So couldn’t come home as she hoped.


Page 67 Mon 1 Oct Shirley came in for a short time brought the quilt block for me to work for a quilt for mother & father for their wed aniv. in gold orchid & white.  Nilus & Al & Margaret came in a few min. on this way to Logan.  It[‘s] Nilus wedding anni.  Al was taking her to Logan to get her a new dress.  Heard Gen. Hugh Johnson say goodbye to NRA-a very moving talk.  Also a fine talk by Sen. Jos C. (Olmoley?) of Wyo. on the new deal.  About 2 p.m. mother & father went to Cornish to a fire.  A neighbor of Marie Christofferson where the fire was lost his barn—blksmith shop & his entire hay crop.  3 large stacks & a big feed rack.  Mose Chris. was fighting to save his hay nearbye.  Cows bloated on Lucern.  1 died 2 stuck & other bad.  Father just exhausted.  Gold Harold Erwin & Jim came & helped out.  (Best cow bloated stuck & pure bread heifer stuck).  Mother attended the opening meeting of Am. Leg. Auxiliary this evening.  She at Lydia Leavitts residence where mother was one of the hostess


Page 68 es.  She was installed as chaplin.  Two officers from Brigham City attended.  Had an excellent program music singing & Hendricks girls & Emerett aux. chorus & a reading by Mrs. Budge.  Served refreshments 2 kinds of sandwitches lovely salad olives hot chocolate & ice cream.  Leora; Pres, Mrs. Marshall & Valeria Hyer Oct 2. Tue-Cousin Minnie Thomas from Long Beach came & spent the day & the evening.  Had a lovely visit with her.  She expects to return home in about a wk.  She is still on crutch from her accident at the time of the bad earthquake but is much improved.  Lydia Leavitt & da. Clida & Aunt Allie who came down to Delph’s last night came in for a short visit with Minn.  Uncle John also came for a while.  Most of the kids came home this evening to see Minn.  Eliza came but her father & mother came from No. Logan to see her so she had to go home.  Glenn & Emerett & Mar


Page 69 etta & the baby came.  Also Nilus & Al.  Verne & Nell & Erwin also came.  Erwin came night after the preliminary exercises in mutual but Wayne had two meetings to attend so could not come or Eva as 2 of her kids are very sick.  Also Wanda & Robert are very ill.  Served grape punch & wafers, singing.  Al & Margaret came this p.m. for a little while.  Al is going to Shelley in the morning.  Nilus & Emerett are going & Shirley is going to Preston to take care the kids while Nilus is gone.  Al is going to work at Aberdeen.  Rec’d a letter from Vene today.  They are fine.  It’s their Spud Day celebration tomorrow.  Alice’s school starts abt the 22nd after 4 wks training at Lewiston Idaho Normal School Oct. 3 –Wed. Democratic Convention in Logan.  Father went down.  Wayne also he was a delegate to the conv.  Father didn’t


Page 70 get home until 8 p.m. Glenn came & had dinner with mother & I as Emerett is in Shelley.  World Series Baseball began yesterday.  I fixed up her pedigree chart & the family group of her direct line as far as I have it on her mother’s side.    Thurs 4 Oct.  Marjorie & Kay came to wash this morning.  Marjorie polished her car & it looks real nice.  No word of the ship Millpool supposed to have sunk prob. Tue. Night.  Judge Hart’s funeral was held today at Assembly Hall.  Stand completely decked in flowers.  Thousand attend.  Pres. Grant & others were speakers.  Glenn came & had dinner took Kay home with him & on the bus.  Father & Mother took Minn to Georgan’s this morning.


Page 71 She left for Preston abt noon to get ready to return home to Long Beach. She sent me a dollar to use for gen. or as I wished.  Is she independent! & did I hate to wake this morning.  Sugar factory opened 4 p.m. started grinding.  Oct 5. Fri opening of 105th semiannual conference at 10 a.m. listened to the two meetings except the afternoon meeting which was not broadcast until the world series game was finished at 2:45 Cardinals of St. Louis won.  Glenn came & had dinner with us & I helped him get out some of his Stake Gen. Letters.  I also wrote a letter of condolence to Lizzie Hendricks.  Fri. 6 Oct.  Glenn went this morning to Shelley to bring Emerett home tomorrow & get potatoes as their crop was a failure.  Al & Nilus came home from Shelley this morning & Al & Paul & Lucile came down here & brought mother’s new beautiful black dress that she had ordered from Lou at Firth the dress fit okay.  Al & the kids stayed to dinner.  We listened to conference all day that it was


Page 72 broadcast.  Also heard world series.  Tigers of Detroit won.  Won 2 games each so will play off the tie tomorrow.  Mr. Standlay Gurthie of Logan a friend of Malcom Robinson & Willis Hawksword came in to sell some soap & to enquire about Fanny Robinson who moved about 2 mos ago to Long Beach.  Carried on quite a long written conversation with him he feeling so sad over his friends (Rob. & Hawks) moving away.  It gives one a feeling of sadness just to meet one so unfortunate a deaf mute what a terrible handicap.  Marj & Kay came for a few min.  Bro. Mag 1 etc.  Verne & Nell & the kiddies & Aunt Em came in for a short time.  All are well.  Aunt Em had a good time on her weeks trip to Tooele.  Rhea also likes sch.  Verne likes his school but don’t have much time to study.  Clare is the cutest little lad so playful & friendly.  How he disliked going home wanted to finish his visit.  Sun-7 Oct. Final world series game this afternoon is played at St. Louis..  The Cardinals & Tigers. Dizzie Dean hurt yesterday Detroit won 1st world series game in 5 yrs. [not exactly the final game, game 7 on October 9th, Detroit had won 3 games to this point in time].


Page 73 Bishop still adding to his records.  Simon’s Cochrane [not sure] 3 cardinals Mickey Cockrane-Martin [don’t know what these notes about the game mean] St. Louis so used to world series games that they don’t give them the news space or hand as they did in Detroit.  So they said  but the applause was deafening.  Listened to conference apostle Ballard gave most wonderful address.  All talks splendid Levi Edgar Lyman Clark, etc. Louise & little friend came for a short time this p.m. has returned home had folks come here.  Shirley & Ed went to S.L.C. yesterday.  Erwin called in also Nilus & Al & ch. they had all met at Erwin & Waynes to discuss plans for Golden Wedding.  Mon. 8 Oct.  World series at Navin field Detroit.  Cardinals won 4-3 decisive game tomorrow at Detroit.  Wayne came in a few min. in p.m. in the evening Shirley & Ed came for a short time.  They were going to have a dinner party for Mrs. Orchard (mother). Wrote to Alice & Mrs. Robinson.


Page 74 Thur. 11  Did some sewing on block.  Did Gen. & worked on Temple sheets.  Sewed carpet rags.  Aunt Millie came up from Logan with Loma Stowell.  She & Aunt Linnie are fine.  Fri. 12 Oct.  Columbus Day 442 yrs ago.  Columbus dis[covered] Am[erica]urged mostly by science & adventure.  Prob. the only man of his time with the vision & courage for such a perilous adventure.  Little King Peter II still speeding to his homeland Yugoslavia until his prostated widowed mother & gd.[grand]mother.  11 yrs old is king over 16,000,000 people.  2 accomplices of Petrus Kaleman have confessed they plotted to kill King Alexander I.  Member of secret society a murder ring sworn to kill the king.  All prob. Yugoslavians Italy blamed by Slovenia for assassination.  French cabinet may fall due to criticism of negligence etc.


Page 75. mother & father went to Preston the a.m. & took Aunt Allie to catch the bus to Rupert  Delph better but should not attempt work yet.  Visiting Nilus for several hrs.  Got curtains & etc for living room.  Sat Oct. 13 snowed for abt. 3 hrs.  Father got 5 of his little gd[grand]sons to come to help dig potatotes but almost as soon as they started to work it began to snow so after getting out the few rows plowed they had to quit work.  “Uncle” Will Telford is helping Wayne truck beets he came in awhile to wait for men who had quit topping beets here because of rain.  Sun. 14 Oct.  Quarterly conf in Richmond.  Father attended Nilus & Al & kids came down.  Verne & family also for a little while.  Plans all finished now for family diiner & tea for 50 wed. anni.  Rained a good soaking rain. Thur. 18 Raining again tonight.  We have had several good soaking rains this wk.  Some warm sunshine in between.

[Samuel Frost and Rebecca Ann (Telford) Wiser’s fiftieth wedding anniversary was on October 23, 1934].


Page 76 Mon. May went to Preston & helped Nilus set the quilt together.  Then Tue she & Nilus & Wanda & Aunt Janie & Aunt Stacia & Leora went to Eva’s to quilt.  They finished the quilt yesterday & Nilus brought the announcement Tue. morning & got out the 140+ bf. noon yesterday & yesterday p.m. helped mother houseclean also cleaned all day today.  Today was King Alexander’s funeral at Belgrade Yugoslavia 500,00 foreigners there to attend funeral.  Hundreds of who walked the street all through the night in a pouring rain as the city could not furnish shelter for so many.  Great fear & was felt lest anarchists attempt to take the lives of the 3 kings attending funeral.  Little King Peter II (his son), King Carol of Romania (his uncle) & King Boris of Bulgaria  King Alex. was buried at his native town Topol.  A very impressive funeral.  It was very “moving”.  Talks given over the radio also disc. of funeral.  The kings guard military leading detachments from 6 nations  hundred airplanes overhead dropping showers of flowers on Royal & train etc. many notables attend 3 kings Q.[Queen] Marie(wf) , & dowger, Q. Marie (can’t read or understand some of this) Pres. LeBrun of France Duke of Kent (4th son of King of Eng) & his fiancé Princess Marina of Greece. Whole nations mourn king’s death & wails & sobs heard throughout the crowd as cortage passed & fell to their knees on cold wet pavemnt.


Page 77 King’s last words “save Yugoslavia.” A man of peace & first king in history to unite the people of “all honor glory to the chivalrous king & unifier”.  Last night another earthquake in Long Beach & bad flood after 18 hrs rain (2 ½ inches) flood in same territory as last New Years (Montrose and La Cresenta) but not so bad 6 dead 500 homeless in Long Beach$150,000 damage rain snow hail thunder & lightning & waterspout & mild tornado A 10 ft wall of water from Pickens & Eagle canyons.  Raymond Poincare-France’s war time Pres. will be buried Sat. thousands pay his homage.  Mrs. Stoll of Louisvlle Ky ret. home Tue.after 6 days of horror was kidnapped by Thos. Robinson a mad man.  Wayne tore the rear end out of his truck yesterday p.m. just got it fixed about 10 o’clock tonight  Had to hire someone to do his trucking.  Sat. 20 Oct spent most of the wk. house cleaning mostly finished.  Sun 21 Nilus & Al & kids came down also Eliza & boys Barbara & Wanda & Erwin Glenn & Emerett & Marette & Wendell & Vern cut my hair also Nilus’ & father & Father & Nilus & Verne & Glenn & Emerett attended the meeting at 3rd w. called by Clarence to org. or reogr.  The Wiser family I was put in Sec & Treas. Glenn Pres. Clarence 1st Lamoin 2nd coun. 


Page 78 Jan 17 1934 [should be 1935] Had first air plane ride.  Took off from Mrs. Smith’s field just east of Erwin’s home.  Warm sunny day.  No snow and no frost on ground.  Plane took off without a bump or jar.  The thrill of my life.  March (abt 9th 1st shock 5th) most severe earthquake in the history of the state.  Fissures in earth in territory north of Great Salt Lake.  Cracks in several buildings in Logan.  Some loose plaster fell from a house or two here.  Our house swayed & groaned noise of quake pronounced no damage.  Slight tremors felt often for about 3 wks that cause dizziness, seasickness, etc.


 [this concludes her journal.]




Please accept our condolences to those who recently lost family members.

Charles City IA Press, 5 Apr 2005; Greene-Darrell A. Barth, [wife Roberta Mae Boyd, ancestry to Benjamin Wiser, her father, Robert Henry Boyd, Adelia Dorleska Cottle Boyd, Amanda Wiser Cottle, Samuel Wiser, Benjamin Wiser], 88, of 502 West Traer, Greene, died Sunday, April 3, 2005, at the Hospice Unit of the Floyd County Memorial Hospital in Charles City. Funeral services will be 10:30 a.m., Thursday, April 7, at the First Presbyterian Church, Greene, with Pastor Paul Uzel officiating. Burial will be in the Rose Hill Cemetery, Greene. Visitation will be 4-8 p.m. Wednesday, April 6, 2005, at Reid's Funeral Chapel, 519 North First St., Greene, where there will be a public Scripture Service and Service of Remembrance at 7 p.m. Visitation will continue at the church on Thursday one hour before services. Those planning an expression of sympathy may direct memorials to Darrel A. Barth Memorial Fund in care of the family. Funeral arrangements have been entrusted to Reid's Funeral Chapel, Greene, (641) 823-4457.