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Volume 8 Issue 8                                                                                       August 2003



As I finish my research trip to Upstate New York, I wish to thank my relatives who made me feel so welcome.  I always look forward to my annual trip up there.


Wiser Family


The mystery of Sally Wiser continues, but a new twist has been added.  In 1849, Sally Wiser, age 39, married, died 27 December 1849, cause of death unknown, in Truxton, New York.  We do not know whose wife she is, though she obviously is related to our family.  Now the new twist, while researching in the Cortland Historical Society in Cortland, New York, I came across an Elizabeth Wiser, age 49, married, born England (there are only a few families from England in Truxton in 1850), cause of death unknown, who also died December 1849 in Truxton, New York.  So who is this Elizabeth? Are Sally and Elizabeth the same person, with the wrong age being given for one of them?  There is not enough available information at the present time to make this determination, but additional research in the 1850 census record (based upon where her household was), may help find the answer.  Look for next month’s newsletter to see if we find out anymore about her.


Military Records of Family


Another document from the Cortland Historical Society, “Record of Soldiers and Officers in the Military Service” for Cuyler who served in the Civil War, gives much more information than I have ever seen for enlistment records, including full middle name,

birth dates and the names of parents, including the maiden name of the mother.  These are the Albro boys who were in the record:


Joseph Potter Albro, born 2 August 1838, at Truxton, residence Cuyler, Private, 23 Infantry, Company H, enlisted, private, 2 years, at Cuyler, son of Arvin and Polly Morse, farmer, present post office address Cuyler.


Philan Root Albro, born 2 February 1813, at Truxton, residence Cuyler, Private, 10 Cavalry, Company L, enlisted, mustered 29 October 1862, 3 years, at Cuyler, $50 bounty paid, son of James and Lydia Bates Albro, farmer, killed in battle, 28 May 1864 at Salem Church, Sheridan’s 2 Raid, buried on the field.  Please note that Lydia Corey is listed as Lydia Bates in this record.


David James Albro, born Truxton, residence Cuyler, Private, 10 Cavalry, Company L, enlisted September 1862, mustered 28 September 1862, private, 3 years, Cuyler, $50 bounty paid, son of Arvin and Polly Morse Albro, farmer, present post office address Cuyler.


George Washington Albro, born 6 October 1836, at Pomfret, NY, residence Cuyler, Private, 10 Cavalry, Company L, enlisted 30 September 1862, mustered 28 October 1862, private, 3 years, at Lincklaen, Chenango, NY, son of Samuel and Abigal Guest Albro, farmer, discharged 19 July 1865, present post office address, Cuyler.


Ezra Joslin Albro, born 6 May 1847, at Truxton, residence Cuyler, Private, 10 Cavalry, Company L, enlisted 15 September 1862, mustered 28 October 1862, Private, 3 years, at Cuyler, W, $50 Bounty paid by town, son of Philan and Sally Joslin Albro, farmer, under Sheridan, discharged 19 July 1865, present post office address, Cuyler.


Arvin Nelson Albro, born 29 December 1840, at Truxton, residence Cuyler, Sergeant, 10 Cavalry, Company G, enlisted 1861, Private, 3 years, at Cuyler, son of Arvin and Polly Morse, farmer, present post office address, Cuyler.


A record that has much interest for Rainbow family members is that of Hiram Henry Gibbs, who was born 20 May 1841, at Lincklaen, Chenango, NY, the son of John and Avis Rainbow Gibbs.  Please note that his mother’s name is listed as Avis Rainbow, which is the same name as the second wife of John Rainbow, ancestor of all of the Rainbows of Cortland County and surrounding area.  Further research is needed here to determine what the relationship is, though it would appear that this Avis is probably a daughter of John and Avis Rainbow.  She must be deceased by 1860, because at that time the father John Gibbs is married to an Eleanor.


Land Records of Family


A 1855 plot map of Cortland County revealed that James Albro, Mrs. Murdent and other family members were living in or very near to Lot 55  (located near the present township line between Cuyler and Truxton townships) and just south of Lot 45 of Fabius Township where James Babcock (father of Betsey Babcock, wife of Samuel Wiser) owned land.  This is a very remote area, not accessible by present day roads.  However, if one were to go north from the present Morgan Hill Road, one would be in the correct area.  It is in the hills located between the present Keeney Settlement and Labrador Mountain area.




From obituaries, family records and other documents, we were able to compile a large amount of additional information on the descendants of James Albro (total known descendants including spouses, 4,273), husband of Lydia Corey (total known descendants including spouses, 2,792) and Sabra S. Morse, daughter of Luther and Alithea (Wiser) Morse, (total known descendants including spouses, 1,642).  The total doesn’t add up because some descendants have both Lydia and Sabra as an ancestor (meaning cousins married cousins in some instances).


Unfortunately, we still have not been able to locate any descendants of Sabra’s four sisters, Sally Morse, born 8 August 1792, Jemima Morse, born 22 February 1794, Abigail Morse, born 20 February 1796, and Anna Morse, born 6 May 1800.  Only descendants of Sabra’s sister, Elizabeth (Betsy) G. Morse, born 28 August 1789, who married her first cousin, David Morse, and her brother, Joseph C. Morse, born 4 January 1803 have been located.


Next Month’s Newsletter


We will share additional information found at the Cortland Historical Society on the Wiser and Kingsley families found in early school records of Truxton and business references to the Albro family found in early Cortland County documents.  I wish to express my appreciation to the staff at the Cortland Historical Society for their assistance.



Please accept our condolences to the families who recently lost family members.

Syracuse Post-Standard, 9 Aug 2003; July 24, 2003-Mrs. Ruth W. Burlingham (descendant of George Jacobe, brother of Mary Jacobe Murdent, Lizzie Jacobe Rainbow and John Jacobe, they or their spouses were all descendants of James Albro) died in her sleep at Garden Park Nursing Home on July 24. Mrs. Burlingham is the widow of Donald I. Burlingham of Fabius, New York. She is Survived by a daughter Donna Burlingham, a son Ray Wehner, his wife Darlene and their children, a brother David Jacobe, his wife Trish and their family. Mrs. Burlingham is also survived by her late brother Robert Jacobe's widow Valerie and their two boys. She is predeceased by her brother Lester and his wife Rosemary, but survived by their four daughters. She is also survived by a son-in-law, John Sala, widower of her daughter Roberta, and her children. Mrs. Burlingham was a member of Delphi United Methodist Church and enjoyed crocheting, bird watching, and tending her flower garden. There will be no funeral services.


Once again, thanks for any suggestions in regards to our family newsletter.  Please contact me at or at 6 Baton Rouge, Roswell, NM  88201, or at (505) 623-2534.