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Volume 4 Issue 4                                                               April 1999

Research Findings


During a recent research trip, I found the following family in the 1870 Census of Peoria, IL which was of interest to me, because Samuel, the head of household was born in Vermont. 

Almost every Wiser that I have found in New Hampshire and Vermont has been related to us, so I’m hopeful that this Samuel Wiser also ties in somewhere.

1st Ward, Peoria, IL, 27 June 1870, p.274;

Samuel Wiser, age 48, saloon keeper, born VT. (This would make him born about 1822).

Caroline Wiser, age 24, keeping house, born IN.

Maxwell Wiser, age 6, born IL.

If anyone finds anything additional on this family, please let me know.


I did do some additional research on Kezia Morse Streeter to see if she was possibly the Kezia who married our Benjamin Wiser.

Information on her family was found in the book, “A Genealogical History of the Descendants of Stephen and Ursula Streeter”, 1896, starting on page 37.


“John, son of John, born in Sturbridge, Mass., Oct. 20, 1738; died in Charlton, N.Y., Feb. 23, 1812; resided at Sturbridge, where he married Feb. 12, 1766, Kezia Morse; married (2) Anna ______.

March 5, 1788, John Streeter of New Cambridge, Washington Co., N.Y., deeds to Daniel Streeter of Plainfield, Mass., land lying in Hatfield.  Enoch Streeter, witness.  As the above said John disappears entirely from the vicinity of Sturbridge, it is reasonable to presume him to be identical from the fact that his sons John and Joshua had subsequently removed to the same place.  This belief is furthermore confirmed by a statement from his grandson, Mr. Nelson R. Streeter of Groton, N.Y., a son of William, that the latter was born in Cambridge, N.Y., and he had brothers John, Joshua and Josiah.  Other authorities serve only to render the matter in a still clearer light.  The date of John’s birth as given by Nelson R. Streeter is Oct. 31, making a discrepancy of eleven days, perhaps on account of the difference between new and old style [calendar].

Child by Kezia, born in Sturbridge:

John, b. April 18, 1768; d. abt. 1859-60.

Children, by Anna:

Joshua, b. Sept. 26, 1774; d. Nov. 27, 1839.

Anna, b. Feb. 27, 1777.


William, b. Jan. 6, 1788; d. Mar. 1, 1846.”

From this it would appear that Kezia must have passed away, after the birth of John, though it is not conclusive.  It is possible that the author made the wrong conclusion regarding John being married to both Kezia and Anna.  Further research needed here before any definite conclusion can be made, though it would appear that this Kezia is not ours.






As I have mentioned in an earlier newsletter, I believe that our Benjamin Wiser may have first married Abigail Thomas, June 25 1767 in Sturbridge, Worcester County, Massachusetts, prior to marrying Kezia and removing to New Hampshire.  From the marriage records of Sturbridge, we assume that Abigail Thomas (Tommas per marriage intention) was also Indian.

The Thomas Indian family was fairly prominent in Natick.

This Abigail Thomas may be identical to the Abial, daughter of  Solomon and Sarah (Abraham) Thomas, who was baptized December 12, 1736 in Natick, Middlesex County, MA. 

Solomon Thomas, her father, was the son of Solomon and Sarah (Tabumsug) Thomas.  He married December 16, 1730 in Natick, Sarah, the daughter of Samuel and Hannah (Nehemiah) Abraham.

Solomon Thomas Jr. died July 9, 1736, actually before the birth of his third daughter, Abial.

Solomon and Sarah (Abraham) Thomas had the following children:

1) Ruth Thomas, born December 24, 1731, in Natick.

2) Leah Thomas, born August 7, 1734, in Natick.  She married Job Comecho, December 11, 1754 in Newton, MA.  She died January 19, 1759 in Natick.

3) Abial Thomas, baptized December 12, 1736 in Natick.

On April 7, 1746, from the probate records of Middlesex County, MA, Jonathan Richardson was appointed guardian of Leah and Abial Thomas.  The records states, “guardianship to Leah in her twelfth and Abiel her tenth year of age minors, daughters of Solomon Thomas late of Natick in said county Indian planter in said county decd. is committed to Jonathan Richardson of said town blacksmith, who hath given bond 300 pounds.  Witness my hand and seal of office dated at Cambridge the 7th day of April 1746.  S. Danforth, J. probt.”  On June 8, 1747, Jonathan Richardson was also appointed guardian of Ruth Thomas, the older sister of Leah and Abial Thomas.

Our Benjamin was a member of Captain Luther Richardson’s Company (Joel and Ebenezer Richardson were also privates in Benjamin’s company) during the Revolutionary War.  The Richardson family was also prominent in Corinth, Vermont, the town that Benjamin Wiser Jr. settled in.

On February 27, 1737, David Morse was appointed administrator of Solomon Thomas Jr.’s estate, another family name closely connected to our Wiser family.  There is a Captain David Morse who died January 7, 1773, age 77 in Natick.

There is also a marriage of a Bial Thomas and Samuel Sina, April 11, 1757 in Sudbury, but recorded in Natick, who may be the Abial, daughter of Solomon Thomas Jr. (she would have been 21).  Much more research is needed here before any conclusion can be reached.


One mystery that I have never solved is how Benjamin Wiser Jr. owned land in Alexandria, Grafton County, New Hampshire, which he deeded to Richard H. Sawyer, dated December 19, 1848.

I have never found record of how Benjamin obtained this land from the Grafton County land records be it by his direct purchase, through his father or wife’s family.

The land is described as part of Lot No. 56 of Alexandria township which appeared to be exchanged for another part of Lot No. 56 owned by Richard H. Sawyer. 

Benjamin and his son Daniel owed Sawyer $250, “payable $100 on demand with interest and 150 in three annual instalments of $50 each.”

If anyone can research how this land passed to Benjamin Wiser Jr. it might gives us some important clues about our family.


Two daughter of Benjamin Wiser Jr. that I have had trouble finding any additional information on are Mary and Polly Wiser.

Mary married Deacon Paul Page, October 14, 1827 in Danville, Caledonia, Vermont.  Deacon Paul Page was of nearby Hardwick, VT. Mary was warned out of Danville, February 27, 1815.  There is a Paul Paige who married Perninah Hanmer, 15 Jul 1790 in Hardwick, MA.  This Paul died in Hardwick, VT (date not known), and was born February 12, 1765 in Hardwick, MA.  His wife Perninah died October 16, 1814 in Hardwick, MA.  If this Paul is identical to our Deacon Paul, he would have been 62 when he married Mary.

Polly Wiser married Brigham Woods, January 10, 1825 at Haverhill, New Hampshire.

There were many prominent Woods who lived in nearby Bath, but I have never found a definite connection to our Brigham.

Brigham Woods lived in Bath in 1830 and was listed in the 1826, 1829 and 1830 tax lists for Bath.

I have found no record of Brigham after this time.


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