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Raymond Migrations:
William the immigrant
Paul of Richmond

by Robert S. Raymond

This article traces the migration of one line of the Rayment/Raymond family. I start with William Rayment, who immigrated to Beverly, Massachusetts about 1651. The lineage is William, William, William, Daniel, Paul. The towns are Beverly, Rochester, Wareham, Sharon (CT), Stockbridge, and Richmond; Massachusetts.

I have looked up and specified sources for some of this information. Family information specified without source is from family records and I've not yet verified it. Shaded paragraphs indicate historical events given for context, or family events in other towns.

Beverly, Essex County, MA (1651-1712)

Date Event
Abt 1651 William Rayment ("William") immigrates to New England.
1660 Charles II is restored to the English throne.
Abt 1665 William marries his 1st wife, Hannah Bishop. William is about 28 and Hannah about 19.
Abt 1666 William Rayment ("William2 ") born in Beverly, son of William who is about 29 and Hannah Bishop who is about 20.
1668 Beverly becomes a separate town from Salem.
12 Jul 1668 Edward Rayment christened in Beverly, son of William.
30 Oct 1670 George Rayment christened in Beverly, son of William.
18 May 1673 Hannah Rayment christened in Beverly, dau of William.

King Philip's War. In the storming of Narragansett Fort, William is a participant and his nephew John Jr. is said to be the first man to enter the fort. (Source?) In 1676 the [Plymouth] colony passed an act granting to the soldiers of the Narragansett expedition of King Philip's war, lands to the value of one thousand pounds in Showammett, Assonett Neck, Assawamsi, Agawam and Sepecan, but it is not certain that any of the Rochester lands came into individual ownership under this act. The "lands of Sippican" stretched clear to Middleboro. (MatRoch, p. 11.) Perhaps this is why John Jr. ends up in Middleboro and William's grandson William3 settles in Agawam/Rochester/Wareham.

23 Jul 1676 Abigail Rayment christened in Beverly, dau of William.
? Hannah Bishop died, wife of William.
? William marries 2nd wife, Ruth Hull.
2 May 1682 Mary Rayment b. in Beverly, dau. of William who is abt. 45 and Ruth Hull who is abt 43.
1686 King James II sends Sir Edmund Andros to govern New England.
1687 William2 marries Mary Kettle. William is about 21 and Mary is about 27.
16 May 1688 Mary born in Beverly, dau of William2 who is abt 22 and Mary Kettle who is abt 28. Tragically, the child dies 20 Jan 1689.
11 Feb 1690 William Rayment ("William3") born in Beverly, son of William2.
1690 Ruth Rayment b. in Beverly, dau of W.
William recruits 60 men to form a mounted company for the Canada Expedition, an attempt to defeat the French in Quebec. This despite there being only about 200 men capable of bearing arms in the town. He serves as captain over the company. Thirty vessels sailed from Boston in August with 2300 men. They arrived in October and soon were hit by a smallpox epidemic. They returned to New England, losing about one half the men. (The Origin and History of Raymondtown [Maine], Ernest Harmon Knight, 1974, pp. 6-8. 2nd Printing Village Press, Freeport, Maine.)
1691 Ebenezer Rayment b. in Beverly, son of W.
25 Nov 1691 Daniel Rayment b. in Beverly, son of W2.
1692 Witchcraft trials of Salem Village. Bridget Bishop, an in-law to the Rayments, is the first hung. William testifies in a deposition that he witnessed the "afflicted" girls admit having fun getting people hanged.
1692 Sir William Phipps arrives in Boston from England with a new Province Charter that united Plymouth colony with Massachusetts Bay colony. (MatRoch, p. 42.)
11 Aug 1692

By 11 Aug 1692, John Rayment, Jr. (William3's uncle) is already living in Middleborough, Plymouth Co.

22 Jan 1695 Paul Rayment b. in Beverly, son of William2.
Jan 1701 William2 died in Beverly at about the age of 40 by the falling of a tree. He preceded his father W. in death by about 8 years.
29 Jan 1709 William died in Beverly.
8 Feb 1710/1 William3 marries Deborah Balch (of Beverly) in Beverly. He is 3 days short of the age of 21 and she is 17.

Rochester and Wareham, Plymouth County, MA (1711-1759)

Date Event
? William3 moves to Rochester. He is a member of the Congregational Church. He lives at "Raymond's Landing," which was afterwards set off to Wareham. (Gen.Balch, p. 22.)
7 Feb 1711/2 William [IV] b. in Rochester, son of William3 and Deborah. (VRRoch, Vol. I, p. 248.)
7 Dec 1714 Benjamin b. in Rochester, Plymouth, Mass., son of William3 and Deborah. (VRRoch, Vol. I, p. 247.)
28 Mar 1717 Daniel b. in Rochester, s. of William3 and Deborah. (VRRoch, Vol. I, p. 247.)
1 May 1717 Deborah Balch Raymond, wife of William3 dies in Rochester. (VRRoch, Vol. II, p. 423.) Daniel, only 6 weeks old, will never know his biological mother. Perhaps she gave her life giving him life.
3 Oct 1717

In Rochester, William3 marries 2nd wife, Tabitha Edwards. (VRRoch, Vol. II, p. 254.) Both are from Beverly. He is 27 and she is abt. 23. This is the mother Daniel will know.

Their children are:
Paul, s. William and Tabitha, 11 Sep. 1718.
Mary, d. William and Tabitha, 12 Mar. 1720/1.
Edward, s. William and Tabitha, 13 Jun. 1724.William Raymond's signature
Deborah, d. William and Tabitha, 28 Mar. 1727.
Lemuel [dup. Lemuell], s. William and Tabitha, 11 Nov. 1729.
Elnathan, s. William and Tabitha, 5 Nov. 1731.
Lemuel, s. William and Tabitha [Tabith, C.R.I.], 22 Apr. 1736.  (VRRoch, Vol. I, p. 247.)

Deborah, d. William and Tabitha, 17 Aug. 1728.
Lemuel [dup. Lemuell], s. William and Tabitha, 24 Apr. 1733 [dup. in 4th y.]. (VRRoch, Vol. II, p. 423.)

26 April 1733
Committee formed to award land to participants in King Pillips War. Narragansett grant #3 was in Souhegan West, now Amherst, N.H., for men of Salem, Lynn, Marblehead, Gloucester, Andover, Topsfield and Beverly. Thomas and William Rayment were listed as claimants and Ebenezer Rayment was on the committee. (Raymondtown, p. 15.)
William3 serves as Rochester town clerk. (Gen.Balch, p. 22.)
9 April 1735
Petition made by Beverly's Canada Expedition Soldiers, descendants and representatives for land as compensation for their service.
"The humble Petition of Robert Hale [grandson of Rev. John Hale] of Beverly in the County of Essex, in Behalf of such of the soldiers in the Canada Expedition Anno Domini 1690, as were under the more immediate command of Capt William Rayment of Beverly, & also of such other soldiers Inhabitants of sd Beverly (who were in the aforesd Expedition) all whose names are hereunto subscribed,

"Showeth, That the Town of Beverly is but of small Extent & thereby the inhabitants are much pinched for want of Room whereon to settle;

"That there never was any Grant made by the General Court of any Land to sd Town, nor to any Inhabitants thereof, for any cause whatsoever, (excepting the Share which ten or twelve of the Inhabitants had in the Bounty of this Court to the Narragansett Soldiers, & the Grant of 300 Acres made to the heirs of your Petitioner Grandfather for his Service in the aforesd Canada Expedition.

"That the Inhabitants of Beverly have at all times showed a great Alacrity in Serving their Countrey & in this Expedition in particular, in which no less than fifty six persons (all Inhabitants of this Town) entred and cheerfully served voluntiers, altho' there were at that time Scarce 200 men capable of bearing arms, in the Town.

"That the soldiers underwent great Hardship and Fatigues in that Expedition too many to enumerate & they, their Heirs & Representatives are full desireous (if they have the Opportunity therefor) to be farther Serviceable in Subduing the uncultivated Lands of the Province.

"Your Petitioned therefore prayes that a Grant of a Tract of Land of Six Miles Square may be made to the Persons whose Names are hereunto Subscribed their Heirs and Representatives, under such Restrictions & Limitations as to your Excellency shall seem meet, And your Petitioner (as in Duty bound)"
The first name on the list of petitioners was "For Capt William Rayment, appeared Josiah Batchelder." For John Rayment appeared Nathaniel Rayment and for Nathaniel Rayment, himself.

The General Court granted their request on 10 June 1735, giving land known variously as Beverly-Canada, Canada to Beverly, Halestown, Hale or Robiestown. This is the site of present day Weare, New Hampshire. The site was on the North Branch of the Piscataquoag River, a tributary of the Merrimack northwestward from Amoskeag Falls (now called Manchester, New Hampshire.) Proprietors meetings were regularly held in Beverly and Salem. Various Rayments were elected moderators. (Raymondtown, pp. 11-13,17,21.)
25 Dec 1739 Wareham, previously a portion of Rochester, is incorporated into a separate church and named after Wareham, England. On the 26th, Rowland Thacher was ordained Pastor and given the right hand of fellowship. (RecWare, p. 4.)
5 Aug 1740
Boundary dispute between New Hampshire and Massachusetts decided by the King and his council. Halestown was part of the territory lost to New Hampshire. The grants made by Massachusetts were not honored by New Hampshire and the new proprietors started "Actions of Ejectment." On 1 March 1742 the Beverly Proprietors voted that Robert Hale and Benjamin Raymonts make petition to Governor Benning Wentworth of the Province of New Hampshire, but to no avail. In 1743 further division of lots were made, even though the government did not recognize their ownership. The Beverly proprietors appealed to the new proprietors. All appeals failed and the Beverly proprietors closed their books on 9 April 1749.

On 20 September the New Hampshire proprietors granted the township to Ichabod Robie and the name was changed to Robiestown, but then to Weare, the name of one of Robie's associates. The William Raymond name still lasts in the township, however, as the highest hill is Mt. William, and a bluff on the river is called Raymond Cliff. (Raymondtown, pp. 24, 26-27.)
23 Jun 1740 Mattapoisett Precinct in Rochester State bill assessment. William3 Raymond 1 pole, 10 pounds (real), 4 pounds (parson'l). (MatRoch, pp. 366-7.) If "real" refers to real-estate, then William is one of the larger landowners in his Precinct.
24 Jan 1741/2 Daniel Raymond admitted to the Church in Wareham, Rowland Tacher [sic], Pastor. (RecWare, p. 4.) Interesting that he waited two years after Wareham was split away from Rochester, and two months before his wedding.
14 Feb. 1741/2 William3 Raymond received into the church in Wareham from the Rochester first church. (RecWare, p. 17.) Interesting that he waited two years after Wareham was split away from Rochester, 6 weeks before his son's wedding. I assume once Daniel is admitted to the church in Wareham to be married, William3 follows suit.
21 Mar 1741/2

Daniel of Wareham marries Elizabeth Doty of Wareham. (AbWare, p. 140.) Marriage performed by Row[lan]d. Thacher in Wareham. (RecWare, p. 73.) Daniel is almost 24. I believe Elizabeth Doty is a widow and her maiden name was Elizabeth Blackmer. The Raymond family later moves with a large group of Wareham families to Sharon, CT, including several Doty families.

12 Nov 1741 Joseph Raymond b. in Wareham, s. of Daniel and Elizabeth. (AbWare, p. 46.)
28 Nov 1742 Joseph son to Daniel & Eliz. Raymond baptized. (RecWare, p. 10.)
15 Nov 1744 Paul Raymond b. in Wareham, s. of Daniel. (AbWare, p. 46.) Many years later in Richmond his birthday is listed as 26 Nov. 1744. (VRRich, p. 39.) I trust the records of Wareham present the correct date, 15 Nov 1744. This Paul will be called herein "Paul of Richmond" to distinguish him from other Paul Raymonds.
18 Nov 1744 Paul of Richmond son to Daniel & Elizabeth Raymond baptized. (RecWare, p. 10.)
9 Dec 1747 Daniel Raymond b. in Wareham, s. of Daniel. A compiled genealogy (with no sources specified) states he was born in Sharon. (
5 Jan 1748 A vote was taken at a town meeting "to have William Raymond to keep school a year for 39 pounds old tener [money]." The town voted in the negative. (LifeWare, p. 85.) Is this William3, aged 58 who we know can read or write? Or is William IV, aged 36? Is he still in town and is he capable of teaching school? A William Raymond of Wareham serves in the revolutionary war, so William IV may indeed stay in Wareham.
18 June 1749

Daniel Raymond & his wife "dismissed" to the Church of Christ in Sharon. Also "dismissed" that day: D. [Deacon] Jonathan Hunter & Hopestill his wife, Joseph Landers & Deborah his wife, Samuel Westerman & his wife, George White & his wife, Abel Wood & his wife, Joseph Landers Jnr. & his wife, Ebenezar Landers, Silas Doty, Thomas Landers & Hannah Doty wife to Joseph Doty. Before this day, the following had gone: Deacon Ebenr. Hamlen his sons Thomas & Isaac & their wives (30 May 1742), Elizabeth Doty wife to John (26 Sep. 1742), Adonijah Muxom (6 Nov. 1743), Keziah Benson (now Muxom) (11 Nov. 1744), Ellis Doty & Allice his wife (19 April 1747). In the days following, others left for Sharon: Samuel Doty & Zurviah his wife (24 Sep. 1749), Robert Besse & his wife (15 Oct 1752), Edward Bump (19 Nov. 1752), and Joshua Lovell (11 Feb. 1753). (RecWare, p. 18.)

At the time Daniel takes his family from Wareham to Sharon, his son Paul of Richmond is 4 years old so probably had few memories of Wareham. Most of his life would be spent in Richmond, Massachusetts.

Sharon, Litchfield County, CT (1750-1755)

Date Event
30 Jan 1750 John Raymond b. in Sharon, Litchfield, Connecticut, s. of Daniel.
1752 England and her colonies change to the Gregorian calendar. Prior to this time, the legal year began March 25th. But people had long been using January 1st as the beginning of the calendar year. Dates between were often written indicating both the legal and calendar years. For example, Daniel Raymond married Elizabeth Doty on 21 Mar 1741/2. The legal year was 1741, but the calendar year was 1742.
18 May 1753 William Raymond b. in Sharon, s. of Daniel.
1754 Col. George Washington defeats French in Pennsylvania, starting the French and Indian War.
Back in Wareham, John Bishop, the town clerk tells the assembly at town meeting that Deacon Ellis had William Raymond (William3 aged 64 or William IV, aged 42) for a schoolmaster if the town would pay him eighty pounds a year for his services. The town voted "in ye negative." Someone else was hired for less. (LifeWare, p. 86.)
24 Sep 1755 Elizabeth Raymond b. in Sharon, dau. of Daniel.

Stockbridge and Richmond, Berkshire County, MA (1759-1828)

Date Event
1 March 1759
Back in Wareham, William3 "dyed March 1, 1759." (RecWare, p. 17.)
5 Aug 1759 Lemuel Raymond b. in Stockbridge, s. of Daniel.
1760 British defeat the French and get French lands in America, including Canada. George III becomes king of England.

After the defeat of the French the Indians cease to be a menace. The Housatonic Valley had been sheltered from settlement by Indians and geographically from the east by the Hoosac Mountains and on the west by the Taconic Mountains. Micah Mudge first settles Richmond, near the Stockbridge line. Berkshire county is incorporated in 1761. (RichMass, pp. 1-3.)


Samuel Brown, Jr. of Stockbridge is assigned to negotiate with the Indians and assign lots in Richmond. (RichMass, p. 4.) Paul of Richmond and Joseph Raymond, sons of Daniel, settle on the west side of Richmond. They were among the first dozen settlers. Both are single, so are probably preparing the way for the entire family to move. (Gaz.Berkshire, p. 324.)

1764 British pass Sugar Act to tax the colonists, followed in 1765 by the Stamp Act.
20 Jun 1765 The Legislature names the town Richmont. Twenty years later, they rename it Richmond. (RichMass, pp. 7-9.) The town is formed from a new plantation called Yokum Town and Mount Ephraim.  In 1767 part was established as the district of Lenox. In 1772, certain estates were set off from Lenox to Richmont. (VRRich, p. 3.)
27 Jul 1765 Benjamin Raymond b. in Stockbridge, s. of Daniel.
? Presumably, Daniel and wife Elizabeth join Joseph and Paul of Wareham in Richmond.
1765 Elizabeth, wife of Daniel Raymond dies in Richmond, Berkshire, Massachusetts. This death is not shown in VRRich.
25 June 1765
In 1764 the Halestown proprietors petition the Massachusetts General Court for remuneration to the Capt. William Raymond company soldiers' heirs and representatives via a land grant to replace the land lost to New Hampshire. On 25 June 1765 the House of Representatives of the Province of Massachusetts Bay directs them to propose a suitable grant in the portion of the province that is in the present state of Maine.

A suitable site is proposed on 12 January 1767 and the House of Representatives makes the grant on 30 January 1767. The township site sits Northeast of the Great Sabago "Pond" and was called Raymondtown. It included all of present-day Raymond and Casco and a part of Naples. Some of the original surveys were contracted out to George Peirce (to this day pronounced "Perce"), a leading citizen of the adjoining Otisfield, which the inhabitants of Raymondtown considered to be "Perces Towne."  None of the Beverly Raymonds settled in Raymondtown, although they were occasionally assigned to committees to visit. (Raymondtown, pp. 29-35,37,39.)
1767 British pass the Townshend Act, taxing tea and other goods.
1770 British soldiers kill five Americans in the Boston Massacre.
11 Oct 1770

Paul of Richmond, almost 26 years old, marries Rachel Stevens (from Canaan, Litchfield, Connecticut), who is 21. This marriage is not shown in VRRich. But Stevens is a prominent Richmond name. (RichMass, p. 10.)

1773 Boston Tea Party.
1774 First Continental Congress.
19 Oct 1774 Benjamin Raymond b. in Richmond, son of Paul of Richmond and Rachel. (VRRich, p. 39.) I wonder if he is named after Benjamin Franklin. Paul of Richmond is almost 30, Rachel is 25. Did it take 4 years before they had their first child? Or are we missing information on some?
19 Apr 1775 Revolutionary War begins at Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts. During the war Joseph achieves the rank of Captain. (RichMass, p. 20.)
10 May 1775 Second Continental Congress.
17 Mar 1776 Washington takes Boston from the British
4 July 1776 Thirteen colonies declare independence, creating the United States of America.
5 Sep 1777 Merriam Raymond b. in Richmond, dau. of Paul of Richmond and Rachel. (VRRich, p. 39.)
21 Nov 1781 Melinda Raymond b. in Richmond, dau. of Paul of Richmond and Rachel. (VRRich, p. 39.)
19 Jan 1784 Lydia Raymond b. in Richmond, dau. of Paul of Richmond and Rachel. (VRRich, p. 39.)
15 Mar 1786 Paul of Richmond has these children baptized this day: Benjamin, Lydia, Miriam. His brother Joseph's children baptized: Esther, Eunice, Mary, Rufus. (VRRich, p. 39.)

Joseph serving as one of three selectmen of Richmond. (RichMass, p. 25.)

In 1786, citing its original 1628 charter, Massachusetts asserts claim to land in New York along the Susquehanna River. Arbitration led to a settlement giving New York continued political ownership of the disputed land, but permission for Massachusetts to dispose of the land. Known as the Boston Purchase, 230,400 acres along the Oswego Creek were granted to Samuel Brown of Stockbridge, Elijah Brown of Richmond, Joseph Raymond of Richmond, and one other. (RichMass, p. 44.)

1790 The census shows Joseph Raymond's household in Richmond consisting of two males over 16, one under, and three females. The census also shows Paul of Richmond 's household in Richmond with one male over 16, one under, and four females. Presumably, these are Paul of Richmond, Benjamin (age 15), Rachel (wife), Miriam (12), Melinda (8), and Lydia (5). No Raymonds are shown in the census in Stockbridge, MA. Where is Daniel ?
Sep 1790 According to some compiled genealogies, a Pearis (or Perez, etc.) Raymond is born in Richmond or in Bristol, Vermont to Paul of Richmond. But there is no evidence that Paul of Richmond had a son named Pearis. For more information, see "The Ancestry of Paul Raymond of Bristol, Addison county, Vermont."
1 Sep 1792 Anson Raymond b. in Richmond, son of Paul of Richmond and Rachel. (VRRich, p. 39.)
1794 Joseph Raymond is one of three signing the contract for construction of a new church in Richmond.
7 Nov 1799 Paul of Richmond's father Daniel dies at 82 in Richmond.

The 1800 census shows Joseph Raymond's household in Richmond consisting of one boy age 10-16, one male 26-45, one male 45 or older, one girl age 10-16, one female 16-26, and one female 45 or older. The census shows Paul of Richmond 's household in Richmond consisting of one boy age 0-10 (Anson), one boy age 10-16 (?), one male 45 or older (Paul of Richmond), three females 16-26 (Lydia, Melinda, Miriam), and one female 45 or older (Rachel).

Who is the extra boy aged 10 to 16 living with Paul of Wareham? I wonder if the existence of this boy, matching the age of Pearis Raymond of Bristol, Vermont is one fact leading to the incorrect conclusion that Paul of Richmond and Paul of Bristol are the same person. That they can not be the same person is shown in the article, "the Ancestry of Paul Raymond of Bristol, Addison county, Vermont."

6 Oct 1802 Rachel, wife of Paul of Richmond dies in her 54th year in Richmond. (VRRich, p. 105.)
18 Jan 1818 Lydia, second wife of Paul of Richmond dies at age 62 in Richmond. (VRRich, p. 105.)
23 Mar 1828 Paul of Richmond dies at age 84 in Richmond. (VRRich, p. 105.) On 2 Oct 1828 in Oswego, New York, Anson Raymond dies unmarried. He is the son of Paul of Richmond of Richmond.


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